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  1. Omg! I tried to enter my uncle’s name (he’s based in US) and was shocked to find a result for his name. It even includes the names of his entire family and like you’ve said, a map to their front door! haha! I’ll forward this article to them and make sure to follow the instructions for removal. Thanks so much for this article.

  2. Thanks for letting us know this. I went in & removed my info. ( use birth name & married name ) Also I found information on my parent’s who are deceased.
    Sent emails to friends & posted on FB . I’m sure there are other sites that gather this info but makes it very easy to access a lot of information for a few dollars.

  3. I’m a tech dad and I work in the technology arena. I’m also an information security nut (my wife says I’m paranoid), so I both dread and enjoy reading about sites like Spokeo…
    They may remove the information from their servers, but it also validates their data and it allows them to tie the multiple entries into a better cohesive picture of you. In my opinion, this is scarier. This is similar to clicking links in spam emails or hitting “unsubscribe” from services you never signed up for. Yes, it will remove you from that one service, but it confirms you are valid and they will re-sell your info with a higher value (since you’ve confirmed you open/view their content, you are a more valuable target).
    Information is out there and can’t be reined in. Everything from social media, open records from government agencies, phone listings (formerly phone books), Real Estate data, etc. is mostly public access. Spokeo (and others) are simply aggregating this data into a single source. Even if these specific companies are US based, not all are and US laws don’t apply on the internet. Because of that you have to let go of the idea that you can control this data or hold others accountable for it.
    At the bottom of this post, I’ll add some links with more information and directions on how to remove your info from these searches.
    Instead of removing information, I recommend either leaving it alone, or in the case of an internet persona, attempt to limit what is out there. First step for you and other mommy bloggers would be to find out what is out there. Take a day to let it set in (have some wine), then be pro-active about managing future data information. What’s out there, is out there, be OK with it. It’s done.
    These two articles cover many of the info sites like Spokeo:

  4. Thank you so much for the information! It had every single address I have ever lived on!!! Forwarding to friends and family members now!!!

  5. wow! that’s scary, i went to and it had my address, phone number, financial information, and more. very scary! thanks for letting us know about this

  6. The only reason Spokeo is bad is because it is user-friendly and brings all of this information to one place. It is all available elsewhere on the internet if you know how to find it. This is all public information, and for it to show up here, it is located somewhere else on the internet. You can find anything about people and their personal property by searching for it. Searching assessor’s websites and public deeds will even tell you exactly how much someone pays in taxes, how much they bought their house for, how many mortgages and home equity loans they have… in other words, how far into debt a person is! It is incredible, but true, and important to know it’s out there legally, whether you remove your listing from this public website or not.

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