Spotlight Product Review: Bumbleride Flite

Bumbleride has entered the world of lightweight, umbrella-fold strollers with their newest and lightest addition – the Flite! The Flite has many of the features that you love with a Bumbleride but in a smaller, more compact and easier to travel with package.  The best thing about the Flite is that it can also be a travel system with the included car seat adapter and a lightweight pram with the addition of the Bumbleride Carrycot!    

Let’s start with the size and weight of the Flite!  The Flite weighs in at a light 13 lbs and folds into an umbrella-tight package that is perfect for traveling.  It even has a shoulder strap and a carrying handle to make your trips even easier. 

Even though it folds into a compact package, Bumbleride didn’t skimp on the size of the seat.  The seat is large and roomy, making for a comfortable ride for even an older child.  The seat is wide and tall enough for our 9 month, 3 and 5 year old testers to fit with no problem. The seat is 13″ wide and has a 20″ seat back and a tall measurement of 27″ from seatback to canopy that will accommodate taller children. Our 5 year old tester at 42″ fit in the seat no problem without her head even hitting the canopy. And with a high weight capacity of 45 lbs, even our older toddlers and children can hop in for a ride. There is a padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety with the Bumbleride one touch harness buckle release that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips. Yes, it is easy for mom but way too easy for our naughty little toddlers to do so that they can escape. Think how quickly a two-year-old can master a one touch button?  Too fast! 

The seat has a very deep recline but doesn’t recline completely flat.  The seat can be set in many recline positions with the two-handed strap system. Of course, we’d like a one handed bar recline but the strap system is not hard to do. The seat even sports an adjustable leg rest with two positions that keeps our little riders comfortable whether they prefer it up or down.

There are no baby or parent trays or even a bumper bar on the Flite but there is the Bumbleride cup holder that can attach to either side of the stroller.  There is also a great accessory for baby called the Snack Pack that is sold separately. The Snack Pack is very quick and easy to install and comes with its own adapter bar that fits into slots on the sides of the seat.  The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside. We use the smaller side for bottles or sippy cups and the larger side for snacks and small toys. The Snack Pack can be also be used on the Bumbleride Indie, Indie Twin and Flyer.  NOTE:  The Snack Pack has to be removed to fold the Flite.

One Bumbleride feature that we love but is missing on the Flite is a huge canopy.  The canopy on the Flite is rather small.  We wish it was either larger or at least had a pop out sun visor for a little more sun protection.  If you are looking for total sun protection, you might want to consider adding a canopy extension to the Flite.  The canopy does have a UV mesh peek-a-boo window and back zipper opening that allows air to circulate through the stroller seat.

The ergonomic handles are not adjustable but they are taller than many umbrella strollers.  The handles are almost 40″ from ground to where your hands go. There is a small basket underneath that can hold a small to medium diaper bag, purse or other baby essentials. We love that the basket is easy to access from the front of the stroller so it is never a problem even when the seat is fully reclined. 

The Flite sports four sets of 5 ½” wheels and a dual front and rear suspension system that gives baby a smooth ride. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating a bit bumpier terrain. The rear wheels have individual locks on each wheel to lock the stroller in place. The maneuverability is great for an umbrella stroller allowing us to easily navigate this stroller even with one hand on pavement and smooth surfaces.  We were able to zip this stroller around crowded areas and around corners easily even fully loaded.  Our only complaint is that the connector bar between the handlebars does not stay locked down.  It doesn’t affect the maneuverability but we just think it is annoying.  If you are pushing the stroller or turning a corner and you ever so slightly push the handlebars together, that connector bar pops up.  We heard that Bumbleride designed it so that it doesn’t lock down because that adds an extra step to the fold.  We’d rather have the extra fold step. 

Weighing in at a light 13 lbs and with the portable carry strap, this stroller is fantastic for travel since you can carry it on your back leaving your hands free.

The Flite has a two-handed fold that is rather easy to do.  Pull up on the two release triggers just below each handlebar.  Then lift up on the rear step with your foot to release the rear support bars and push the handlebars forward until the stroller folds down to the ground.  We love that the Flite has automatic locks to keep the stroller locked while transporting!  The folded stroller is very compact and can fit in the tightest of trunks and spaces. 

While many other lightweight umbrella strollers don’t accommodate an infant car seat, the Flite accepts almost all infant car seats with the included car seat adapter to make it a lightweight travel system.  It accepts Graco, Chicco, Britax, Peg Perego, Combi and Baby Trend infant car seats but check Bumbleride’s website just to make sure yours is compatible.  NOTE:  The car seat adapter must be removed to fold the stroller. 

If an umbrella stroller that can be a travel system isn’t fun enough, the Flite also can become a lightweight pram with the addition of the Bumbleride Carrycot!  The Carrycot was new in 2009 and combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier. The Carrycot is not only beautiful but roomy and suitable from newborn up to 19 lbs. The Carrycot lets you transform the seat of the Flite into a rolling bed for your infant. (It also works with the Bumbleride Flyer, Indie and Indie Twin). The Carrycot is easy to attach to the adapter slots on both sides of the seat (same adapter as for the Snack Pack) and features great carrying straps that are durable so that we feel secure carrying the Carrycot with our precious cargo aboard. There are also quick release straps under the Carrycot mattress for easy collapse and storage. Another nice feature of the Carrycot is that it comes standard with the Bumbleride Footmuff & Seat Liner accessory. The Carrycot was changed a bit for 2010. The Carrycot now comes with a canopy and fits into the seat with the baby facing mom. We love the changes because unlike the 2009 carrycot that had the child facing out, the 2010 model allows us to take the stroller canopy and put it up and over the carrycot canopy to completely block the baby from the sun (or paparazzi!).

Like all Bumbleride strollers, the Flite is stocked with style. With five-color options, Spice (orange), Seagrass (green), Vita (pink), Lava (black) and Ruby (red), there is a choice for everyone.

Overall, the BumbleRide Flite is a lightweight stroller that is a triple-threat.  It not only is an umbrella stroller great for travel but also can transform into a travel system or a fabulous pram.  It does everything but all-terrain and jogging.  If you are looking for a beautiful, lightweight, umbrella stroller that is stocked with style and features, then the Flite might be the stroller for you.

  • Standing Dimensions: 32L 19W 39.5H
  • Folded Dimensions: 41.5L 10.5W 9H
  • Total Weight: 13 LBS
  • Weight Capacity: 45 LBS

To watch our full video review of the new Bumbleride Flite, click on the video graphic below:

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Hi Hollie!

Thanks for the review it was really helpful.
I think i’ve been reading through all your reviews for lightweight strollers this past week!
I have been trying to decide on a stoller but its so complicated. I have a question about the flite,
were you able to test it if it tips over when you hang bags on the handle?


thanks so much for the great review and video. very helpful! do you know where/how to purchase a canopy extension for the flite? we are seriously considering this stroller for my mom, travel, and because it has the carrycot option. we are going with the bob revolution for our primary stroller because most of our use will be jogging and off road. thanks again!

Beth Abrams

Thank you so much with all your reviews. They answer all my questions and have made my research so much easier. I have been waiting for the Flite before making a decision on a lightweight stroller for my car that can take an infant car seat. I have narrowed it to the SI and the Flite. Which stroller felt more sturdy to you? Do you have a preference between the 2? I know they both have their plusses and minuses and wondered if you have an opinion. Thanks so much.