Spotlight Product Review: BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

Spring is almost here and the weather is (hopefully!) turning nicer for us to get out and about with our little ones.  There is no better way in Spring to take off some of those extra pounds that we put on for warmth in the winter than to get our butts moving outside.  That’s why we thought we would highlight the fabulous BOB Revolution Duallie Jogging Stroller for all those mamas looking for a new way of getting active with your kids in tow.

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

Whether you are a marathon runner, a joyous jogger, or a power walker you will love the BOB Revolution Duallie. This rugged stroller combines both quality and safety skillfully resulting in a top-of the line double jogger. This jogger is certainly in the upper echelon of price for double joggers. The BOB Revolution Duallie retails for approximately $530.00. If you haven’t been sold by the reputation of the BOB name alone you will be hooked by all the top of the line features for both mom and children. Personally, we think it is worth every penny.

The BOB Duallie is lightweight in comparison to other double jogging strollers and weighs only 32lbs. The stroller holds up to 100 pounds. I admit, when added together the weight of the stroller and the weight of your children may be overwhelming, in fact you may think it is more of a workout pushing the stroller than the actual jog. However, when put to the test and fully loaded with two 40lb toddlers this stroller glided over the road with ease and best of all could be pushed lightly with one hand! Each child rested comfortably in their own seat with plenty of room and loved that nestled in each seat was their very own drink and snack holders. This was a huge plus for me as it stopped the stealing and fighting over snacks that occurs on a shared tray.

The tires on the BOB Revolution Duallie are ultra rugged, rubber, air filled tires and allow parents to leave the boredom of the sidewalk for off the beaten path adventures. The stroller boasts 16′ rear tires and a 12′ front wheel. The front wheel swivels for easy agility as well as has the ability to lock for added safety and control while jogging. Unlike many swivel wheel jogging strollers the front wheel really locked and locked tight.

After hitting the trail with the kids it become overly apparent that the people at BOB had both safety and comfort in mind when designing this stroller. Your children are secured with a 5-point harness, which is easily adjusted with the pull of a cord. Each seat is properly padded so that your children will remain both secure and comfortable while you are out on the road. In addition, the stroller offers a foot operated parking brake that locks both rear wheels at the same time.

There are several unique features to the BOB Duallie that make this stroller unmatched in quality. This jogger is one the thinnest (30.8′) double joggers making it possible to bring the kids in standard single doorways without needing to fold the stroller. However, the width of the stroller does not take away from the spacious seats for your child. Next, the Duallie offers an adjustable tracking feature that minimizes drift while running. In addition, the Duallie offers a suspension system with 3″ of give resulting in a smooth relaxing ride for the kids. We took this feature to the test and yes, it is true after hitting serious sidewalk holes and running straight through curbs the kids weren’t jostled or bothered. Finally, there is a car seat adapter that is sold separately that is compatible with several top selling infant car seats. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (We do want to remind you that pediatricians recommend that you do not run with a baby under 6 months and BOB recommends not running with a baby under 8 months.)

Your children will love the independence that each seat of the Duallie offers. Placed between the two seats is a small padded divider that allows for privacy. The seats are independent of each other and therefore can recline to accommodate your ‘sleeper’ while not disturbing your ‘take the world as it comes child.’ The seat has the ability to have your child practicing posture positioning or lying next to flat during your run. In addition, the sunshades are also independent of each other. The shades are over-sized and therefore allow for great sun coverage while you are out. When in full use the shades have complete coverage and even protect the legs from the sun. This feature is also found in the over-sized sunshades. Finally, the seats are equipped to hold tall and large children. When we tested the seat capacity on a 5 year old it proved to be a comfortable fit with room to grow.

The Duallie offers two large storage baskets as well as two netted drink holders located on the back of each seat. Despite the high price, BOB forgot to include a parental tray. However, you can purchase this feature separately. The material on the BOB is removable for easy washing and care. The BOB Revolution Duallie is easy to store as it closes to half of its size in one easy step. For more compact storage the Duallie has quick release rear wheels as well as an easy to remove front wheel. Because it is a double stroller it is large. This means that while you can fit it into the back of small SUV you will not be transporting it in a sedan. When tested it took less than one minute to collapse the stroller and remove all three wheels. Congratulations to BOB – this is a feature that some standard umbrella strollers have yet to master.

In conclusion, the BOB Revolution Duallie is a sturdy and luxurious double jogger. In our opinion, this stroller is unmatched in quality, comfort, and ease of use. It is available in both navy and orange.

You can also view our video review of the Indie by clicking on the video picture below.

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I was so excited to order this. When it came, however, I can’t the straps closed around my three year old. He is 39 inches and 42 pounds, so he should fit. Am I doing something wrong?


For everyday use, would you recommend this or the baby jogger citi mini double? I’m not a big jogger, but there is a possibility of me jogging from time to time.

Jimm Mamba

I thing it is a great stroller. There are some people who complain about its weight. well, it was never designed to prioritize portability. in fact no double stroller is; remember it is for two of your little giant, huh?

morison dony

Just grabbed the feed… thanks for posting this.