Spotlight Product Review: Design Your Own Baby Bedding

DYOBB2Choosing crib bedding is a very personal choice for moms-to-be.  We all want our nurseries to be just perfect when our little bundle of joy arrives.  Each person’s taste in crib bedding is almost as unique as they are.  Some prefer modern and others prefer traditional.  Some prefer stripes or polka dots while other stick with solids.  Bold and colorful prints are a favorite of some and subtle, soft pastels are adored by others.  While each person is different, one thing for sure is that your entire nursery will be centered around your crib bedding.

With my third child, I looked high and low for the “perfect” light blue and chocolate brown modern bedding.  After months of searching, I settled on a beautiful bedding set but there were still a few things that I would change if I could.  Therefore, it wasn’t the perfect bedding set.

Every mom has a vision in their head how they would like their nursery to look.  It may not always be that easy to transform that vision into reality when you are looking for the perfect crib bedding.  Until now!! 

Carousel Designs is a manufacturer of beautiful, upscale crib bedding since 1988.  They have designed, manufactured and distributed beautiful, original bedding products to customers and baby specialty stores nationwide. 

They have recently introduced a new service with their products that I cannot stop raving about!  Oh, how I wish this option was around when I was choosing bedding for my three babies!  Their new service is called DYOBB or Design Your Own Baby Bedding. 

With the Design Your Own Baby Bedding option, you can choose from over 300 fabrics to design everything about your crib bedding to make your vision of the nursery a reality.  It is the easiest and most fun process ever!  At first I was a little worried that it might be hard and time consuming to design my own. I mean choosing from 300+ fabrics can be intimidating. Boy was I wrong!  The program that Carousel Designs uses on their website is so user friendly that it helps you through the entire process. 

Since most moms have somewhat of a vision in their head of what they are looking for whether it be color or pattern, the DYOBB program has a fabric filter drop down box.  In that drop down box there is a list of filters that will let you view fabrics by color, material or pattern.  Are you looking for stripes?  Do you just want blue fabrics?  The filter will narrow down the fabric choices to what you are looking for. 

Now, I admit that I am not a designer.  I know what I like but I thought I would have a hard time designing the entire set because I don’t really know what colors, patterns and materials really go together well.  Not to worry, Carousel Designs helps people like me.  After I chose one fabric that I really like, there is a checkbox to show only matching fabrics.  It took the guesswork out of it for me!  When this option is checked, the designer will only show you fabrics whose colors match each of the colors in the fabrics you have already chosen for your custom crib design. How cool is that?!?

However, if you want to try out some fabrics without worrying about the color scheme, you can do that too.  Their program is so intuitive that if you should choose one or more fabrics which they suspect might not match due to subtle differences in color not easily detected on your computer screen, they will offer you a warning that is visible in the design area.

So, choosing the fabrics is easy.  How easy is it to actually design the bedding, you ask?  It’s as easy as dragging and dropping fabrics on the plain white crib and bedding photo in the design program.  All you have to do is click on a fabric that you have chosen, hold the mouse button down and drag the fabric on the portion of the bedding that you would like that fabric.  It automatically changes that portion of the bedding.  You want the crib skirt to be pink paisley?  Just drag the fabric onto the crib skirt and it shows you what it will look like.  It lets you choose everything down to the trim and ties on the bumper. 

Plus, an added bonus of the program is that you can choose the color of crib, flooring (carpet or hardwood), wall paint and even wall trim (with endless color choices) in the design photo to help you completely visualize what the bedding will look like in your individual nursery!  Seriously, they thought of everything!

Another feature of the DYOBB that I absolutely love is that you don’t have to buy all the products of a “standard crib set”.  Don’t want to get the comforter because you know you won’t use it?  Want to skip the entire bumper?  No problem.  You design and buy what YOU want!  This isn’t a “package deal” that comes with things you won’t use.  That’s what is great about this customized bedding feature!

Okay, so after we played around with the program having so much fun designing different bedding options, we settled on one.  It was a combination of beautiful pink and chocolate brown fabrics.  Now, what I am about to tell you – you might not believe.  But it’s true!  We ordered the bedding on a Tuesday afternoon and had the bedding in hand on Friday at noon.  I’m not kidding!  I was speechless!  They made our design, shipped it and I had it within 3 days!  Unbelievable!  (And, no, it wasn’t shipped overnight shipping.)  Carousel Design’s motto that you can get beautiful bedding in days NOT weeks is so true! 

So, we received the bedding and I was more than impressed!  It was absolutely beautiful!  Everything was exactly how we designed it.  All the pieces fit a standard crib perfectly and the fabrics were fabulous!  I also found that the bedding pieces were very well made.  The bumper was extra firm and sturdy…no flimsy bumper here!  (Note:  Remember it is recommended to remove the bumper when a baby is in the crib!)   I also love that the pieces were all packaged so well that I didn’t even need to really iron it before putting it on the crib. 

Our experience with the Carousel Designs DYOBB (Design Your Own Baby Bedding) was beyond fabulous.  I cannot recommend the Design Your Own Baby Bedding more!  If you want something beautiful, upscale and unique to your taste, you must check out Carousel Designs!

To find out more information about Carousel Designs or to Design Your Own Baby Bedding visit:

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Deborah Beauchamp

Wow! Love your pink/chocolate designing, Holly! 🙂