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Indie2010BumbleRide was started by a couple in San Diego that wanted to offer the sleek stylings of the European designer strollers for half the price. BumbleRide strollers come in vibrant, designer colors and are very attractive accessories for the modern parent. The Bumbleride Indie is the company’s 3-wheeled, all-terrain stroller and it offers an excellent, very smooth ride.

Now, that the Indie is almost 3 years old, Bumbleride made some more changes to the 2010 model to make it even better.The BumbleRide Indie’s 12-inch air tires and rear suspension offer a wonderful, smooth ride for baby. The front wheel pivots a full 360 degrees, making it one of the easiest strollers to maneuver, especially one-handed.

The construction is solid enough to handle minor off-roading and definitely earns the title “all-terrain” because it easily glides through grass and over mulch and small rocks. The front wheel locks for jogging, and even though it is great for light jogs (what most moms would do), we wouldn’t consider this a suitable full-time jogging stroller but definitely an all-terrain-great-for-everyday use stroller. 

Unlike most “active” strollers with an unsupported sling-like seat for baby, the BumbleRide Indie has a traditional, rigid, fully padded seat with unlimited recline positions including flat.  We think that Bumbleride made the 2010 seat recline even flatter than the 2009 model which is great for newborns.  The seat reclines with a two-handed strap system and Bumberide changed the strap button a bit for 2010.  The seat is not hard to recline but definitely not as easy as a one-handed bar recline.

The seat is wide and tall enough for our 8 month, 3 and 5 year old testers to fit with no problem.  The seat is 13” wide and has a 19” seat back and a measurement of 23” from seatback to canopy that will accommodate taller children.  Our 5 year old tester at 42” fit in the seat without her head even hitting the canopy. There is a padded 5-point, adjustable harnesses for safety and an adjustable footrest for comfort.  The footrest adjuster buttons have been moved to the inside of the footrest to make them easier to adjust on the 2010 model.  There is a one push harness buckle release that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips.  Yes, it is easy for mom but way to easy for our naughty little toddlers to do so that they can escape.  Think how quickly a two-year-old can master a one touch button?

Bumbleride listened to their customers (and us!) and they not only gave us back the baby bumper bar with the Indie but have the bar doing double duty as the car seat adapter as well.  All you have to do is remove the fabric from the bumper bar to use it as the car seat adapter.  That way you never have to remember where you put the adapter!  Love that!

There are no baby or parent trays on the Indie but there is a great accessory called the Snack Pack that is sold separately.  The Snack Pack is very quick and easy to install and comes with its own adapter bar that fits into the slots on the sides of the seat in place of the bumper bar.  The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside.  We use the smaller side for bottles or sippy cups and the larger side for snacks and small toys.  The Snack Pack can be used on the Bumbleride Indie, Indie Twin and Flyer. 

The Indie sports an adjustable handle that is wonderful for parents of different heights.  It’s easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides and can be set at any position including all the way up for taller parents and all the way down so that other siblings can “help” push the stroller. The handlebar adjusters were moved to the inside of the handlebar (so you now do it with your thumbs) to make it more ergonomic for 2010.  The handle bar extends out far enough that we never kicked the back of the stroller even when exaggerating our stride to test it.  There is also a very much appreciated cup holder that fits a water bottle for mom on the side of the handlebar that is very secure yet is detachable if need be. 

The stroller also features a huge canopy.  We loved the canopy on the 2009 model but we love the new 2010 one even more!  Bumbleride made the canopy even larger so that it provides an additional 9 inches of sun protection.  Plus, they changed the canopy so that it can fold forward more so that they go all the way to the bumper bars.  This canopy is huge and no question adequately shades your child.  The canopy has a peek-a-boo window, a convenient back pocket for storage and back zipper openings that allow air to circulate through the stroller seat. Bumbleride also changed the peek-a-boo window for 2010 and got rid of the plastic and replaced it with a UV mesh that allows air to circulate through a bit.

The storage basket underneath is very large, easy to access and can easily accommodate a large diaper bag.   The overall stroller fabric is well-made, tightly woven polyester that is easily removable for washing. The foot tray is full-size, mounted over the wheel, and has multiple positions, including upright, allowing more room for a sleeping baby.

The Indie 2010 is the same size and weight of the 2009. Weighing in at 20 lbs, the Indie is light enough to lift in and out of the trunk making it great for your everyday, take it to the mall, run errands, and to the park stroller.

The Indie folds in half, making transporting this stroller convenient regarding the size. There are three steps to folding the 2010 Indie. Fold down the baby bumper bar, lift two levers on the sides of the handlebar, push the handlebar forward and then pull up on the large strap that is behind the seat to collapse the stroller.  It basically folds in half.  There are two manual, secure locks on each side of the stroller that keeps it closed and secure while folded.   There is also a carrying strap that makes carrying and lifting the Indie in and out of the trunk easier.

Unfolding the stroller is a cinch.  After unlocking both locks, you lift the handle bar, shake, and the stroller is ready to go.  Couldn’t be easier!!

One of our favorite optional accessories (besides the Snack Pack) available for the Indie is the Carrycot.  The Carrycot was new in 2009 and combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier.  The Carrycot is not only beautiful but roomy and suitable from newborn up to 19 lbs.  The Carrycot lets you transform the seat of the Indie into a rolling bed for your infant.  (It also works with the Bumbleride Flyer & Indie Twin).  The Carrycot is easy to attach to the adapter slots on both sides of the seat and features great carrying straps that are durable so that we feel secure carrying the Carrycot with our precious cargo aboard.  There are also quick release straps under the Carrycot mattress for easy collapse and storage.  Another nice feature of the Carrycot is that it comes standard with the Bumbleride Footmuff & Seat Liner accessory.  The Carrycot was changed a bit for 2010.  The Carrycot now comes with a canopy and fits into the seat with the baby facing mom.   We love the changes because unlike the 2009 carrycot that had the child facing out, the 2010 model allows us to take the stroller canopy and put it up and over the carrycot canopy to completely block the baby from the sun (or paparazzi!). 

Like all Bumbleride strollers, the Indie is stocked with style.  With five-color options, Spice (orange), Seagrass (green), Vita (pink), Lava (black) and Ruby (red), there is a choice for everyone. 

Overall, the BumbleRide Indie is a sporty alternative to the traditional 4-wheel stroller and has more convenience features than a jogging stroller. If you are looking for a beautiful, head-turning, all-terrain stroller friendly for everyday use, then the Indie might be the stroller for you.

To watch my full video review of the Bumbleride Indie 2010, click the video below:


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Hi Hollie! I have recently discovered your sites and refer to your video reviews constantly! I am expecting my first in march. I really like this stroller with the carrycot/carseat options. I would like to see it with a bug net. Do you have any recommendations of a compatible bugnet made by another manufacturer? Thanks!