SPANX Swimwear for 50% off! I’m Sold!

SPANX makes swimwear?!? And it’s at least 50% off today?!? I’m sold!!

What mama doesn’t love her SPANX, right?  We all have a little to hide every once in a while.  Okay, most of us do.  Just know that if you are one of those size 0 mamas…this post isn’t for you.  And we are tiny bit mad at you and we’ll admit that it is completely out of sheer jealousy! 

Spanx + Swimwear = a hot mama! 

And what is even hotter is that Spanx Swimwear (along with other items from Spanx) are more than 50% today!  You know this sale is hot so you better jump fast!


Here are just a few of the choices:


Plus, great coverups!