Spotlight Product Review: 2011 Bumbleride Indie Collections

The Bumbleride Indie 2011 is the same Indie we have grown to love with just a few minor changes to the actual stroller itself.  All the changes are to the fabrics!  2011 is all about fabric choices for the Indie.  Bumbleride has introduced two new fabric editions that are available in addition to the Classic Collection.  Before we explain the new editions, let’s take a brief look at the Indie itself and the few changes.

So, what is different about the Indie 2011?  There are four changes:

  • The Indie rain cover has been redesigned.  It is non pvc but it is no longer included with the stroller.  You have to buy it separately.  Bumbleride removed it as an included accessory due to consumer feedback because not all mamas live in rainy climates.  We aren’t going to lie.  We’d like it included.  Where are these places that it doesn’t rain ever?  We’d like to live there!
  • An air pump is no longer included. This isn’t a big deal since we found that Bumbleride air pump didn’t work well anyway. 
  • The Indie canopy has been redesigned to include an SPF 45 lining.
  • A Maxi Cosi locking infant adapter bar will be available for purchase separately.

That’s it!  Those are the only changes (besides the fabrics!) to the Indie 2011.  The stroller still has the roomy seat that is 13″ wide and has a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 23″ from seatback to canopy that will accommodate taller children.  The padded, 5-point, adjustable harness, baby bumper bar, adjustable footrest, deep-strap-reclining seat, huge canopy and adjustable handlebar are all still there! 

The basket is still big as ever and the 12″ air-filled tires still tackle all types of terrain and allow us to do a little light jogging with it.  Looking for a lighter-weight stroller that will fold compactly and easily?  Yep, the Indie does that too!  At only 20 lbs, the Indie folds easily in half and even has a great travel bag that can be purchased separately to keep it looking new when you travel.   

If accessories are your thing, the Indie has plenty of those sold separately.  We are talking carrycots, Snack Packs, stroller liners, car seat adapters, travel bags and rain covers.  I know, we are excited about all the accessories too! 

Okay, that was a really quick overview for a Baby Gizmo review, right?  Well, we want to get to the new fabric collections so if you want to read all the juicy details of the Indie stroller, just check out our 2010 Bumbleride Indie review and keep the minor changes in mind!

Now, let’s get to the 2011 Indie Edition choices!  When deciding which Indie Edition is right for you, there are three collections to consider:  Movement Edition, Natural Edition and the Classic Edition. 

If you are a sporty parent, we think the Movement Edition is for you!  The Movement Edition sports a stretchy, water resistant sport fabric, SPF 45 sun canopies and two striking color combinations.  When visualizing this edition, think athletic wear with a slick, light feel that will be excellent in hotter weather.  That is what the fabric is like.  It’s sportier, it’s water-resistant and the fabric just feels lighter because it’s thinner.  The Movement Edition is available in black with a turquoise piping and in gray with orange piping.

Maybe you aren’t a sporty parent?  Maybe you are a green, eco-friendly parent?  If so, the Natural Edition is for you! 

The Bumbleride Natural Edition is for the eco-minded mama that is looking for a more natural choice.  The interior of the stroller is made of a bamboo, nylon blend that will wick away moisture from the body and is a higher thread count than the other fabrics.  The exterior fabric on the Natural Edition strollers is made of a recycled polyester blend.  This edition is available in two fabulous colors:  Ocean (a deep blue) and Walnut (a chocolate brown).  And what we love about these colors is that they are subtle with no funky contrasting colors.  Just blue or just brown!  Very simple.  Plus, we can tell that the fabric is softer than the Classic Bumbleride fabric.

Not sure the Movement Edition or the Natural Edition is right for you?  Good thing the Classic Collection is still available and offers the most color choices.  The Classic fabrics are lower thread count, not as water resistant as Movement or Natural and not quite a soft, but they are still fabulous.  The Classic colors include Ruby (red), Lava (black), Vita (pink) and Seagrass (green).  

Overall, we think there is a great Bumbleride Indie fabric choice for everyone whether you are looking for the standard Classic, sporty new Movement or the eco-friendly Natural. 

To watch our video review of the Bumbleride Indie 2011 video review, click the video below:


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