Spotlight Product Review: Fisher-Price EZ Bundle

Fisher-Price has recently introduced a great bundle of baby gear for parents looking to save a little space and save a little dough by getting 4 products for less money.  The new EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System offers an infant seat, infant swing, high chair and toddler chair.  The bundle utilizes a Snap Fit Technology that allows one universal seat to easily snap into four different platforms for four different uses. 

Out of the box, the bundle takes a bit of time to assemble.  It’s not hard but there are about 20 pieces to put together to assemble the 4 bases.  This one-time assembly takes about 30 minutes.

The great thing about this bundle is that it grows with your child.  It can be used from the time your baby comes home from the hospital (infant seat and swing) through toddlerhood with the toddler seat.  While it is a space-saving and money-saving bundle, we want to note that the four ways to use the seat are going to give you four very basic products without all the frills.  You are not going to get all the features that you normally would if you bought the products all separately.   

The bundle includes a universal seat that is used with each of the four modes.  This universal seat features a 3-point harness, an off-white plastic base and a rather neutral green and tan seat pad featuring a turtle and frog in cute outdoor scene.  We found that it is very easy to snap the seat into the bases of each of the four modes. 

First, the universal seat snaps into the low-to-the-ground base to create the infant seat which is the first mode of the bundle for your newborn up to approximately 6 months.  This stationary seat should be definitely considered an “infant seat” and not a bouncy seat.  In infant seat mode, it is a great place set down your baby to play or rest.  The seat does not adjust and lacks any vibration, movement or music. Plus, the fabric is great for the high chair cleanup but isn’t particularly the kind of soft and cozy fabric we prefer for our infant seats.  It’s a nice option for a place to set your baby, though we would recommend the Fisher Price Papasan as a comfier seat with more options if you buy the products separately. 

The second option for the universal seat which is also good for a newborn up to approximately 6 months is the swing option.  The seat snaps into an automatic swing frame that features 6 speeds.  The swing is lower to the ground than other full-size swings (it’s more the height of a travel swing) but the height didn’t bother us.  This is a basic swing in which you will be missing the upgraded features such as an adjustable seat and multiple directional swing options. 

The third option for the universal seat is to snap it into the base of the high chair and add the high chair tray and the four legs that you used with the swing.  This creates a basic mealtime seat for your baby 6 months and up.  We are disappointed that the seat only has a 3-point harness because we prefer a 5-point harness on our high chairs to keep our kids even more secure.  Since the seat is used in the other modes, the crotch bar that is common on high chairs that we usually like to see attached to the seat is connected to the tray to keep your baby in place.  The tray is removable with two hands but lacks any tray insert.  The seat also doesn’t not recline for bottle feeding. 

The fourth and final option of the bundle is the toddler chair.  You can remove the 3 point harness and use the universal seat in the same base as the high chair (without the legs or tray) as a low to the ground toddler seat for your child 18 months and up.  While it is nice to have a fourth option with the EZ bundle, this was the mode that we would use the least.  By age 2, they’ll have a whole lot of new fun furniture options, or more likely, prefer to climb up on the couch next to you anyway. They will probably want nothing to do with the “baby seat” any longer.  And we would never be able to convince our 3 year old that the same chair we used as a swing and a high chair is now a “big boy” chair. 

The universal seat has a Nano-Tex stain resistant seat pad that is easily removable and machine washable.  It has a weight capacity of up to 25 lbs in the infant seat and swing mode and 50 lbs as the high chair or toddler seat.  While the seat is roomy, you aren’t going to get a 50 lb child in the seat using it as a high chair.  The seat will probably not be big enough to fit a child that size with a tray attached. 

The Fisher Price EZ Bundle is a great option for parents or grandparents looking for space saving, basic baby gear that they can save a bit of money on.  While the individual products are not as great as other Fisher Price products sold separately, it’s is a nice option for those parents looking for a bundle.  If you are looking for products sold separately, we would definitely recommend the FP Papasan, FP Cradle Swing and FP Space Saver High Chair though it would cost you over $100 more than the EZ bundle.

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*Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending us the EZ Bundle to review.

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mandy hughett

this is great. my niece is having twins and this looks like the perfect gift.