Spotlight Product Review: Bugaboo Bee Plus 2010

The Bugaboo Bee Plus is the new and improved version of the original Bugaboo Bee.  Bugaboo listened to their customers to improve on a few features to make the stroller more comfortable and user friendly.  The Bee is a lightweight plus stroller that is great for chic parents on-the-go.  It has some fantastic features like a reversible seat, a large canopy and fabulous maneuverability that makes this stroller buzz-worthy!

The Bee seat is roomy and can accommodate up to 37 ½ lbs.  The seat is 15” wide, with an adjustable seatback that extends to 22” and a measurement of 24” from seatback to canopy.  Our 1 and 3 year old testers fit in the stroller comfortably with room to spare. There is a non-adjustable footrest but the Bee does not have a baby bumper bar, baby tray or cup holder.  

We love the fact that the seat is reversible so that your little rider can face you or out at the world!  The seat is very easy to reverse IF you know the trick.  The user guide is not helpful at all in fully explaining this.  In order to reverse the seat, you have to fold the seatback all the way forward.  To do this, (here is the trick!) you need to lift the same white lever that you use to recline the seat only about a quarter of the way up.  Did you hear that?!?  ONLY A QUARTER OF THE WAY UP!!  If you don’t and try yanking up on that lever all the way to fold it forward, you will be cursing this stroller seat! It will not fold forward unless you only lift it a quarter of the way up.  Guess who was cursing the seat until we figured it out?!? (Note to Bugaboo: Add this to the user guide!) Once you know that trick it is super easy!  Fold the seat all the way forward and then lift the seat up and turn it around.  Easy-schmeasy! 

A unique feature of the Bee is that the seat is adjustable to accommodate riders of different sizes.  You can extend the backrest from 18 ½” all the way to 22” inches and the length of the seat (where your child’s butt goes) adjusts to extend it 3 additional inches.  The seat has a one-handed 3 position recline from pretty upright to nearly flat. The seat also sports a padded, easy-to-adjust, 5 point harness but since the seatback is adjustable up and down the actual harness doesn’t have to be moved for your growing child.  

The handlebar is one continuous bar on the Bee and is adjustable to accommodate pushers of different heights.  It’s easy to adjust from 34” to 41” from ground to handlebar and keeps taller parents from kicking the frame with a long stride.

The basic Bee is black and the canopy is what gives you your burst of color on the stroller.  You have your choice of 6 fun colors to choose from.  The Bee canopy is very large to give your little passenger full sun coverage but it is missing a peek-a-boo window.  This isn’t the first luxury stroller to leave off the peek-a-boo window.  Maybe fancy parents don’t need to keep an eye on their little ones?  The canopy is tall so our 3 year old at 38” fit in the seat without his head touching the canopy.  Plus, we love that the canopy adjusts up and down as you adjust the backrest.  Yep, if you have the backrest lowered for your smaller babies, the canopy will lower to shade them properly.  Raise the backrest and the canopy raises as well to accommodate your taller riders.  Very smart, Bugaboo!!

The Bee basket is very large and can be accessed for larger items from the front and smaller items from the rear. 

The Bee rolls on four 6” lightweight, foam-filled tires.  The front wheels are swivel wheels to zip around the tightest corners but have the ability to lock straight to navigate a bit bumpier terrain such as cobblestone streets, grass and playground mulch.  With the smaller wheels, this is not an all-terrain stroller so it doesn’t push as easy over grass or mulch!  The Bee is a strolling, shopping and everyday errands kind of stroller!  It performs best of smooth payment but boy does it perform!  On smooth surfaces the Bee glides along and pretty much pushes itself!  It is so easy to maneuver that we cannot only push it with one hand fully loaded but we can push it with our pinkie!  It takes no effort at all to keep this Bee a buzzing down the street!  The stroller also has all-wheel suspension to keep the bumps to a minimum and your child’s ride a smooth one.  The one-step brake bar locks both rear wheels securely at the same time and is flip flop friendly since you only need to step down to engage and release the brake.

Folding the Bee is pretty easy to do and we love that the seat stays attached (either facing forward or facing mom)!  Since it is a two-handed fold, you won’t be folding it up while holding your baby though.  We’d love to see a one-handed fold to make using it with public transportation easier because we have to either have our little one in a baby carrier or a helper to hold the baby while folding.  Could be tricky by ourselves if we were for example getting on a bus!  The stroller has an automatic lock which we LOVE!  It doesn’t have a standing fold but if the front wheels are locked, you can pull the folded stroller behind you like luggage.  The folded stroller is a very compact package measuring approximately 37” x 18” x 12”.  You can fit the Bee in the smallest trunks with lots of room to spare!  And weighing in at 18 lbs, this stroller will be easy to travel with!

Unfolding the stroller is rather easy and can even be accomplished one-handed.  Step down on the rear brake until the stroller locks open.  You will here each side click and you can also make sure it is locked open when you see the green line on both sides of the frame. 

The Bee can also be used as a travel system with the sold separately car seat adapter for the Maxi Cosi and Graco infant car seats. A nice feature of the car seat adapter is that it can be used whether the seat is on or off. 

The Bugaboo Bee is a very pricey stroller that is not going to be in every family’s budget!  At a whopping $649, this is a luxury stroller with the high luxury price tag.  For the purchase price you receive the stroller chassis, seat, rain cover, canopy, basket, demo video and a two year warranty.  (Note:  The stroller is $600 WITHOUT the canopy!  You have to buy the canopy separately with some online retailers.)

If you have even more money to spend, the Bee has loads of accessories that are sold separately that compliment the stroller.  These accessories include:  seat liner, cocoon, footmuff, Breezy sun canopy, parasol, car seat adaper (Graco or Maxi Cosi), cup holder, wheeled board, travel bag, and Bugaboo bag. 

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that can accompany you and your child everyday in your busy lifestyle that has great features and pushes like a dream (plus you have the $$$ to spend!), the Bugaboo Bee is a great stroller to consider!

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*Thanks to Bugaboo for sending the Bee Plus 2010 for us to review!

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Be careful, If you get a faulty buggy like I did, you get questioned about your motive of a refund – told they will investigate the pushchair thouroughly after you return it as to why it should still be faulty even though they release a press publication stating such and I have had the wheels replaced 3 times, and then when you ask for another bugaboo product to restore your faith in bugaboo you get told that the RRP is alot more for the Cameleon and their policy is not to upgrade (but the bugaboo has downgraded my experience of… Read more »