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  1. This chair looks great, but I’d need to see it in person. We also live in San Diego; do you know of any stores that will carry it?

  2. This would have been so perfect for my two year old! Of course, it’s impossible to know if your kid is going to be petite enough to fit in it before they are older! Still, super cute chair!

  3. The non-removable tray is a deal breaker. I have a 20 month old that is 37in and 33lbs and ther is just no way he would fit in it. We have the Boon Flair and love it. I do like it is compact and the sleek design.

  4. Love the review, you did an amazing job as usual. After watching the review I have to say it looks much better to me. However that price is really high for something that can only ne used for a year or two and cant be brought up to the table really. It looks like a great travel chair for those with alot of money. I have one of those chubby babies so i don’t know if he would fit well, ill need to see it in person, thanks shaking love your reviews.

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