Spotlight Product Review: Cybex Callisto 2011

Cybex launched their lightweight strollers in the US market in 2009. If you aren’t familiar with this European line of strollers, you should be. They are great! The stroller line includes three different models: Callisto, Onyx and Ruby. The Callisto is their top of the line option, the Onyx is mid-range but still full of features and the Ruby is the simpler stroller and more budget friendly. There is an option for everyone.

The Callisto is the heaviest of the three but packed with the most features including the ability to take a carrycot or an infant car seat making it perfect from birth through your stroller years.

The Callisto seat is roomy and will accommodate your tallest toddlers. It is 13” wide and has an 18” seatback. Sounds like an average stroller seat, right? Well, the seatback to canopy measurement is what sets it apart from the rest and will have parents of tall children rejoicing! The stroller features a “super canopy” that slides up and down the frame to accommodate children of different heights. At the max canopy height, the seatback to canopy measurement is 31 inches. Your children are going to max out the weight capacity of 55 lbs or just be past the stroller stage before they are too tall for the seat.

The seat is padded for comfort and what’s better yet is that the fabric is removable and machine washable! There is a removable headhugger for the comfort of smaller babies and toddlers. The 5-point harness is padded and has a great one hand adjustable harness system that is similar to how many car seats adjust. It allows you to loosen and tighten the harness with just one strap to get a perfect fit for your child every time.

We love the seat recline on the Callisto! No straps included! The seat has a one-handed recline that has four positions that stops just short of flat. There is an adjustable leg rest that keeps our little ones comfortable whether they prefer it up or down. You can also lift the back of the canopy and roll it up (it stays secure with Velcro) to open up the seat and allow air to circulate through to keep your child extra cool. The seat also has a padded, removable baby bumper bar though no baby cup holder or snack tray.

The Callisto had a large canopy before but it is even better for 2011. It’s gigantic and it can tilt all the way to the bumper bar to block the sun from every angle! And that’s not all! The canopy provides a UV protection of 50+ and has an extra panel that can be zipped if you don’t need so much canopy but still want a nice, clean look. The only thing we wish the canopy had was a peek-a-boo window.

The handlebar is one continuous piece (instead of two handles) that makes for easier one-handed maneuverability since you can place one hand in the center of the handlebar for turning. The handlebar is also taller than most umbrella-fold strollers to accommodate taller parents with a measurement of 41″ from ground to bar. Plus, the handlebar telescopes out to one additional position giving you an additional a 1 1/4″ of handlebar height.

Since babies travel with lots of stuff, storage on a stroller is important. There is a small basket underneath the seat that will hold a small diaper bag, purse or a few baby essentials. Just like many strollers with a deep reclining seat, the basket is hard to access with the seat reclined. For additional storage, there is a large pocket on the back of the canopy for parent or baby essentials. This pocket will hold quite a bit of stuff unless you have the canopy rolled up to open the seat up.

The Callisto sports four 6″ inch wheels with real aluminum rims in a single spoke design and a rear wheel suspension system giving baby a smooth ride. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating bumpier terrain with one touch. There is a large button on top of each front wheel that you step on to lock the wheel straight and step on again to unlock. That easy!  The stroller also sports a linked rear brake to lock the stroller into place.

The Callisto has great maneuverability allowing us to easily navigate this stroller with one hand on pavement and smooth surfaces.

The stroller also has an easy one-foot/one-hand umbrella fold that is easy to do. Even though you are using the top of your foot to fold the stroller in the first step, it is so easy to do that I can do it barefoot. The Callisto folds easily and locks closed with an automatic lock. Unlocking the stroller is no problem. Unlock the lock, lift up the handles, and step down on the rear step to open. Easy as that!

The Callisto is made of a lightweight aluminum but is still on the heavy side for an umbrella fold stroller weighing in at 19.2 lbs. With the carry handle on the side, transporting the stroller was no problem though. Plus, with the extra weight comes extra sturdiness for an umbrella stroller. This is important when you want to use the Callisto with an infant car seat or bassinet. I’d rather have a heavier umbrella stroller with more stability to use as a pram or travel system than a shaky one!

By pairing the Callisto with the Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat (or other major brand of infant car seat) or the Callisto Carrycot (both sold separately), the stroller can be used from birth.

The Callisto comes in 7 colors and retails for $349. This lighter-weight stroller with a great umbrella fold has some great standout features such as the gigantic canopy, one-hand adjustable harness system, deep recline, sturdy frame and large, roomy seat.

To watch our full video review of the Cybex Callisto 2011, click on the video graphic below:

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*Thanks to Cybex for sending us the Callisto to review!  As with all our Baby Gizmo reviews, this is no way affects our opinions or reviews in any way!

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how do you like the cybex callistos against maclarens xt? when it comes to sturdiness, quality and maneuverability?