Spotlight Product Review: Britax B-Ready

The B-Ready is the newest addition to Britax’s family of baby gear.  This luxury stroller is part of an elite group of strollers (that only a few are a member of!) that has the ability to go from single stroller to a double tandem stroller with the addition of an accessory or two.  With 14 different configurations from a single seat, to a double with two seats or even two infant car seats, the B-Ready is a stroller that will really take you from your first child all the way through your double stroller years!  No need to buy a single and then a double stroller when your second bundle of joy arrives!  This one does it all!  Have twins?  It’s great for them as well since it can accommodate two newborns in a variety of ways!

Let’s start with the main stroller seat!  (The one that comes with the stroller).The seat is roomy measuring 12” wide with a 21 ½” seatback.   With a 24” seatback to canopy measurement, our taller children fit in the seat with no problem.  There is a no re-thread, adjustable 5-point harness for safety and adjustable head pad for comfort.  The height of the harness and head pad is so easy to adjust by just unzipping a zipper on the back of the seat and squeezing and sliding an adjuster button up and down to find the perfect fit for your child.  It’s one of the easiest harness adjusters we have encountered! Plus, the head pad is a nice touch to keep your little rider extra comfortable.  We also like that the belly pad that protects the child from the buckle is sewn to the seat fabric so that it doesn’t fall off every time we take our child out. The seat also sports an adjustable footrest with 4 positions and a swing-away and removable baby bumper bar.  There is no baby tray but you can purchase the Britax Child Cup/Snack Holders that fit in the same slots as the baby bumper bar.

The seat is reversible to allow the child to face mom or out at the world. Similar to other luxury strollers, instead of just the back of the seat reclining, the entire seat on the B-Ready reclines back easily with a large, one-handed lever. Love the one-handed seat recline!!!  The seat keeps its wide “v” shape and has three recline positions. The seat is recommended for 6+ months to 55 lbs. Not to worry though, you will still be able to use the B-Ready for your newborn using the bassinet, car seat adapter or second seat which are sold separately.

The canopy on the main seat is large and sports a large peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your little rider.  We love that the peek-a-boo window is actually a large mesh window that allows air to circulate through the stroller plus has a flap with a magnetic closure.  No more disturbing baby with loud Velcro when you are just trying to sneak a peek!

The basket is HUGE!  It has very high sides and can hold loads of stuff including a very, very large diaper bag.  There are large zipper access holes on the sides and front of the basket to allow you to access the basket from all sides.  And yes, the back rider is basically sitting in the basket when the second seat is attached but we were still able to get a large diaper bag in the front of the basket anyway!  We love front access to the basket because we are able to access the basket even if there are two riders aboard!

The B-Ready sports an adjustable handlebar to accommodate taller and shorter parents alike. It doesn’t telescope out but it does adjust up and down in four positions (from 33″- 44″) and prevents taller parents from kicking the frame of the stroller with a long stride.  The handlebar is one continuous piece (instead of two handles) with a great comfort grip in the center that makes for easier one-handed maneuverability since you can place one hand in the center of the handlebar for turning.  While the handlebar height is perfect for taller parents in the singles mode, we did find that we didn’t love it when we turned the stroller into a double.  When the rear seat or a lower car seat is added in doubles mode, we found that we were definitely missing a telescoping handlebar.  We would love to see Britax change the handle bar to allow it to telescope out even farther to keep our tallest parents from hitting their shins (or thighs) on the rear seat or bottom car seat.

The B-Ready sports 7 1/2″ front wheels and 11″ rear wheels. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating bumpier terrain. While it is technically not an “all-terrain” stroller (especially since they are not air-filled tires) we were able to push the stroller through grass and playground mulch fully loaded. Plus, the suspension system is great for giving baby a smooth ride. On smooth payment, the stroller is easy to navigate one-handed even with a larger child aboard.  There is also an one-step linked parking brake that even has a color indicator to let you know if the brake is on or off.

Weighing it 28 lbs (average weight for a full-size single), we didn’t have too much trouble lifting it in and out of our trunks. When you add the second seat, the stroller weight is 36 lbs which is H-E-A-V-Y and takes a bit more muscle if you fold it and lift it with both seats attached. The seats are so easy to remove if you would like to lighten the lifting load though.

The two-handed fold on the B-Ready is very easy to do and it can be done with the seat attached.  Apply the brake.  Lift two levers on the sides of the handlebar and gently push the handlebar down until the stroller folds into a standing fold.  You can even fold it with the second seat attached!!  Love that!!!   Our only complaint is that when you fold the stroller with the second seat attached – the canopy on the second seat sets on the ground with the standing fold.  So, you want to be careful where you set the stroller because the canopy could get awful dirty!  It has an automatic lock on the side but we found that the lock does not always stay locked.  We would love to see Britax modify this lock a bit to make it stay locked every time while we are lifting and transporting the stroller.

The maneuverability on the B-Ready is great! As a single, the stroller glides along one-handed with very little effort and turns on a dime. When you turn the stroller into a double, it takes a bit more wrist power because you are adding more weight. With two riders aboard, you probably need two hands to push it but we found the maneuverability to be better than most.  It’s way better than most tandem double strollers on the market.

The B-Ready turns into a travel system with the included car seat adapters for the Britax Chaperone.  You also have the option to buy the Britax Universal Car Seat Adapter to accommodate Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego infant seats.

We love the stability of the B-Ready.  This is a well-constructed stroller!  When the stroller is in doubles mode, the B-Ready is constructed so well that either seat can be empty (with a rider in the other) without compromising the stability.  Our tester could even climb in the rear seat without any worry of the stroller toppling over on him.

The main feature of the B-Ready that puts it in an elite stroller category (which only a few are members of) is the stroller’s ability to go from a single to a double.  It starts out as a single but you can turn it into a double by adding the second seat, bassinet and/or infant car seat.  So, there is no need for parents to buy a single and a double stroller.  The B-Ready does double duty!!  Genius!!

We love the fact that you can turn it into a double stroller by adding the sold separately second seat or lower infant car seat adapter.  Unlike one of its competitors, you don’t have to get the second seat if you just want to use the lower infant car seat adapter.  You can buy the accessories when YOU need them. The B-Ready is all about versatility!  There are 14 unique seating combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and a single seat.  Or just pick the seating arrangements that work best for you and your kids and buy the coordinating accessories.

So, let’s talk about the lower, second seat.  The lower seat is really fabulous! It has some great options for your little rider!  First, it reclines!  Yep, unlike other strollers with this type of second/basket seating, the B-Ready second seat has 3 recline positions including flat!  You heard us right!  The second seat can recline flat so that it can even accommodate a newborn! Second, we know you are going to immediately ask if the second seat is smaller.  Yep! While it is actually a wider seat than the main seat at 13”, it is a bit shorter.  It has a short 18” seat back and a 22” seatback to canopy measurement.  It can accommodate up to 35 lbs and we found that our 3 year old (35 lb) tester fit in the lower seat comfortably width-wise but his head did brush the canopy.

We found our best set up was with our smaller child in the lower seat.  With the larger child in the main seat, the stroller is easier to maneuver.  While the main seat is reversible, the rear (lower) seat always faces forward.  The lower seat is very easy to attach to the frame and, again, we LOVE that we can fold the stroller with the lower seat attached!  Our only very minor complaint is the second seat is quite low to the ground.  Therefore, you are going to really be bending down to get your child in and out of the seat!  We accept this gladly considering all the other features of the second seat!

Having twins? We love that you can use 2 infant car seats together or an infant car seat and a bassinet! (The stroller does not work with two bassinets though!)  When the twins hit 6 months, you can also use upper and lower seats! The main stroller seat has a weight capacity of 55 lbs while the lower seat can accommodate up to 35 lbs giving the stroller in doubles mode a 90 lb weight capacity.

The B-Ready is a luxury stroller and, of course, is going to cost you a luxury price.  At $499 (bassinet, second seat and car seat adapters all sold separately!), it is priced competitively with the other strollers that have similar features.  If you are looking for a sturdy stroller with fabulous versatility that will really take you from your first child all the way through your double stroller years, you must consider the Britax B-Ready!

Pre-order the B-Ready on  The Britax B-Ready will be available for sale in July 2010!

SHOP B-Ready at

To watch our full review of the Britax B-Ready in singles mode and in doubles mode, click on the videos below:

Thanks to Britax for sending us the B-Ready for us to review!

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Britax Blogger Advisory Board.  The Britax Blogger Advisory Board consists of select bloggers who routinely test and review juvenile products.  Britax gives these board members previews of its new products or product ideas, in return for the bloggers’ candid assessments.

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  1. I bought the britax bassinet to go with the b ready stroller. Was disappointed to find out that it isnt approved for overnight sleeping for a newborn. Are there any bassinets that will fit the b ready stroller that can be used for a newborn overnight sleeping?

  2. I was wondering between the Britax B-Ready & the Baby Jogger City Versa what the seat comparisons were which is bigger has more max head room height and foot room?

  3. Do you know if, to use a Graco Snugride 35 car seat on the bottom of the stroller, would you need just the universal adapter kit or both that and the britax adapter kit?
    Are there restrictions on what kind of car seats can go where on the stroller?

    • I don’t believe the Uppa Baby bassinet fits the B-Ready frame. I know you can’t swap the seats so I’m sure you can’t swap the bassinets.

  4. Also, did anyone find a compatible Buggy Board? sometimes my 18 month old is hard to keep in the stroller! 🙂

  5. Ann,
    do you find it to be inconvenient to attache the Peg with two adapters? is it bulkier than having the chaperone click right in?
    we have a Peg and I’m trying to decide if I should sell it for a Chaperone, now that we’ll have a 18 month old and a newborn in a couple months 🙂

  6. Does anyone know which stroller offers more height room, Britax B or City Select. My son will be 4 yo and is a lightweight at 34 lbs, but average height at 3’4″. I am more concerned about height, than weight. The City allows an extra 2 inch canopy adjustment, but still wondering about which has extra head room.

  7. I purchased the city select (2011 model) the seat is very supportive, not hammock style at all. The deciding factor for me was the versatility of the second seat. When using the stroller as a double, both seats are exactly the same. Both seats can face out as well, my daughter would not even sit in the Britax second seat…she refused to get in and cried. She had no problem with the City Select, and was very comfortable in it. We looked at both strollers at the same time, and they were the same size side by side. I felt the City Select was easier to use and less plasticy looking…I also liked the wheels better. Also, with one child in it, my second one is yet to be born, I can turn the stroller 360* with one hand and she weighs 30lbs. So very easy to push!!

  8. Chan – this is from the B-Ready website:

    Travel System compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame, such as Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

  9. Katherine – Yes, the lower car seat frame goes on first, and then you place the universal over it. Pretty easy. I did not want to have to buy the Britax infant seat since I already had the Peg. I called Britax and asked them since the store where I purchased had really no clue about anything.

    Chan – I am pretty sure the maxi Cosi will NOT work with it. But if you call Britax customer care, they answer right away with any technical questions.

    Customer Service department at 1-888-427-4829

  10. Hello,
    I was wondering if any of you know of a stroller board attachment that is compatible with the B-Ready Stroller? I have a 3.5 y/o that is not fond of sitting, and a baby on the way.

  11. I was wondering if you had to purchase the extension pieces or if they came with the bassinet, Have the B-ready. But with baby number two on the way I was going to get the bassinet but only if it came with the extensions. I did opt out of the infant car seat for a convertable since my daughter outgrew the carrier at 6 months height wise. thanks for you help.

  12. Ann,

    To your comment on 3/30/11, how do the two adapters work together. Do they just click together? I have a Britax companion, so I have to buy the universal adapter. I need to use the car seat on the bottom, and wondered if the two adapters should work together for my car seat too.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  13. The B-Ready can take Peg Perego car seat via the Universal car seat adaptor on the top seat. To use the Peg in the lower seat, you have to buy BOTH car seat adaptors…1. The universal and 2. The lower car seat adaptor. They are simple to use, but will just add some more dollars on to your bill. I am 5’9″ and have never once kicked the lower seat when walking it. I could see it being a problem for super tall Dads, but that’s it. The wheels are not as good as BJCS, but its a million times easier to push and does have suspension on all 4 wheels and is fine when you take it off roading. However, you are not going to take this stroller on a walk through the mountains!

    I loaded 45 lbs in both the top and bottom seat of BJCS to see how it would feel to steer and it was a beast to push and turn because of its very long frame. You also have to have the seats in certain positions if you want them reclined because they will bump into each other. You will not have this problem with B-Ready, and the B-Ready was so easy to push, even fully loaded on both seats.

    I also love it because it collapses with BOTH seats connected and was so easy! This is especially helpful in airport when you are checking it plane side! You don’t have to worry that one of your seats will go missing like I always did with my Bugaboo Frog.

  14. I was questioning the wheels on both the Britax B-Ready and Baby Jogger’s City Select.. Are both reliable for Canada’s harsh winters and heavy snowfalls. Or does one perform better than the other in rugged terrain?

  15. Hey Suzy, I had wondered which I would prefer also (P&T vs. B-ready) and when I was able to compare them side by side I was far more impressed with the B-Ready. I will have a newborn and a 24 month old so the sturdier seats and the ability to recline both seats on the B-Ready are key for me. The B-Ready was overall much more sturdy and pushed more smoothly, in my opinion. I also love how easily the Britax car seat snaps onto the B-Ready- super easy! For me, the only upside of the Explorer was that it folded down smaller and is lighter. I guess it depends on how old your children will be and how much trunk space you have, but overall I was blown away by the features of the B-Ready and had to get it!

  16. I was wondering the exact same thing as Tracy…..which is better the Britax B-Ready or the Phil and Teds Explorer? I was looking also at the Baby Jogger City Select, but decided that might be too long (like driving a boat). So I’ve narrowed it down to the B-Ready and the Explorer, and can’t decide which one to get. What one has, the other lacks, and vice versa…..I would love to be able to test out both, but unfortunately none of the baby stores in my state carry both!

  17. When I tried out my Sungride carseat there was an adjustable strap that went across the car seat to keep it secure. Once the strap was tightened, the car seat didn’t budge.

    I actually didn’t know the strap came separately or may not be necessary because the strap was already on the universal car seat & that is how the saleslady showed me how to use it! Very good to know…I’ll have to look into that when mine arrives at the store to make sure I get the strap.

  18. For the people who are asking if the Graco 22 infant carseat will work with the B Ready + the carseat adapter, I went to Buy Buy Baby earlier this week to ask them the same question. The answer is no, the Graco 22 is a little too small to click fully into place (compared to the Graco 32 and the 35).

    I had the salesperson install the carseat adapter on the B Ready, then try to put the Graco Snugride 22 on the adapter, and it wouldn’t click into place and was wobbly. The Graco 32 clicked onto the adapter without any issues and was fully secure. She suggested using the adapter strap (sold separately) to fully secure the Graco 22 onto the carseat adapter. They didn’t have the strap in stock so I wasn’t able to see it for myself.

  19. Great review Hollie!
    I’m wondering if anyone has compared the B Ready to the Phil & Ted’s Explorer? I went to a local store yesterday & spent an hour & a half looking at the two. I put a deposit down on a B Ready as the store was out of stock but am not sure if I made the right choice. I felt the salesperson was pushing the B Ready a little & wasn’t totally aware of all the details (eg she told me the B Ready was lighter than P & T’s but I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around). Anyway, I would love to get an expert/other opinions on a comparison of the two.

    I liked the smaller size/weight of the Explorer & that one fit into the back of my van way easier. I also really liked the air tires on the Explorer (I live in Canada & will need to go through snow in the winter) but I felt the second seat on the back was too close to the top seat…the B Ready had noticeably more room, especially with the extenders on the front seat. I also liked the recline, the canopies, & the seating options better on the B Ready. I did try my Graco Snugride on the B Ready (bought it in ’07 & it’s rated to 22 lbs) & it fit snugly. They were both easy to push, but I thought the Explorer was slightly easier.

    I currently have 3 kids 3 yrs & under & am expecting #4 this fall so I want a stroller I can use with a car seat & another child that is quick & easy to use. I have gone through MANY strollers already (which Hubby is NOT happy about!) so I just want to make sure I make the right decision this time, without buyer’s regret! Thanks!!!

  20. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if the Maxi-cosi Mico infant car seat can be used on the b-ready? I gave away my graco, and possibly regretting it…
    At least with the Phil & Teds, you can get an adapter for the maxi-cosi.

  21. Does anyone know if the snugride 22 will fit the universal carseat adapter? I called Britax and they said the 22 is too small, but called a lady at a shop that sells it said it does work (they didn’t have an adapter in stock to test). Has anyone actually tried it?

  22. Oh bless you for answering that Hollie! I have been grappling with the exact same question as Laura for the last few days (silver or black). I’ll now go with black and just get the silver car seat.

    All – GOOD NEWS! Contrary to what has been posted earlier…YES, you CAN attach the Graco 32 and 35 or the Chicco carseat to the bottom position but to do it you have to purchase BOTH the Britax lower seat adaptor AND the universal adapter.

    Amazon sells the set…

    I checked with multiple sources (including Britax) to make sure this is true. Hope this helps! Happy Strolling!

  23. I’m going with the b ready but don’t know which color..silver or black? Help! Does silver show dirt? Does black get too hot/fade?

    • I’d go with black! The silver shows dirt! A lot of dirt! It will look quite dirty very quickly. The black will stay looking new longer.

  24. All – I called Britax and they said the Companion was not compatable AT ALL with the B-Ready….not even with the additional car seat bar you can purchase seperate.

    I find this a little crazy as the seats look very similar to one another…has anyone tried connecting the companion to the B-ready? I feel Britax may just be trying to push their new seat.

  25. We have this stroller for our twins and love it. It is easy to handle and it looks great too. We get many compliments from the masses, especially the old generation that didn’t have anything like this for their kids. We do alot of walking in city streets and in stores and find this stroller to be very maneuverable in the aisles and doorways. I don’t think we could do it with a double wide. You can also use the coupon code “30PERCENT” to get 15% off this stroller at

  26. Alicia and Mais… I’m not an admin, but I just bought this stroller with ALL the accessories. And I did a TONNE of research before I did – I ended up buying the Chaperone car seat even though I already had a Graco just for this purpose. You can put any car seat on the top, but on the bottom, it has to be a Britax. Who knows, maybe they’ll change it for next year!

  27. I have the exact same question as Mais on 12/6/10, but I don’t see an answer. If you don’t have a Britax car seat (I have Chicco) can a car seat still be used in the lower section with a car seat adapter? I worry because it looks like you’ll have 2 adapters on top of each other (2nd seat adapter plus, universal car seat adapter).

  28. What I would like to know is if I purchase the Universal adapter and the lower car seat adapter can I place my Chicco car seat at the bottom of the stroller instead of the top? I know you can do it with a Britax car seat but just want to confirm that other car seats would work as well.


  29. Would you know if the graco snugride 22 would go on the B Ready adapter for the car seat? also, i’m still debating between the citi select double stroller and the B Ready. my son will be exactly 2 when the next one will be born and i’ve heard that kids grow out of the seats on the citi select really fast cuz they’re a bit shorter which causes problems to the lower seat (second one) on the citi select. any comments on that? are the seats on the B Ready bigger then the citi select?

  30. No one is commenting on whether the B-ready is too wide. I think it has a wheel width of 26.5 which is wider than the Uppababy vista. I know some people comment that the vista is too wide, but no one has mentioned anything about the B-ready. Do you find it’s too wide for navigating city stores?

  31. You stated the adaptor is compatible with Peg Perego but I noticed the Britax website did not name Peg Perego…do you know for sure that it does? Thanks!

  32. I, too, have the same question as Nicole, Brian, and Tuka! Is there a reason the admin is not responding to the question comparing B-Ready with BJ’s City Select?! I walked into a store and the salesperson felt BJ’s City Select was superior to B-Ready based on the less claustrophobic stadium seating offered by the City Select. However, B-ready was much more maneuverable in my opinion. I’d like an expert to weigh in and compare/contrast the two! Please!

    • Hi Everyone,
      Sorry, it took us a bit to respond to the City Select vs. B-Ready questions. They are both great strollers. The B-ready is easier to push and manuever because it doesn’t seem as long. The City Select has much more versatility with seating options. Both have great folds but are completely different. You can fold the City Select with both seats attached but the seats have to be in the right positions. The B-Ready has an easy fold too and i love that the rear (second) seat can stay attached. The City Select has the ability to take a few more infant car seats for those parents that have specific seats that they love! Our testers never seem claustrophic in the rear seat and i think they do have enough room. THe City Select tires are better than the B-Ready. Both strollers weigh the same in singles mode (28lbs). Both strollers have adjustable handles but I like that the City Select actually telescopes out away from the stroller to accommodate taller parents a bit better. I did prefer the rigid seats of the B-Ready over the sling style of the City Select – BUT Baby Jogger is adding a more rigid seat to the City Select for 2011.

      So, there are goods and bads of both strollers! It’s really a hard choice. Hope this helps a bit. – Hollie

  33. I just bought the B-ready a week ago. I had a Phil and teds and loved it. But it had a few things I didn’t like. for example the lower seat didnt recline. I LOVE the Britax B-ready. We used it at six flags and my 2 yr old twins are loving it. There is plenty of room on the bottom for the second child. Plenty of leg room when I walk. I love I can recline both seats and the both slept. I have been very happy with it. I’m selling my Phil and Teds and sticking with my b-ready. great stroller even for the price

  34. I am looking for a good double stroller and I have been having a hard time choosing my older child cant sit next to the baby she pokes at her so i need a front back stroller but i dont want a jumbo sized stroller what do you think would be my best stroller thank you so much

  35. Hi I was wondering if the b ready would accept a boggie board or a ride on attachment, when the second seat is not in use. Also I read about the stride length when in doubles mode but what about with the car seat facing in or out on the lower seat??

    • Yes, I believe that the B-Ready would accept a boogie board when the second seat is not attached. I have not tried it out though. And a parent’s stride with the lower seat or the car seat in the lower position isn’t much difference. It will still be in the way a bit if you are super tall. Hope this helps.

  36. FYI everyone! I just received a Babies R Us coupon booklet and this code makes the Britax B Ready cost only 409.99 with free shipping and handline. 938252

  37. Do the seats on the Britax sit upright? It looks as if the children are a bit reclined. I’m leaning toward the Uppa Baby Vista since it advertises the 0 recline position.

  38. Thanks so much for the great reviews! I really enjoy watching the videos.
    I’m wondering two things-
    1. Is there enough clearance for the parents leg when either the lower seat is reclined or the car seat is attached (rear-facing)?
    2. Is this compatible with the older Britax Companion? All positions?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ericka,
      1) Taller parents may find that they hit their leg on the lower seat when it is fully reclined. We wish the handle bar telescoped out for all our taller parent friends. One of our parent testers at 5’11 had to make sure her arms were extended from the handlebar so that she didn’t hit the rear seat as she walked. I am 5’5 (witha short stride), so it wasn’t an issue with me. I was able to push the stroller no problem without hitting that rear seat.
      2) I am checking on the compatibility with the old Britax Companion. I’m waiting to hear back.

      Hope this helps!

  39. I have the Baby Jogger City Select and I like it a lot, but I am disappointed with the hammock-style seat. I originally wanted the ICandy Pear, as those seats offer more support, but I was hesitant about an overseas company. I was wondering if the Britax B Ready seat is reinforced at all.

    • The B-Ready are not hammock-style seats at all! They are fully reinforced seats! And that is both the top and lower seats!! The top seat is like the Uppa Baby Vista Seat and the lower seat is just a bit smaller version!

  40. I too am wondering about your thoughts regarding the differences and similarities between the Britax B Ready and the Baby Jogger City Select. We were getting ready to purchase the Baby Jogger but after seeing this review we are now hestitant to do so. Do you feel one is better overall? What are the significant differences you would point out? Thanks for all your reviews

  41. Thanks for the reviews you do! I had been saving for a PP Skate but now I’m going to go with this seat. We just adopted a sibling group children and the 3 yr old little girl has gross motor delays. This stroller will get me a lot of use for many years… now to wait for the release …

  42. I was wondering how the Britax B-Ready compares with the Baby Jogger City Select, is one better then the other? I have had my heart set on the City Select but now that I saw your review I am wondering if I should go with the B- Ready.


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