SPANX Jeans Coming to a Booty Near You

Spanx Jeans
Photo Credit: SheFinds

I know many of us are fans of shapewear. If you are a mom, you know that everything doesn’t usually just fall back into place after baby arrives. There are muffin tops, sagging booties and other flabby skin that comes with your adorable, bundle of joy! Good thing they are cute, right?!? Many times we have to tuck everything in and smooth everything out privately under our clothes with wonderful things like SPANX. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit – SPANX are my friend. My very good, close personal friend who knows more parts of me than anyone else. And the best part of my friend, Spanx, is that she is a silent friend who keeps her mouth shut at what her job is. She stays undercover and just holds it all in. She knows better than to peek her head out EVER.

This fall, Spanx is changing the game and coming out…well, just a bit. Spanx is introducing jeans that feature the fabulous muffin top eliminating shapewear technology built into the pants. As much as I love Spanx, I’m just not sure this is a good idea. Why? Because what we can see from the SheFind’s photo below, they look like maternity jeans. The last thing I want to sport years after have a baby are maternity-looking jeans. They might not be bad with a loose shirt untucked but we all know you usually always see those maternity jeans top bands no matter which shirt you choose. And if I’m sporting Spanx it’s usually because I’m wearing something form-fitting. A tight shirt with jeans that look like maternity jeans? No thank you.

Spanx Jeans
Photo Credit: SheFinds

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe they will be fabulous? It is being reported that the Spanx jeans will come in coated denim, metallic, riding pants (denim with fabric panel), army green, rust and more. That sounds kind of cool. Yet, these are more like leggings and less like jeans. So, basically shapewear jeggings. Yikes!

The Spanx jeans will retail for $98 and will hit stores in October.

Will you try Spanx Jeans? Is it a good idea or bad?



  1. As a 35 year old mom I would have to say that I’m excited about this. Yes the tips look like maternity pants but who cares? Who’s going to see the tops with all the long shirts that are out now? I can honestly say that I’m tired of buying pants where the waist is low and my butt crack is hanging out. Bring on the Spanx pants!!!


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