Snow Days

The snow is here! Are you prepared … for fun?

While you’re shopping all the awesome sales on snow-friendly clothing, hats, gloves and boots, don’t forget to get the fun stuff!

You’ll never run out of activities (indoor or out) with this book: Winter Day Play!

As a kid, I never enjoyed making snowballs. My gloves would get wet, my hands would get cold… oh, that’s the point? Well, I didn’t think it was all that fun. But with this thing? The Just Say Snow (Ball) maker, I would have loved make perfect snowballs (and would have thoroughly enjoyed tossing them at my younger brothers, too).

Speaking of younger brothers, they would have died and gone to heaven over the Snow Bricker! Those two would spend hours building forts in the snow only to be too tired and too cold to actually play in it. Think of all the play time instead of building time they could have had.

And nothing screams f-u-n like screaming your head off while sledding on something like the O’er The Hills Sled and Helmet (don’t forget the helmet, of course).

I just might have to get these for my 8-year-old (ahem, and my husband) for our snow trip: Paricon Winter Lightning Sled 3-Pack. How cool are these? The fact that the name has the word Lightning in it? Scores me major bonus points.

Now, if you want a sled that is different – the Zipfy is it!  Hollie’s kids each got one for Christmas this year and if you are looking for serious speed and a thrill, you have to get a Zipfy!


And for the baby? How adorable is this? The Pelican Baby Sleigh. It looks so old fashion and timeless. Imagine all the adorable Baby’s First Snow pictures you could take in one of those. (swoon.)

Or if you plan to bring one of your All Terrain Strollers to the snow, a JJ Cole Arctic BundleMe might be a wise idea. A warm baby = a happy baby.

And while pushing that stroller, mom or dad can keep their hands warm with the Baby Jogger Plush Hand Muff. If you see me out in the snow, with our stroller, I will be sporting one of these. Remember? I don’t like cold hands.

I, personally, bring a stroller and a baby carrier wherever we go so having one of these Peekaru Original Fleece Baby Carrier Cover is a must. I can’t get over how snuggly and warm that looks.

Even Hollie found a new use for BabyLegs! How genius is that?

If you are still in need of snow gear or clothing, check out the sales I found at One Step Ahead, Amazon, Hanna Andersson, REI, and The Company Store.

I was also pleased to find out that REI has a membership program for trading in all last year’s kids’ snow gear! You simply trade in your used, outgrown snow-wear for 20% off your purchase of new kids’ snow gear.

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