Spotlight Product Review: Chicco Polly High Chair

Chicco Polly High Chair

The Chicco Polly is a high chair that is almost perfect. This great looking, functional high chair has all the features we are looking for in a feeding seat for our baby.

First thing we noticed was the Polly looks great! There are subtle to bold patterns to suit any mom’s taste. (Thankfully, no cartoon characters included!) Even though we normally like subtly in our kitchen, we think the orange ‘Candy’ pattern is adorable.

Then we went to functionality. The Polly is stocked full of features that keep mom and baby in mind. There is a 5-point padded harness for safety. It has an adjustable footrest for your growing child and flip away armrests to bring your baby as close to the dining table as possible. We love the one-handed seat recline that has the deepest recline of any high chair we have tested. This deep recline is especially great for those babies that fall asleep during mealtime. The Polly has two cushioned, vinyl seat pads that are sooo easy to wipe off and clean. The seat pads are not machine washable but like we said are very, very easy to wipe clean.

There are 7 height adjustment settings that allow the chair to fit up to any height dining table to bring your child to table with the family. The height adjustment is easy to do by pressing two well-marked buttons on each side of the seat.

The one-handed tray is large to give your baby a big eating space and easy to put on and take off. We love-love-love that the tray comes in nice and snug against baby so food doesn’t end up on their lap (something that other high chairs haven’t mastered yet). There are two (one for a spare so you always have a clean one) dishwasher-safe, lift-off inserts for easy clean-up and serving. Plus, since they snap on tight, these tray inserts are very difficult if not impossible for your baby to get off. These tray inserts are great but one complaint we have is it that they are so large and even though they are dishwasher safe, we found that they don’t fit in many dishwashers. We don’t run our dishwashers 3x a day anyway so we always hand wash ours. For convenience, the tray can hang off the back legs of the tray for easy storage.

The only major complaint about the Polly that makes it not perfect is that the t-bar for safety is connected to the tray. First, this makes the tray awkward to set down on a flat surface. Second, and most importantly, when the tray is removed the seat doesn’t have that extra safety feature (the t-bar) to keep baby in place. Many times when we are undoing the 5-point harness to remove baby from the seat, they will wiggle a lot in order to get down quickly. Normally, the t-bar would keep the baby in the seat but without it, the baby will start to slide down as soon as you loosen the harness. With a redesign of the chair making the t-bar on the seat, it would this high chair nearly perfect.

Chicco kept compact storage in mind with the Polly. It has the slimmest fold in its class. With the tray storing on the back legs, and putting the arm rests up, the chair is easy to fold, stands on its own and we found it to be very slim so that you could easily store it in a walk-in pantry or off to the side with no problem.

Retailing at $129, the Chicco Polly High Chair is a great seat for baby and would be near perfect with the change of the t-bar and the tray insert dimensions. With its easy-to-do one handed tray, 3 position deep recline and height adjustment options, 2 easy to clean covers, and super slim fold, the Chicco Polly would be a great high chair for your kitchen.

Also, check out our video review of the Chicco Polly by clicking the picture below.

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