Space Saving Baby Gear as Seen on WGN TV

Regardless of where you live, if you are a soon-to-be parent living in a small place – say that cozy one bedroom apartment that looked good when you were engaged- you will not want it cluttered up with tons of big baby gear. Because let’s face it – the only thing more stressful than bringing home the baby is fitting all the baby’s “stuff” into your home. We discussed the answer on WGN TV this morning to storing gear in small spaces with a few great space saving products to keep your small space clutter-free!

1) Bloom Alma Crib

Small is good but fold away into a closet is better. A small crib is good to save space, but a crib that folds easily to store in a closet or out of the way is better. The bloom alma crib ($400) is a beautifully designed, modern, wood mini crib perfect for newborns up to age 2 that folds brilliantly (and safely!) in seconds to just over 9 inches wide to roll away on its casters to store in a closet or just out of the way. To purchase the crib, go to HERE.


2) Peg Perego Tamamia

Buy less, but get more out of it – Buy products that are multi-functional such as a high chair that also works as a swing and infant seat. You will be buying one product instead of three saving you space. The Peg Perego Tatamia ($349) starts as a baby seat but transforms into a manual swing and a high chair. When not in use, it folds up nicely to roll into a pantry or store out of the way. To purchase the high chair, go to HERE.


3) Puj Tub

Easiest bath tub ever. Big baby bathtubs are a small space’s nightmare. Parents looking for a baby bath for a small bathroom should look for one that is compact and can be stored easily. The Puj tub ($39) is a soft foam “tub” that conforms to almost all sinks and folds down flat to hang on a door or shower wall when not in use. To purchase the tub, go to: Puj Tub.


4) Britax B-Agile and StrollAway

Hang the stroller. Pick a full-featured stroller that is compact and lightweight and let it hang around. The StrollAway fits almost any door and allows you to hang your compact stroller to keep it out of the way. Britax B-Agile ($199) is a great compact stroller that weighs only 17 lbs, can accommodate a newborn, takes a car seat, folds in a jiffy and the one-piece handlebar is perfect for hanging on a hook. To purchase the stroller, go HERE or to purchase the StrollAway, go to:


5) JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy

Skip the Changer. Skip the changing table and get a waterproof mat and a diaper caddy to get the deed done on the floor. The JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy ($29) is perfect for keeping all your diaper changing necessities in one place plus it comes with that waterproof changing mat you’ll need. For more information and/or to purchase the Caddy, go to HERE.


6) Boon Animal Bag

Stuff those animals away. From before baby is born, the stuffed animal collection starts growing. Before the animals start taking over your small space, get a storage solution that keeps all the animals in one place. The Boon Animal Bag ($36) is a unique and fun stuffed animal storage bag that keeps all those bazillions of stuffed animals that everyone gives your kids in one place but it does double duty as a soft seat for the kids as well. It’s a win-win. To purchase the Boon Animal Bag, go HERE.


For more space saving baby gear recommendations, we have created a space-saving “collection” on