Spotlight Product Review: Bumbleride Queen B 2010

BumbleRide was started by a couple in San Diego that wanted to offer the sleek stylings of the European designer strollers for half the price. BumbleRide strollers come in vibrant, designer colors and are very attractive accessories for the modern parent.The Queen B, a classic pram reinvented, was one of Bumbleride’s original premier strollers when the company launched in 2004. The Queen B 2010 has some minor improvements from the 2009 model. Bumbleride changed the handlebar adjusters (making them more ergonomic), changed the peek-a-boo window and made the bassinet a standard accessory with the stroller. First of all, the Queen B is stunning to look at! The beautiful design resembles the classic pram but Bumbleride has added some parent friendly features that make it a cross between a pram and a sport stroller. The Queen B is definitely a lifestyle stroller that is better for strolling than maneuvering crowded places and tight corners. But unlike the traditional prams with fixed wheels and no way of folding, the Queen B has front pivot wheels and a collapsible frame. 
The Queen B seat is amazing and loaded with features! It has a great reversible seat that allows you to change the seat direction easily so that your child can face you or out at the world. The seat is large and comfortable complete with a padded 5-point harness and three recline positions, including completely flat suitable for a newborn. The one-handed recline is very easy to do with a bar on the back of the seat. There is a one push harness buckle release that makes taking the child out faster than undoing multiple clips. Yes, it is easy for mom but way to easy for our naughty little toddlers to do so that they can escape. Think how quickly a two-year-old can master a one touch button? The seat accommodates up to 45 lbs. We like that the seat sets up higher than traditional strollers similar to traditional prams. There is also an adjustable footrest for the comfort of your child.

The Queen B has a great adjustable handle that is easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides, allowing it to be set in one of 11 positions. The handlebar adjusters were moved to the inside of the handlebar (so you now do it with your thumbs) to make it more ergonomic for 2010. The handle is great for preventing the tallest moms and dads from kicking the frame of the stroller with a long stride.

Like all Bumbleride strollers, the canopy doesn’t disappoint! The Queen B canopy is absolutely fabulous! It’s a full coverage canopy complete with peek-a-boo window that extends all the way down to the bumper bar to keep your baby protected from the sun and elements. Our toddler testers loved to pull the canopy all the way down as if they were pretending to hide from the paparazzi. Bumbleride also changed the peek-a-boo window for 2010 and got rid of the plastic and replaced it with a UV mesh that allows air to circulate through a bit. The storage basket underneath is very large, easy to access and easily accommodates a large diaper bag plus other baby essentials. Other storage includes a zipper pocket on the back of the canopy and a small cup holder on the side of the handlebar. The overall stroller fabric is well-made, tightly woven polyester that is easily removable for washing.

The Queen B sports large 12-inch air tires and a suspension system offering a wonderful, smooth ride for baby. Like we said, this lifestyle stroller is great for strolling but not great for tight spaces and sharp turns. The Queen B will draw much attention strolling through the city but a pram isn’t meant for every mom. The front wheels are pivot wheels (not swivel) that allow the Queen B to steer better than other prams but won’t give you the maneuverability of a sport stroller. We found that the front pivot wheels take some getting used to because the stroller doesn’t turn on a dime and backing the stroller up can be tricky. Most of the time you will have to pick up the front wheels to make tight turns but this is very standard of a traditional pram. There is also a one-touch brake bar that is easy to engage and securely locks the stroller in place.

A great feature of the Queen B that you will not find on other “prams” is that it folds for travel. It has a two handed folding mechanism that is easy to do. All you have to do is lift up on the folding latches on each side of the handlebar to unlock the frame and then push the handlebar forward to collapse it. There is no locking mechanism to lock the stroller closed but we think because of the way you pick up the Queen B, you really wouldn’t need one. Also, since the Queen B is designed as a pram, the folded stroller is not very compact.

Weighing in at a heavy 31 lbs, the Queen B will take some muscle to get in and out of your trunk. If the weight bothers you, removing the seat from the chassis makes the stroller more manageable when taking in and out of the trunk. Since the folded dimensions are quite large, this pram will not fit in many small cars, so make sure you check the dimensions if you are driving around in a compact.

Unfolding the stroller is very easy to do. All you have to do is lift up on the handlebar until he stroller opens and locks into place.

Another great feature of the Queen B is that it accepts a wide range of different brand infant car seats with no additional adapter needed to make it a travel system. (We hate having to buy important accessories separately.) Compatible infant car seats include: Graco Snugride, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Safeseat, Chicco Keyfit, Chicco Keyfit 30 & Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP.

A big change for 2010 is that the Queen B bassinet now comes standard with the stroller. The bassinet is not only beautiful but roomy and large suitable from newborn up to 20 lbs. The bassinet lets you transform your Queen B into a rolling bed for your infant. The bassinet can be used alone or installed on the Queen B. (Note: the bassinet only works with the Queen B and not other Bumbleride strollers) The bassinet has a removable mattress with washable mattress liner and can be installed forward or rear facing.

One of our favorite optional accessories available only for the Bumbleride Queen B is the toddler seat. Have a second baby on the way? No problem! Bumbleride also offers a toddler seat that attaches to the Queen B to make it a double. The seat is similar to a shopping cart seat in which the child sits upright with no recline option. The seat attaches quickly to the front of the Queen B and accommodates up to 35 lbs.

Like all Bumbleride strollers, the Queen B is stocked with style. It is available in two colors: Ruby (Red) and Lava (Black).

Overall, the BumbleRide Queen B is a great alternative to the traditional pram. If you are looking for a sport stroller for your busy lifestyle, Bumbleride also offers their great all-terrain Indie & standard stroller Flyer. But if you are looking for a beautiful, head-turning pram that is friendly for everyday use, then the Queen B is a great option to consider. With its stunning appearance, great large wheels with suspension, adjustable handlebar, roomy seat and excellent optional accessories, the Queen B is a winner in our book when it comes to prams!

To watch my full video review of the Bumbleride Queen B 2010, click on the video graphic below:


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