Spotlight Product Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin 2009

Last year, we were very excited to test out the new, highly anticipated Bumbleride Indie Twin. This was Bumbleride’s first double side-by-side stroller perfect for not only twins but siblings of different ages that premiered in early April 2008. The Indie Twin is basically the Bumbleride Indie but twice the fun (luckily not twice the weight though).

Now, we were just as excited to see what changes Bumbleride has made on the Indie Twin for the 2009 version!

As most moms of two children know, finding the perfect double stroller for you can be a daunting task. This all-terrain stroller has some outstanding features that could possibly make it the double stroller for you.

The Indie Twin 2009 is the same size and weight of the 2008. At 29 1/2 inches wide, we are still very excited how narrow this stroller is for a side-by-side. As always, it glided right through our single front door. A side-by-side full size stroller that easily fits through a doorway – we are on board already!

Even though we consider this a narrow side-by-side stroller for a doorway’s sake, it still has two very roomy seats. Each seat is wide and tall enough for our 2 and 4 year old testers to fit with no problem. There are padded 5-point, adjustable harnesses for safety and adjustable footrests for comfort. The 2009 has a new one push harness release. It’s a new buckle that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips. Each seat is padded with unlimited recline positions, that stop just short of flat (fully reclined). A change from 2008 to 2009 is the way the seats recline. Bumbleride has changed the one-handed bar recline to a two-handed strap system. The seats are not hard to recline but definitely not as easy as the old bar recline. Bumbleride told us the recline system was changed because the one-hand recline was more prone to being damaged and also to create a more compact fold. We still miss the old seat recline!

Other additional seat features that we loved on the 2008 have been also removed from the 2009. The new Indie Twin no longer comes with removable bumper bars or the fabulous matching foot muffs that zipped into place. Since moms are not all cold climate mamas, Bumbleride turned the foot muffs into a more substantial accessory that are no longer standard. Also, due to customer feedback, Bumbleride decided to include the much more desired rain cover with the stroller rather than the bumper bars.

There is a great Bumbleride accessory called the Snack Pack that is sold separately that is a great option in place of the missing bumper bar. The Snack Pack is very quick and easy to install and comes with its own adapter bar that fits into the slots on the sides of the seat (same slots for car seat and carrycot adapter.) The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside. We use the smaller side for bottles or sippy cups and the larger side for snacks and small toys. The Snack Pack works for one seat and can be used on the Bumbleride Indie, Indie Twin and Flyer.

The Indie Twin also features two independent, huge canopies. These canopies are very large and no question adequately shades your child. Both canopies have a peek-a-boo window, two convenient back pockets for storage and back zipper openings that allow air to circulate through one or both of the stroller seats.

The adjustable height handle is wonderful for parents of different heights. It’s easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides and can be set at any position including all the way up for taller parents and all the way down so that other siblings can “help” push the stroller. The handle bar extends out far enough that we never kicked the back of the stroller even when exaggerating our stride to test it. There is also a very much appreciated cup holder for mom on the side of the handlebar that is very secure yet is detachable if need be.

The storage basket underneath is GIGANTIC, easy to access and can easily accommodate at least 2 large diaper bags. The overall stroller fabric is well-made, tightly woven polyester that is easily removable for washing. The foot rests are full-size, mounted over the wheels, and has multiple positions, including upright, allowing more room for sleeping babies.

The Indie Twin has four 12-inch air tires and rear suspension that offer a wonderful, smooth ride for baby. The front wheels pivot a full 360 degrees, making it one of the easiest double strollers to maneuver, even fully loaded with one hand. The construction is solid enough to handle minor off-roading and definitely earns the title “all-terrain” because it easily glides through grass and over mulch and small rocks. The front wheels lock for jogging, and even though it is great for jogs (what most moms would do), we wouldn’t consider this a suitable full-time jogging stroller (not a marathon stroller) but definitely an all-terrain-great-for-everyday use stroller.

The Indie Twin folds in half, making transporting this stroller not too bad regarding the size. There are two steps to folding the 2009 Indie Twin. Lift two levers on the sides of the handlebars, push the handlebar forward and then pull up on two large straps that are behind the seats to collapse the stroller. It basically folds in half.

And yes, Bumbleride was listening to our pleas for a secure stroller lock when we reviewed the 2008. Not only does the 2009 have a lock but they gave us TWO. One on each side to make sure this stroller stays locked when transporting it. Thank you, Bumbleride!!!

As all side-by-side double strollers can be awkward while lifting into a vehicle, we found that the locks on the Indie Twin insure that the stroller won’t open up on us when we are picking it up and putting it in our trunks. (Note: Just like most double strollers, the Indie Twin probably will not fit in a small vehicle trunk.) There are carrying straps (the same straps you use in the folding process) that makes carrying and lifting the Indie Twin a bit easier but because this is a standard side-by-side stroller, it can still be very awkward to get in and out of a vehicle.

Unfolding the stroller is a cinch. You unlock the locks on each side, lift the handle bar, shake open, and the stroller locks into place and is ready to go. Couldn’t be easier!!

A great feature of the Indie Twin is that it accepts a wide range of different brand infant car seats with the included car seat adapter. (We hate having to buy important accessories separately.) The universal car seat adapter fits into the place where there used to be a bumper bar but know that the stroller can only accept one infant carrier at a time.

One of our favorite optional accessories (besides the Snack Pack) available for the Indie Twin is the new Carrycot. The Carrycot is new in 2009 and combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier. The Carrycot is not only beautiful but roomy and suitable from newborn up to 19 lbs. The Carrycot lets you transform one of the seats in the Indie Twin into a rolling bed for your infant. (It also works with the Bumbleride Flyer & Indie). The Carrycot is easy to attach to the adapter slots on either side of the seat and features great carrying straps that are durable so that we feel secure carrying the Carrycot with our precious cargo aboard. There are also quick release straps under the Carrycot mattress for easy collapse and storage. Another nice feature of the Carrycot is that it comes standard with the Bumbleride Footmuff & Seat Liner accessory.

Like all Bumbleride strollers, the Indie Twin is stocked with style as well. With five-color options, Lava (black), Vita (hot pink), Seagrass (green), Ruby (red), and Spice (orange),there is a choice for everyone.

Weighing in at 34 lbs, and accommodating a combined 90 lbs of passenger weight, the Bumbleride Indie Twin 2009 has some fabulous features and great optional accessories to make it a double stroller you should sit up and take notice of. With huge canopies and basket, all-terrain tires, adjustable handlebar and great maneuverability, this is a top-notch double stroller.

To watch our full video review of the 2009 Bumbleride Indie Twin, click the video below:

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