Snackeez – Does My Kids’ New Obsession Really Work?

I think all the advertisers have gotten the memo that kids are in front of the TV a little more than usual during the summer. Sure, my kids are outside and at the pool all day long but they also catch their favorite shows in the morning when I’m too groggy to really get things going or in the evening when we are so tired that we collapse on the couch. There is a lot of Nickelodeon, Disney and the Cartoon Network in my house, and that means commercials aimed at kids. Yep, every toy or gadget that advertisers want kids to see is front and center during the commercial breaks.

My kids are suckers for those commercials! They want it all. It could be a pooper scooper that turns poo into broccoli and they’d have my kids’ attention. It’s crazy! They want every crazy stuffed animal catch-all and every bubble gadget that the networks are pimping out. And the worst thing is that with the internet, they know how to just to go to the website to find out more information. Ugh! At least twice a day, I hear, “Moooommmmm, I NEED that! Seriously, come here and look at this!” Ummm…no. I’m not going to run into the playroom to see some crazy “As Seen on TV” crap that I’m not going to buy.

Okay, sometimes we buy it. Rarely. But I can’t say never because we’ve already bought two things this summer to “try out.” First was the Chill Factor and now it is the Snackeez. It’s not that I just ran to the phone and ordered it for them. They had to earn it and we bought it at the store. I’m not much for an order online from a commercial type of situation. I wait until it hits the end caps at Target, Walmart or Toys R Us so that I can touch it and play with it before I decide to buy. That being said, my kids have been doing an online homework program all summer called Scootpad that awards them points when they complete each¬†exercise. At¬†the beginning of the summer we assigned prizes for so many points. A toy at the store (up to $15) was one of the prizes. After seeing the Snackeez commercial for the millionth time, they knew THAT would be their prize. So, they saved up their points and off to the store we went.

I was okay with their choice because I knew it would give us an opportunity to see if they really work. Then we could tell YOU! To find out about my kids’ new obsession – the Snackeez – watch their video below.