Spotlight Product Review: Britax Marathon 70 Car Seat

Just when I thought Britax seats couldn’t get any better, they announce a full redesign and re-launch of its line of best-selling convertible car seats.  According to Ron Marsilio, vice president of engineering and new product development for Britax, “We are on a never-ending mission to engineer car seats to be as safe as they can possibly be, especially when it comes to protecting the head. That’s why we designed Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology to minimize head excursion and help protect the child from injury.”

Britax doesn’t just sit back and say “yeah…I’m good!” – they say “we can be better!”  What’s not to love about their dedication to car seat safety!? 

The new line offers Superior 360 Degree Protection with Revolutionary Head Safety Technology that dramatically reduces the risk of head injury and provides complete protection from all sides in the event of a vehicle crash. This new generation of car seats were designed to reduce “head excursion” – which is the distance the head travels forward during a crash.  Plus, Britax designed its new line to make it even easier for parents and caregivers to use their children’s car seats correctly each and every time.  This is important because even the safest seat in the world will most likely fail if it isn’t installed correctly. In doubt of your ability to install the seat correctly?  Please take it to a CPS Technician in your area.  

Let’s take a look at the new Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology.  We’ll try and break it down in a non-complicated way why these new next generation seats are even safer for your little passenger.  The Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology incorporates features that lower the child’s center of gravity, strengthen the child seat and manage crash energy. Together, they reduce head excursion and offer the most advanced protection to children.

The re-engineered lower center of gravity allows the child to sit lower and creates stability in the event of a crash.  That makes sense!  Lower to the base is just more stable!  There are integrated steel bars that strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Steel bars good!!  And don’t forget the Patent-pending Britax SafeCellTechnology with SafeCells that are designed to compress in a crash. These SafeCells look like two large honeycombs underneath the seat in the base and when compressed in a crash significantly lowers the center of gravity and counteracts the forward rotation of the child seat, which normally propels the child toward the front seat.  And that’s not all!  These new convertible seats all feature the Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether® with a two-point attachment and staged-release tether webbing to anchor the top of the car seat. This minimizes forward-rotation and reduces crash forces reaching the child.  It is very important to always have your tether secured to your vehicle.  This isn’t an optional feature – it’s a required safety feature that parents and caregivers must do with every convertible car seat in our book!

All the new convertible seats in this next generation of Britax Convertible seats have the new Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology. We reviewed specifically the Marathon 70, and while the different seats all share many of the same features, we are going to talk specifically about the Marathon 70 from here on out! 

The Marathon 70 has the great Side Impact Protection that is basically deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion (in a side impact crash!) and contain the head, neck and body.  Plus, it makes for a nice comfy place for your child to lay their head if they get a little sleepy during the ride.  

One of our favorite convenience features for mom/dad is the Quick-Adjust Harness to reposition the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps.  That’s right no more re-threading the harness if you need to adjust the height!  You can even do it with the seat installed.  All you have to do is squeeze the top lever on the head pad and pull the head pad up or push it down to adjust the harness height.  This is a fabulous feature for when a different child needs to sit in the seat and the harness needs to be adjusted for the new, temporary rider.  That way, we get a perfect fit for each child, every time! 

Another great feature is the increased weight capacity to 70 lbs!  You can use this seat from 5-70 lbs!  It could be your one and only seat from birth to 7 years old!  The seat has a 7 year life span so if you don’t buy it for use with your newborn, you could even use it for children up to 8 years old+ (under 70 lbs). 

There are two crotch buckle positions for growing child, an infant positioning insert for small infants, and a plush, easy-remove cover for cleaning.  I know you are saying, “easy to remove cover, yeah right!”  No, we really mean easy-to-remove-cover!  So easy, in fact, that you can remove it for cleaning without disassembling or uninstalling the seat!  That easy!!! 

The Marathon 70 base also has anti-slip, contoured base grips that protect the vehicle seat.  So, no need to feel like you have to use those vehicle car seat protector mats (that are NOT recommended by Child Passenger Safety Technicians!) to protect your seats from those horrible dents that convertible car seats usually cause.  Our car-loving husbands LOVE this feature! 

Other notable features are:  rear and forward facing recline, the fabulous Premium Lower LATCH Connectors with a push button easy release, Built-in Lock-Offs for use with seat belt installation, and convenient Harness Holders keep harness straps out of the way when placing your child in the car seat.

The Marathon 70 comes in 7 fashions:  Allison, Blueprint, Cowmooflage, Crimson, Jet Set (BabiesRus only), Onyx and Waverly. 

We can’t say enough good things about the new Britax Next Generation Convertible Car Seats!  They are safer and even easy to use for parents!  Did we mention we LOVE the Quick-Adjust Harness and easy to remove cover?  A company with people who’s motto is that they are on a never-ending mission to provide the safest car seats available are our heroes!

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Check out Britax’s video that helps explain the Revolutionary Head Safety Technology on the new Next Generation Convertible Car Seats:

Thanks to Britax for sending us the Marathon 70 for us to review!

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Britax Blogger Advisory Board.  The Britax Blogger Advisory Board consists of select bloggers who routinely test and review juvenile products.  Britax gives these board members previews of its new products or product ideas, in return for the bloggers’ candid assessments.  All my comments and opinions are my own.

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Hi, I just purchased the Marathon 70, and am wondering how I can attach it to a go go travelmate? Please help! We’re flying tomorrow.


the steel bars, lower center of gravity and soft cell technology – all new to me and sound like great improvements to an already great seat. Can never do too much to keep your babies safe in the car!


Wow! There are so many great things about Britax carseats! And now that they have the steel bars and sit lower, I’m tempted to buy a new one! Will have to for the next baby!

Jennifer Leroux

Thank you for the video demonstration. Its wonderful to know that there is a carseat out on the market that provides so much safety for our children. I love the fact that the Britax Marathon 70 has intergrated steel bars that reduces the flexibility in the car seat. I never knew that car seats could flex in an accident. Thank you again Britax.

Sarah Grogan

Love the fact that they redesigned it even though they are the safest seat on the market! I will be getting these for my 4 month old twins!


I have had a Britax for my older daughter for 2 years now and we love it so much that we are in the market to get another one for our baby girl. I watched the video and I like how Britax has lowered the center of gravity for the child along with including the safe cell technology. This video has reafirmed that Britax is one of the safest car seat manufacturers there is. Thank you.

Christina Gorski
I have an almost 9mos old son and have been on the search for a new convertible car seat. Among my friends who are also looking we’ve looked at reviews and videos of several brands and the most important feature I’m looking for is how will his head be protected! The Britax seat looks amazing! I never knew this was a key feature for their product! The only seat that I’ve seen advertising with the big feature of head safety is Safety 1st!!! I think I’ve learned several new things about the Britax, one being that my little guys head… Read more »

I already knew that Britax is among the best in their class for safety, but I thought it was really interesting to actually watch and see how their superior safety features work in concert to protect our little ones during a crash. We have two Britax already, but I would love another one for baby #3 who is OTW. Thanks so much for the great reviews and videos! They are so helpful!

Nicole Klein

That’s a great review! It was interesting to learn about all of the safety features Britax has incorporated, like the lower center of gravity, side impact protection and harness indicator.

Racheli Sabbagh

It’s great to know that Britax is always working to make sure our children are as safe as possible. I trust them more than any other company.

Cheryl Long

I had no idea that the center of gravity in a carseats could cause such a difference. I love this new technology that Britax has come up with. I’d feel much better knowing my child is so safe.

Leah Ketchum

Thanks for the review! it was really interesting to learn more about the safe cell technology and how it work in the event of an accident. I had no idea they were that much different (and better) than other carseat brands… 🙂