Simple Photo Memory Keeping With Project Life

simple memory keeping with project lifeI take thousands of photos of our family. Well, mostly my children. So far this year, we have a huge 8,000 according to iPhoto. They’re all priceless snapshots of memories we’ve made and moments that I’ll cherish forever. But, they don’t do a lot of good sitting in iPhoto and I probably print 1/100th of the photos I take.

So, how to best chronicle it all without investing too much or spending too much time?

Well, I’m here to tell you – I found it!

Enter Project Life.

I love its simplicity. I love that I can unpack it one night, work on a few pages and have it all cleaned up before the kid’s wake. I love the beautiful insert options and most of all, I love that I’m able to memory keep without stress.

Here’s what you need – one binder, one pack of page protectors, one core kit and your favorite photos! Done! It’s a fill in the blank kind of memory keeping – almost like baseball card slots. Easy peasy.

The core kits are just lovely … I currently have both the olive and midnight and love them both.

core kit collageShown above — midnight, cherry, sunshine — core kits


If you Pinterest search Project Life, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful layouts for inspiration. Blogs too. These are some of my favorites …

erin stewart plErin Stewart’s Project Life

annette spaniel pl

Annette Spaniel’s Project Life

heather burris plHeather Burris’ Project Life

Many mamas project life week by week – so 52 spreads each year. I’ve simplified it even more and do one spread each month, plus a few extras for special events and vacations.

For me, Project Life has been a picture perfect solution to my memory keeping conundrum!

How do you log, store and access your family’s photos? I’d love to hear more about your favorite memory keeping systems or even see photos!