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  1. I have 2 girls- Big recently turned 3 and Little will be 1 next week. Our only option is to room share, and we are learning a little bit more every day! We are not fans of this arrangement, but have to make it work! Little is a great sleeper, nighttime and nap, goes to sleep by herself, just wants dark and quiet. Big still requires laying with her, patting her back, etc., because, as she says “I can’t go to sleep without a grown up!” So we do 1 of 2 things at night: 1) Let Little do her thing first, have early bedtime, wait until she is deep in sleep, then sneak Big in and not make a peep. We read stories on the couch or in our bed, then we go to her bed. OR, 2) We put Big & Little down at the same time, read stories together first, lay Little down and pretend we are not still in the room while patting Big’s back. I do not like the sneaking and tip toeing part in a room that was once Big’s only, however. Doesn’t seem fair. I really wish they had their own rooms 🙁
    We found at first that during the day when Little was napping, Big NEEDED various items from her room… things she just simply cannot live without, of course, so there were many days where Little’s naps were interrupted. Now I leave out spare clothes, blanky, any special toys I see in the room so we don’t have to disturb Little’s nap. Big knows now to ask me to sneak in there if she needs something too, but this took awhile to learn.

  2. I have three kids 5 1/2 boy and 3 and 15 month girls…my sons room is being completely gutted so he has been bunking in with his sisters for the past 5 months, its a tight fight but we make it work, there are times when they go to bed at the same time sometimes it gets staggered. We run a louder table fan to drown out the noises they all make, then the two older ones each listen to stories on their Tag pens and the youngest has music, there are times when there is a party but it never lasts long. We plan on doing bunk beds when the girls are older so the have their own space.

  3. We currently have a 4 bedroom house with 4 kids and in this market, we aren’t moving anytime soon. I have boy / girl twins that are almost 9, an almost 6 year old daughter (we laugh that she was meant to be an only child) and an almost 3 year old son. Until about a month ago my oldest son has had his own room with an attached bathroom. My daughters have shared a room and our baby has had his own room and they’ve been in these rooms for the past 3 years. It has worked fairly well for us, despite the occasional girls squabble and request to move to a larger home. My oldest son is a sweetheart and for awhile he’s been asking to have his little brother share a room with him. We were on the fence for awhile, but decided a month ago to give it a try. It was time to move our 2 year old out of his crib, so we downsized my older son’s full bed and got them both twin beds. The day we moved everything around I was nervous. Was all of this work going to be for nothing? Well, I am proud to say that it couldn’t have gone any smoother. My little guy naps in his new “big boy” bed every day and he goes to sleep about an hour earlier at night, giving his older brother a chance to come in the room later and read with a little light. They are both happy and now we have a guest room / office, which makes me happy because we used to have the office in our Master Bedroom. My husband and I both grew up with only one sibling each and we were both lucky to have our own rooms always. I never wanted my kids to share a room, but it’s working for us now. We’ll see what happens when they all hit puberty! I would try your oldest and youngest and see how that works! They might surprise you. I LOVE seeing my older son reading books to and playing with his baby brother. I’d even say it’s brought them all closer because now they all share so nothing is “not fair”. 🙂

  4. My girls who are 21 months apart have been sharing a room since the youngest was 6 months old. I think it helps to start when they are young. We live in a 2 bedroom condo, so we don’t have a choice, even when #3 arrives. While it is extremely difficult at times, especially to start, I believe it is incredibly important, especially when they are young and learning how to share. I always had my own room growing up and moving in with roommates was a difficult transition for me.
    I eased into bed and nap time by putting the younger who naturally goes to sleep earlier, down first. Now they go down together. Theyve just had to learn to share, it’s all they know. At times when the youngest, now 2.5, has a fit, I let my oldest nap in my bed or wait until the fit is over.
    Even if we had more space I’d have them share unless they were different genders or had a large age gap. I really think it helps them be closer together and hopefully will teach them in the long run to be more thoughtful of those around them.

  5. different bedtimes. 4 boys in the house and one girl. 4 bedrooms. yeah ! the 16 year old and 13 year old do have their own room.(they need privacy at this point)the baby is in my room but the middle two share .
    sammy is 6 and nate is 4. nate is a very headstrong young man. he knows what he wants and how he wants it done. Sammy has autism and is very routine based.nate goes to bed at 730 and sam at 800.

    in your case talk to the 3.5 year old. explain how hes the big kid and will get a later bed time. or. buy him noise cancelling head phones only for him

  6. Rome was not built in a day….and the first few days of your kids sharing a room takes a lot a patience and a few days to adjusting.

    I put both of my boys in the same room starting when my oldest was almost three and the youngest just turned one. I did this alone(while my husband was on deployment!)The first few days were rough. My three year old didn’t take a nap the first 3 days. However, it did help him be ready for sleep at night.

    This is our routine now starting after lunch I put my youngest down….he needs the most sleep and goes down quicker. About 30 min after my youngest is asleep I take my 3yo and put him in his bed. He understands that this is his “quiet time” if he wakes his brother up he will be in trouble. He usually reads or plays with legos during this time and sometimes goes to sleep. He is getting to the age that he can get through the day without a nap. So classifying it as quiet time works best for him, because he thinks he is too big for “nap time”

    At bedtime they go to bed at the same time. Some nights they fall sleep right away…others they stay up talking to each other. The only rules I enforce are….you stay in your own bed, and NO screaming.

    My youngest didn’t really have any issues adjust to having his brother in his room. It was his room first…so there was no having to adjust to a new space.

    Good luck! Keep trying if this is something you really want!

  7. We have a 3 bedroom home and so our 4 boys share a room and their sister lucks out and gets her own room… the boys have learned to get along as a result of room sharing as there is truly no other choice and they have truly not known any different as they’ve always shared the space. I do find that a stagered bedtime works well… I put them to bed about 10 minutes apart… my 4 yr old falls asleep fast… he goes in first, then the 2 yr old and then our 7 yr old… the oldest son gets to stay up later than the young ones… it works out well !!! I truly think that room sharing teaches children a great life lesson… we’ve become accustomed to having our own rooms and the thought of room sharing can be odd to some people and I think they are missing out on the wonderful benefits of it !! Many years ago when families were huge and space was not, children not only shared rooms but often all tucked into the same bed… our genereation is a bit spoiled =)

  8. I have 2 daughters 6 & 4 years old, and a son who is 10 months. We have a 3bedroom house. Naturally put the girls into the same room (never had to share before) and it was a nightmare, I tried everything different bedtimes, ect… Didnt work they would fight & play for hours. After 6 months of this I said enough is enough and now my 4 yo & 10 month old share a room….peace at bedtime, I really wish I would have had my girls share from the begining so they would be use to it but they arent and fight it. Maybe when they are both older it will work. But for now this is what works

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