Spotlight Product Review: Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover

Buggy Bagg – A Shopping Cart Cover from Heaven!

Now this is how a shopping cart cover should be designed! The Buggy Bagg people really know how important it is to keep our babies away from germs and comfortable while shopping with mom. We think the Buggy Bagg is nothing short of fantastic!

This shopping cart cover has so many great features for both mom and baby and even works as a high chair cover, diaper bag and changing pad. First, we’ll start with the main attraction, the shopping cart cover feature.

The best and most important feature on a shopping cart cover is whether it covers the cart sufficiently to keep baby away from the veritable germ breeding grounds that shopping carts are known for. Since shopping cart covers are useless to us that allow our little one to suck on the side of the cart or any part of the cart for that matter – we are happy to report that the Buggy Bagg is the answer to our prayers! This cart cover covers the entire area that your child sits in! Plus, we found that it fits perfectly in the larger shopping carts at Walmart and Costco as well as the standard carts at the grocery stores.

Another feature we look for in shopping cart covers is ease of use. If it takes 2 hands and 5 minutes of time to assemble in the cart – that is 1 hand and 4 minutes and 30 seconds too much. Does the Buggy Bagg pass this test? You betcha! While holding the baby in one hand, the Buggy Bagg can plopped in the cart with the other hand, easily unzipped and fitted on and around the seat in less than 30 seconds. We were even able to get this done in no time flat with a wiggling toddler in our hands fighting to get down. The cover not only has a belt to keep baby secure but an additional safety belt to secure the cover to the cart. Our only small change would be that the belt to secure the child would be a 5-point harness. Many of our toddler testers like to escape a lap belt and stand up in the cart making it a constant struggle. With a 5 point harness, our mischievous toddlers would be kept in the seat.

The Buggy Bagg is not only convenient but comfortable too! The entire thing is padded with 2 inches of quilted fabric and keeps our little ones comfortable in the seat even during long shopping trips. There is even a detachable pillow for those sleeping babies or that we use as extra support for the little ones to keep them in place. Also, the pillow is attached to the seat cover to prevent it from accidentally falling on the floor or being thrown to the ground by our sweet little angels.

Other great features of the cover are four elastic loops to hold bottles and sippy cups and two loops to attach toys such as Link-a-Doos (which is great for attaching a pacifier). The Buggy Bagg can also be used as an impromptu diaper bag. The cover sports a large 19” x 11” zippered pocket on the back of the seat to hold diapers, wipes and other baby essentials for on the go. This is great for those long shopping trips that inevitably include a diaper change in the middle. During these times, we are also happy to report that the Buggy Bagg can be used as a diaper changing pad. We’ve also used this changing pad feature in the trunk of our SUV in the summer when a quick diaper change is needed and a restroom is no where to be found. There are also two additional smaller zippered pockets that can be used for mom’s essentials.

When shopping is over, the Buggy Bagg folds up easily. It folds into itself and zips closed and sports carry handles for easy travel. While the cover is a bit bulky when folded (about the size of a very small duffel bag), we wouldn’t change it because of the comfort and total coverage it provides for our baby.

It can also be used as a high chair cover for those trips out to eat. We found that all the fabric makes a tighter fit for our babies but they are still protected from the germs and comfortable in their seat while dining out with the family. And when the Buggy Bagg gets dirty, which ours always do because we bribe our kids with snacks on especially long trips, the cover is 100% machine washable.

Overall, we love the Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover. It’s comfortable, keeps our babies from germs, has other uses, and is very easy to use.

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