Spotlight Product Review: BabyHawk Baby Carriers

babyhawk2There is a new baby carrier company that is giving mom back her style! Since baby carriers are worn on your body, you could consider them fashion! Tired of the same boring black?  Wish there were more color and pattern options to suit your chic style?  BabyHawk to the rescue! 

BabyHawk’s custom designed Mei Tai baby carriers are for the style conscious parent!  Now, moms can design their own baby carrier to fit their personal style.  From Punk to Florals, Oriental to Geometrics – there is a color and pattern for everyone. 

BabyHawk’s Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carrier) Carriers allow mom to carry baby in the front, back or on the hip.  This style of carrier has a very simple design – it is a large rectangular piece of fabric (known as “the body”) with four super long straps extending from each of the four corners of the body.  Mei Tai carriers can take a bit of practice at first, but once you get the hang of using one – they are great!  These types of carriers spread out the weight of the baby over both shoulders and the waist. 

The BabyHawk Carrier is your standard Mei Tai with the addition of padded shoulders for parent’s comfort, a padded headrest to support the head and neck of an infant or sleeping toddler and super long straps that will fit women up to size 22/24 or a men’s size XXL. 

I found that the BabyHawk is comfy to wear and even though I have never worn a Mei Tai carrier before, I was able to manipulate the carrier right away with the fabulous instructions (complete with pictures) that comes with it. babyhawk3

Now, the best feature of the BabyHawk is the ability to design your own!  This is what makes it stand out from other baby carriers.  The Design Center on the BabyHawk website allows you to easily choose from 16 different strap colors and over 300 fabrics for the panel on the front of the carrier.  The combinations that you can make are endless!  Can’t decide between two fabrics?  Or does your husband like one and you prefer another?  No problem.  You can make the carrier reversible and do one fabric on each side.  The website even allows you to choose additional options such as pockets, toy ring or XL straps. The process is so fun and easy to do!  I’m telling you that there is a fabric that will appeal to everyone – there are that many choices!  Plus, if that wasn’t enough, BabyHawk will let you submit your own fabric for the carrier panel to really customize your carrier! 

 Once you are done, you’ll have your own unique baby carrier in 10-14 days.  Don’t feel like customizing your baby carrier completely?  You can choose from their wide array of In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship BabyHawks.   This is a great product for those choosy moms that want to flaunt their personal style through their baby gear!  To find our more information about designing your own BabyHawk Carrier, visit their website at:

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