Spotlight Product Review: Cybex Ruby 2011

Cybex launched their lightweight strollers in the US market in 2009.  If you aren’t familiar with this European line of strollers, you should be.  They are great!  The stroller line includes three different models:  Callisto, Onyx and Ruby.  The Callisto is their top of the line option, the Onyx is mid-range but still full of features and the Ruby is the simpler stroller and more budget friendly. There is an option for everyone.

The Ruby is the little sister of the group and the simplest umbrella stroller of the three but still she has a really tall seat and huge “super” canopy.

Ruby’s seat is roomy and will accommodate your tallest toddlers.  It is 13” wide and has a 20” seatback.  Sure, she has a tall seat back but what makes it even better is that Ruby features a “super canopy” that slides up and down the frame to accommodate children of different heights.  At the max canopy height, the seatback to canopy measurement is 32 inches.  You read that right!  32 INCHES!!!  That’s huge!!  Your children are going to max out the weight capacity of 55 lbs before they are too tall for the seat. 

The seat is a sling-style seat which you will find on many umbrella strollers. This type of seat has a lot of give so we found our little testers slouching a bit more than with a stroller with a structured seat. The seat is made of a very lightweight canvas and has mesh panels all the way down the sides to keep your child cool in the summer.  This stroller will be great for warm climates.  No sweaty babies in this buggy!  The non-padded, adjustable, 5-point harness doesn’t have the great one hand adjustable harness system that the other Cybex sisters have but the crotch strap is adjustable to get a perfect fit. 

Ruby has a very slight recline.  We are talking only about three inches back and that’s it.  While her Cybex sisters have that great deep recline, Ruby likes her riders to sit up and see the world.  Ruby might be self-conscious about her lack of recline, so let’s not dwell on it.  It just isn’t a great napping stroller but since we know kids can fall asleep anywhere, we’re sure kids will still find a way to nap in it. The seat reclines with a clip on each side of the seat that has to be moved to the second position.  

You can also lift the back flap of the canopy and roll it up (it stays secure with Velcro) to open up the seat and allow air to circulate through to keep your child extra cool. The seat does not have a baby bumper bar, baby cup holder or snack tray.

Where Ruby lacks in features like a deep reclining seat or fancy harness adjuster, she makes up for it in the canopy area!  Ruby (like her sisters Callisto and Onyx) has a huge canopy! Yes, she is well-endowed in the canopy area! (We are sure that other strollers are jealous!)  It’s a gigantic canopy and it can tilt all the way forward to block the sun from every angle or block your little rider from the elements!  This is a hard to find feature on such a lightweight stroller!  And that’s not all!  The canopy provides a UV protection of 50+ and has an extra panel that can be zipped if you don’t need so much canopy but still want a nice, clean look.  While Ruby doesn’t have a peek-a-boo window on top, she does have two mesh windows on the sides to keep the seat area cool and allow your rider to look out a bit. 

The stroller features two separate, foam handlebars that are taller than most umbrella-fold strollers to accommodate taller parents with a measurement of 41″ from ground to bar. Plus, the handlebars are removable and replaceable in case one becomes damaged. 

Since babies travel with lots of stuff, storage on a stroller is important.  Ruby wants you to travel light!  She has a small basket underneath the seat that will hold a small diaper bag, purse or a few baby essentials. Since the seat barely reclines, there is no problem with access to the basket though. There are no other pockets or storage areas on the stroller and since the stroller is so lightweight, we wouldn’t recommend hanging your diaper bag on the handles.  Ruby is a lady.  You have to carry your own stuff. 

Ruby rolls on four 4.5″ inch wheels and has a rear wheel suspension system to absorb some minor bumps. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating a bit bumpier terrain. A unique feature of the Ruby is that the wheels are all removable, interchangeable and replaceable.  Maybe you want to rotate your stroller wheels?  Maybe one got damaged? 

Since Ruby is great for warm climates because of the seat, she wants to accommodate all her flip-flop wearing mama friends!  Sandals and open toe shoes will be no problem because the linked brake can be done with the bottom of your foot.  

Ruby is also an on-the-go stroller.  She is the lightest of her Cybex sisters.  Since her wheels are small, she performs best on smooth pavement.  If you are on flat land, she has great maneuverability but since the handles are separate you will need both hands to maneuver this baby with a larger child aboard or on bumpier terrain.  If a small baby is riding, you can push Ruby with one hand no problem.  If you choose to tackle uneven terrain such as playground mulch or grass, we recommend locking the front wheels to make it easier. 

The stroller also has an easy one-hand/one-foot umbrella fold that is easy to do. You can even fold the stroller while holding a child.  Plus, since you are only using the bottom of your foot, Ruby’s fold is perfect for her flip-flop mamas again. Ruby folds easily and locks closed with an automatic lock. Unfolding the stroller is no problem. Unlock the lock, lift up the handles, and step down on the rear step to open. Easy as that!

The frame is made of a lightweight aluminum weighing in at a feather-weight 13 lbs. With the carry handle on the side and the shoulder strap, transporting Ruby is absolutely no problem. That shoulder strap will keep Ruby on dad’s back quite a bit during travel. 

The last feature that Ruby would like to brag about is that she takes an infant car seat.  There are universal car seat adapter straps sold separately to accommodate many of the major brands of infant car seats.  Sure, Ruby can hold an infant car seat.  But if you are a big travel system mama looking to use your stroller all the time with a car seat, we would recommend her heavier sisters, Cybex Callisto or Cybex Onyx.  We just think the extra weight (with the bigger wheels) will be better to transport a heavy infant seat on a regular basis

Ruby comes in 7 fabulous colors and retails for $149. This lightweight stroller with a great umbrella fold has some great features such as the gigantic canopy, one-hand/one-foot fold, and super tall, roomy seat.

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