Spokeo is Giving Out Your Personal Information

Our friends at Cool Mom Tech just brought something really important (and quite scary!) to our attention. You all know that I’m all over the internet. It’s my job after all! Plus, with all the video reviews I do for you guys, my face is also plastered all over the internet. It’s what I signed up for when I started Baby Gizmo. Kind of.

That doesn’t mean that I still don’t want to keep some privacy especially for my family. The internet can be a very scary place with all the personal information that is floating around, all the social media sites and people search sites. Sure, it’s fun to look up an old friend, but some sites take it to a stalker level. They give out all kinds of personal information such as physical addresses, cell phones, emails, names of your relatives and much, much more. They even offer a Google map to your front door!

Spokeo is one of these scary sites. I almost guarantee that YOU are on it…AND all your personal information that every Spokeo member who pays a small fee has access to. Scary.

Believe me, you don’t want all this information on Spokeo. It’s just too scary. Good thing that you can remove your personal information from Spokeo immediately. Cool Mom Tech did all the work of finding out how to remove your listing and laying it all out for us! They clearly have our backs! (Thanks Cool Mom Tech!)

1. Head over to Spokeo.com and search your name.  (Search maiden names, nicknames, and spouse names too.)

2. Results will come up based on state, so choose the one in which you currently live. Then pick based on your street.

3. Copy the url of the page that has your specific info, like street and city, and yes, even a Google Earth photo of your residence (shown at top). A little disconcerting, right?

4. Click on privacy at the very bottom of the page in grey, and scroll down to “Removing Your Listing from Spokeo.”

5. Paste the url, then add your current email address in the space, and complete the CAPCHA.

6. Then check your email (or spam/junk if you don’t see it immediately) which will include a link for you to click to confirm the removal of your information.

That’s it.

Keep in mind, you need to grab the URL from each of your specific locations, so if you have more than one residence on the website, you’ll need to do each of them individually. And we’re finding that it’s limiting us to only 5 at a time–but hopefully not for good. Some of us have a lot of past residences on there that need to come out.

Thanks again to Cool Mom Tech for bringing this to our attention. They are awesome!