Spotlight Product Review: Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair

The Chicco Caddy Hook-on high chair is perfect for travel but works so well you might start using it at home too.  Chicco designed a quick-grip table clamp that is so simple to use even the grandparents had it installed quickly and painlessly.  When the chair is in place you push on two red knobs to clamp the chair onto the table, then twist the knobs a couple rotations to tighten the Caddy securely.  Once installed the Chicco Caddy is firm, no wiggle or bounce, giving you confidence that it is safe to use with your child.  Removing the chair is just as easy.  Twist the knobs to loosen then squeeze the release buttons on the clamps and voila the chair is removed in seconds.  The rubberized arms help give the chair a firm grip but don’t leave any marks on your table.

This hook-on chair can fit tables up to six inches thick!  We used it at the dining room table, the kitchen counter-top and an outdoor picnic table.  In testing we tried to install the chair onto a small bistro table but I was nervous the weight of a child might actually topple the table.  All other installs went beautifully and without complaint.  Remember the chair will only be as stable as the table you hook it to!

The Chicco Caddy comes in navy or red and is made with a nylon fabric that feels and looks like a canvas.  The fabric cleans up pretty nicely with a wet cloth but probably not well enough for self proclaimed clean freaks.  If your lil diner makes a real mess of things you can take the chair apart and throw the fabric into the washer.  Don’t plan on washing the fabric everyday though, taking the chair apart and putting it back together will become tiresome.  Inside the seat is a 3 point harness to keep your baby secure in the Caddy.  The arms can hinge to make for a flat (but long) and easily stowable chair.  The Chicco Caddy hook-on high chair can be used with babies sitting up on their own up to toddlers weighing under 37 lbs.

We love the Chicco Caddy high chair for its flat fold, its easy clean-up and its even easier installation.

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– Melissa, Contributer

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