Sippy Cup Dos…and Some Helpful Don’ts!

Have you seen our review of the Playtex The First Lil Grippers Straw Trainer Cup? or the Baby Gizmo Sippy Cup Battle? Which sippy cups do you use? Have you tried a bunch of different kinds before your child took to one? Are you confused about when to offer your baby a sippy cup? Dr. Sears has offered up some great tips on this exact topic (as well as some additional Playtex sippy cups to consider).

Are you thinking it may be time to say bye-bye to bottles?  (They do grow up so quickly!) Expert pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears and Playtex have some tips and cups you’re sure to love—specially created for this exciting stage of baby’s development. If you’re considering a cup, consider this:

  • Do enjoy this wonderful milestone with your baby who will proudly master a cup at her own pace.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Wait until baby can sit up and hold an object with both hands — usually between 6 to 10 months.


  • Do choose a first cup with easy-to-grasp handles and a soft spout that’s gentle on baby’s sensitive gums — like the Playtex® The First Sipster® cup, designed with a feeding specialist.
  • Do make it fun for your baby by playing a little game. Sit face to face with him and place an empty cup within his/her reach. Drink from your cup and see if he/she grabs the sippy to mimic your actions.
  • Do consider a cup that your child can hold and control easily, and can help them transition from bottle to cup. Developed with a child development expert, The First Lil’ Gripper™ Straw Trainer Cup is an easy-to-use cup that helps moms teach their babies how to suck and drink from a straw. Ergonomically designed with easy grip handles for little hands, First Lil’ Gripper™ has a squeezing feature, such that a parent can squeeze, but a child could not easily do so.
  • Don’t overfill the cup when baby is first learning to use it. Start by adding water or diluted juice into the cup only to about one quarter-full until baby’s skills mature.
  • Don’t worry about spills or leaks as babies graduate from trainer cups. With the Playtex® Twist ‘N Click lid — you’ll see and hear it click closed — and you’ll know it’s Leak-Proof Guaranteed!
  • Do enjoy every moment of your baby’s newly blossoming independence as he makes his way up to the big-kid cups.

Tips by By Dr. Bill Sears