Someone, Somewhere…

I was having dinner on Thursday night in New York with a group from my Fisher-Price trip. A friend was telling us all a story about her little game that she came up with years ago to help her cope with a broken heart. It’s called “Someone, somewhere” and as I was sitting there listening to it, I thought “what a great thing to do!” It brings everything into perspective even when you think things can’t get any worse.  I immediately started thinking of all my “someone, somewheres”. I started thinking about people I actually knew…

Someone, somewhere just lost her husband to cancer.

Someone, somewhere just lost his job.

Someone, somewhere just found out that she is pregnant.

Someone, somewhere just had a baby and is over the moon with joy.

Someone, somewhere is battling breast cancer.


And then I started using my imagination to people all over the world…

Someone, somewhere is homeless and afraid.

Someone, somewhere just buried her baby.

Someone, somewhere just married the love of his life.

Someone, somewhere just leaving his family to serve his country.


What I didn’t know sitting there that night was that I was going to need that game less than 24 hours later. I headed home from NY the next afternoon and was presented with the opportunity to get “bumped” from my flight. I was offered a travel voucher, food voucher and a night at a hotel but I wouldn’t be able to fly out until the next morning. I thought long and hard about it. I wanted to do it but for some reason my husband and I decided that I should pass on it and come home. Good thing I did.

Within 3 hours of being home that night, a tornado hit our house. Now, it wasn’t a full blown take-down-your-house tornado but a mini-tornado with 75-100 mph winds! Enough power and rain to start flooding our house.

Water was pouring in all our windows on the back of the house at first.

Then water started to pour from the ceiling lights and fire detectors.

As my husband and I were  running around putting towels in front of the windows to try to stop the water, the windows started to shake. We could see the windows start to pull away from our house. I swore the windows were literally going to be ripped from the house. My husband was holding onto one window with all his strength to try to keep it from being ripped from the wall until we both came to the realization that it just wasn’t a smart idea.  At that point, I knew it must be a tornado. I ran upstairs and grabbed all three sleeping kids from their beds and ran them to the basement. As calm as I tried to stay, they could hear the destruction of what was going on outside. My dramatic 7-year-old started to cry “I WANT TO LIVE.”

As we sit huddled in the basement, our fire alarms all started to go off at once. My babies are crying. I can hear the hail. I can see the water pouring from the middle of the basement ceiling. I can hear my husband scrambling around upstairs to try to put buckets beneath all the leaks. It was clearly a disaster and all I could think was “thank God I didn’t volunteer to take the flight the next day!”

Eventually, the storm stopped and everything was quiet.

After assessing the damage and putting the kids back to bed a few hours later, I started to play my own version of the “someone, somewhere” game. Sure, our roof was damaged (the reason why the house started to pour water!), many of the windows and walls need to be fixed, and we have about 12 loud blowers trying to dry our house out, but it could have been so much worse! We were all safe. The house was still standing.

Someone, somewhere lost his entire house to a tornado.

Someone, somewhere lost a loved one to a tornado.

What is your “Someone, somewhere”??