Since I Can’t Just Say Good Luck with Him


They are amazing, aren’t they?

To those wonderful men and women who dedicate their lives to teaching our children – I just can’t say thank you enough. They do the job that I could never do. Twenty-five 1st graders doesn’t sound like fun to me – it sounds like something from my nightmares. The noise. The endless movement. The chatter. I’m just not that person. While I was blessed with more patience than some, I have nowhere near the patience of the saints that work at my children’s grade school.

I hate to say it but it’s every year about this time that I appreciate them the most. After close to three months of having the kids underfoot at home ALL DAY LONG, a part of me is happy ecstatic to have them heading back to school. It’s not that I don’t like spending time with my kids, it’s just that by this time each year, they just need to go back to school. They need to see their friends. They need the structure of a classroom. They need to get the heck out of my hair! Yep, I said it. Judge me if you will, but I’m like that dad in the Staples commercial who is dancing with the cart to the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” with his sad kids dragging behind him.

That is me!!

So, back to the teachers. Every August, they are my lifesavers. Those wonderful human beings who welcome my kids back to the classroom with open arms and a genuine, cheerful smile.

I heart you, teachers!

So, as we were preparing to go to “Meet the Teachers Night” as the school tonight, I realized I could NOT show up empty handed. I’m headed to meet my lifesavers for the very first time with a 1st grader who has been bouncing off the walls for the last few weeks. With a 1st grader that is more than a handful from time to time. What 6-year-old isn’t a handful, right?!? THAT is my point! This wonderful woman is about to welcome TWENTY-FIVE handfuls with open arms tonight!!

I bow down to you, Ms. Pvelka! You are my hero right now!

While I should gift these teachers a boat or a house or a yacht or something adequate that would show my level of appreciation, I cannot afford that. 🙂 So, I settled for freshly baked, double chocolate cookies. I wanted the note to say “I’m a handful – Good Luck with me this year!” and have my son give it to her – but I didn’t want to scare her and I settled for “I’m going to be one smart cookie with you as my teacher.”

Cheesy, I know but it shows some appreciation. It shows that we took the time to bake her cookies, assemble them in a jar and design a nice note for her. I know…I know…it’s not enough, but it was something. 🙂

If you are as appreciative of your child’s teacher as I am, I beg you to do something for them this year! A hand-written note. A jar of cookies. Bouquet of flowers. Extra school supplies for the classroom. Anything just to say “Thanks! I know my kids isn’t always easy but you are the BEST!!”

Here’s what we did:

Teacher Gift