Spotlight Product Review: Bumbleride Flyer 2009

When Matthew and Emily Reichardt had their first child, they were disappointed with the lack of stylish stroller options for middle class parents. European strollers were chic, streamlined and beautiful, but also triple the price of the average Graco.

Determined to create the ultimate stroller – with European styling, American conveniences and reasonable pricing – they founded Bumbleride in 2004. Bumbleride’s strollers are design-oriented, with fashion forward colors, pleasing lines and wonderful features. You get the best of a designer stroller – gorgeous patterns and sleek lines – without the absurd worst – no cup holders or storage space.

Like their expensive designer counterparts, Bumbleride strollers offer superb handing, interchangeable fabrics, and unlimited seating variations, but unlike their pricier kin, they fold easily, have cup holders and roomy storage baskets. They accept infant car seats, but the stroller seat can also be made into a fully reclined infant bed.

The Flyer is Bumbleride’s versatile, standard stroller.   It sports four 6 inch wheels and a great suspension system to give baby a smooth ride.  The Flyer has redesigned wheels for 2009 to give it a sportier look.

The Flyer has a roomy seat with 5 recline positions including nearly flat (fully reclined) which is great for newborns.  While Bumbleride changed the seat reclines on their other strollers for 2009, thankfully they left the Flyer with its easy one-hand bar recline.  Love that!

The seat is wide and tall enough for our 2 and 4 year old testers to fit with no problem. Our tall 4 year old didn’t even brush her head on the canopy!  There is a padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety and an adjustable footrest for comfort. A thoughtful new seat feature is that the 2009 has a new one push harness release. It’s a new buckle that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips.

The Flyer sports an adjustable handle that is easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides and can be set at any position to accommodate the differing heights of parents.  Even though the handle isn’t telescoping, we found that it extends out far enough that we never kicked the back of the stroller even when exaggerating our stride to test it.

Our favorite feature on the Flyer? The reversible handle that allows us to look at our baby when we stroll. You don’t have to remove or reverse the seat on the Flyer to allow your baby to face you.  The unique handle bar flips to the other side of the stroller to allow you to push it from the opposite direction.  It’s as easy as lifting two levers and pushing the handlebar forward.  To allow the stroller to push easily in either direction, the Flyer has a locking mechanism on both the front and back wheels.  No matter which position the handle is in, Bumbleride suggests that you always make sure that the wheels closest to your feet remain locked at all times for maximum maneuverability.

The 2009 model has a re-designed frame to allow for more responsive steering in reverse.  Even though we can’t pinpoint exactly what they redesigned, we definitely notice the difference and appreciate the better steering when our child is facing us.  The Flyer has superior handling and we would definitely consider it a one handed stroller. The maneuverability is great, allowing us to turn on a dime, and unless it’s loaded to near the 45 lb weight capacity, we were able to zip this stroller around with one hand. With a larger child, it will take a bit more wrist power.

The stroller also features the very necessary sunshade/canopy that is fabulous. The Flyer sunshade is very large and adequately shades the child with no problem. The best feature of the sunshade is that it folds almost to the bumper bar to protect the baby from the sun, wind or rain. The canopy has a window for peeking, a convenient back pocket and a back zipper opening that allows air to circulate through the stroller. The Flyer also has a universal car seat attachment that works easily with most infant carrier seats.

The storage basket underneath is very large, easy to access and can easily accommodate a medium to large diaper bag. The overall stroller fabric is well-made, tightly woven polyester that is easily removable for washing.

Weighing in at 19 lbs, the Flyer is light enough to lift in and out of the trunk making it great for everyday and has a weight capacity of 45 lbs.

The Flyer folds in half, making transporting this stroller convenient regarding the size. Folding the stroller is quick and easy to do. Grab the two handles on either side of the stroller just above the bumper bar…then push the two grey buttons with your thumbs… and the stroller folds down flat.  There is an automatic, secure lock on the stroller that keeps it closed and secure while folded.

Unfolding the stroller is a cinch. After unlocking the stroller lock, you lift the handle bar, shake, and the stroller is ready to go. Couldn’t be easier!!

One feature that we loved on the older Flyer model (prior to 2009): the fabulous matching foot muff, no longer comes standard.  Since moms are not all cold climate mamas, Bumbleride turned the foot muff into a more substantial accessory that is now a sold separately accessory.  But while Bumbleride decided to remove the bumper bars from two of their other strollers and include a rain cover instead, thankfully the Flyer comes with both.  A great rain cover AND the bumper bar.

There is also a great Bumbleride accessory called the Snack Pack that is sold separately that is a great option to swap out and use instead of the bumper bar. The Snack Pack is very quick and easy to install and comes with its own adapter bar that fits into the slots on the sides of the seat (same slots for car seat and carrycot adapter.) The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside. We use the smaller side for bottles or sippy cups and the larger side for snacks and small toys. The Snack Pack can also be used on the Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin.

Another one of our favorite optional accessories (besides the Snack Pack) available for the Flyer is the new Carrycot. The Carrycot is new in 2009 and combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier. The Carrycot is not only beautiful but roomy and suitable from newborn up to 19 lbs. The Carrycot lets you transform the seat on the Flyer into a rolling bed for your infant. (It also works with the Bumbleride Indie & Indie Twin). The Carrycot is easy to attach to the adapter slots on either side of the seat and features great carrying straps that are durable so that we feel secure carrying the Carrycot with our precious cargo aboard. There are also quick release straps under the Carrycot mattress for easy collapse and storage. Another nice feature of the Carrycot is that it comes standard with the Bumbleride Footmuff & Seat Liner accessory.

If you’re in the market for a durable, infant-to-toddler, everyday stroller, want something more stylish and unique than the run-of-the-mill Babies ‘R Us offerings, yet don’t want to pay designer prices, the Bumbleride just might be the answer to your prayers.

To watch our full video review of the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer, click the video below:

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I wanted to know which are the differences between the bumbleride indie stroller 2007 and the 2009, I like the bamboo color but it was only manufactured in the 2007 version.
Thank you very much