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  1. I absolutely love all the playtex cups. However, Little Bud didn’t really care for them at first; the spout was too hard. We started with the Nuk learner cup and that was great until he figured out that if you bang it really hard, the liquid comes out (oh joy). We tried the Tommee Tippee cups and they are awesome. The spout is somewhere between a hard spout and a soft silicone spout. Now that he’s a bit older, he has finally taken to the Playtex cups.

  2. I or should I say my son likes the Nuk Learner Cup. I think the handles are easier for him to grip. They sprout from the bottom instead of the top. The spout is made from the same silicone that bottle nipples are, so it is very soft. We have tried the Playtex pictured above, (not the one mentioned in the article) as well as the Dr. Brown’s sippy, and my son doesn’t care for them yet. It may be because he is only 8 months, but I found the Playtex hard to suck, and the Dr. Brown’s leaks.

  3. Over 11 years and three kids, I have tried every sippy cup out there but ALWAYS go back to Playtex. The quality surpasses any other sippy cup, and it’s the only that never leaks.

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