Spotlight Product Review: BabyBjörn High Chair

Have you heard the saying, good things come in small packages?

BabyBjorn High Chair box next to a toddler-sized chair


The new BabyBjörn High Chair is sure to be one of those small things.

We recently put the BabyBjörn High Chair to the test and this is what we found.


Assembly of the BabyBjorn High Chair


The seat of the high chair is one piece; with the seat comes 4 legs.

To assemble the high chair- 1. turn the seat upside down, 2. pop each leg on– until you hear a click– pull the back legs until you hear the leg lock click (and see the green “LOCKED” sign under the seat), 3. turn the high chair towards you, 4. fold down the tray– which is a three step process like so: a. push the red safety button while twisting the knob under the tray to open, b. pull the actual tray down and into the open position, c. push the tray towards the seat while pushing the red safety button/twisting the knob just as you did in step 4. The high chair is now ready to go!

Opening and closing the tray

The Tray:

To open the tray, push the red safety button while twisting the knob– this brings the tray forwards and in the open position. This is the position you want the tray to be in when you go to place your child in the seat. After securing your child in the seat, use the same method that you did to release/open the tray to secure and lock the tray in the ready to eat position. You must push and turn the knob below the tray for it to lock in place– pulling the tray up (as my toddler loves to do while I’m trying to secure him in the harness) does not automatically lock the tray in place.

Adjusting the tray

The tray has three positions– the closest position is 5.75″ from tray to seat back, the middle position is 6.25″ from tray to seat back, and the furthest position is 7″ from tray to seat back. To adjust the tray, push the red button underneath the tray with your thumb while pulling or pushing the tray with your four fingers or with your other hand. The tray should be snug against your child but you should be able to slide one finger between your child and the tray. Having this rounded tray closer to your child helps prevent food from falling or spilling on his/her lap.

The removable tray

The tray is 17″ at its widest point and 8.5″ from the back of the tray to the front of the tray. The lip around the tray is not very deep (it’s barely 1/4″ deep) but it does provide a little bit of a stopper so that food, plates and cups don’t just slide off the side of the tray. The top (white) tray is removable and dishwasher-safe. To remove the tray, lift up on each side. Under the removable tray is fixed (black) tray that is just about the same size as the top tray but it’s not removable and the lip around the tray is even smaller but… you have two usable trays! Yay!

The BabyBjorn High Chair seat and footrest

Seat and Footrest:

This seat is so stylish– just as you would expect from BabyBjörn. The BabyBjörn High Chair is BPA-Free. The seat and footrest are connected and all one piece. The ergonomic design of the high chair seat, footrest and tray positions children in an upright and steady position. My son saw this seat and immediately wanted to get in it. He is comfortable while in the seat and doesn’t seem to mind that the back of the seat doesn’t go all the way to his head (like he’s used to with his previous seat). The curved seat back is only 10.5″ high but it provides really good support for my son’s back. The seat bottom is 6.5″ deep and the seat width is 11″ at the widest point. The best part of this entire high chair is the seat and how insanely easy it is to clean!

33 inch toddler in the BabyBjorn High Chair

The footrest is non-adjustable and is 5.75″ from the seat bottom to the footrest. The footrest is 4″ deep and 14″ wide– it has plenty of space for your child’s feet but it’s on the short side. My toddler (22 lbs. and 33″) usually dangles his legs while in the high chair but when he does use the footrest, his knees do not hit the under part of the tray (the footrest to under part of the tray is 10.5″).

The 3-point harness with attached belly pad

The 3-Point Harness:

The 3-point harness is a well-fitted secure harness. The straps are strong and do not slip (read: they do not loosen on their own) while in use. The two individual waist straps are adjustable and easy to wipe down; the center crotch strap is stationary (non-adjustable) and it has an attached belly pad. The 3-point harness does a great job keeping my toddler secured in his seat.

Leg Lock used to fold the BabyBjorn High Chair

To Fold and Store:

To fold and store the high chair- 1. open the tray, 2. push the red tray adjuster button and with your other hand pull the black fold lock and push the tray upward, 3. while holding the tray up, push the red safety lock and turn the knob to lock the tray in the upright position, 4. squeeze the leg lock to disengage the lock and push the back legs inward until they lock in the folded position, 5. for each leg- push the locking pins in while pulling the legs off.

37 inch 3-year-old in the BabyBjorn High Chair

Other Stuff:

  • My 27lb. 37″ (skinny/small) 3-year-old can fit in the high chair with the tray at a comfortable distance from his body but the footrest looks to be on the verge of getting uncomfortable (although he didn’t complain). When he places his feet on the footrest, and when I open the tray, his legs automatically froggy out to the side. With his feet resting on the footrest, his knees have about an inch before they hit the bottom of the tray.
  • The box has quite a bit of information and instruction on it so don’t be too quick to toss your box! Make sure you read and look at the instructions on both the box and the manual.
  • The BabyBjörn High Chair is for children that can sit upright in the high chair, from a minimum of 5 months and up to approximately 3 years (max 38″ tall)



  • Super easy to clean– easiest I’ve come across so far!
  • All the locks are childproof, ensuring that children cannot open/close the tray table or fold the legs on their own.
  • There’s no place for small fingers to get pinched
  • The removable white tray is dishwasher-safe and so secure that it’s impossible for baby to flip it up or off while eating
  • The under part of the tray is rounded for baby’s comfort
  • Folds compactly for easy storage and travel– the space-saving design measures 10″ wide when folded
  • Sturdy legs with wide feet to keep it stable
  • Lightweight at only 11lbs.



  • The age limit goes to approximately age 3 but a larger 3-year-old would not fit as comfortably in this high chair.
  • I’d like to see the feet come with non-slide pads.
  • I’d like to have the option to be able to remove the tray completely so my child can scoot up next to the table. I think if that were an option in the design, some parents wouldn’t care so much about the price as it would serve as more of a multi-functioning high chair.


In short:

The box is a dead giveaway for the size of the BabyBjörn High Chair– it’s small! But this smaller high chair has a big kick and you get what you pay for. I have used the high chair that has recently been compared to the BabyBjörn High Chair and there is no comparison. They are two different species. The BabyBjörn High Chair looks awesome and fits nicely in our dining room. I wish the design included a way to remove the tray so it could be used as a chair as my toddler gets older but it does come nice and close to the table due to it’s compact size. And finally… If I could give an award to the high chair that is the absolute easiest to clean? The BabyBjörn High Chair would win by a landslide.

The BabyBjörn High Chair is being sold exclusively at Giggle from the end of July to September 2011 and then at additional retail locations starting in September 2011. Giggle is currently taking pre-orders and the high chair retails for $300.

To watch Hollie’s full video review to see the BabyBjorn High Chair in action, click on the video below:



*Thanks to BabyBjorn for sending the high chair for review.  All our opinions and reviews are our own.