Fisher Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage

The Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage is a great, yet simple concept. It is basically a large mirror with 4 bright colorful lights across the top, and 4 musical instruments on the bottom. When your baby hits an instrument the lights start flashing, and the toy plays one of 5 original songs. It also plays music that matches the specific instrument. So if you baby hits the drums, then the drums become a more proximate part of the song. There are only four instruments, but they are designed so that each one promotes a different fine motor skill. I was a little disappointed with the keyboard on the piano, because it is one large keyboard that you just push down. It also comes with a fun, detachable, microphone baby rattle for your little star to sing into.

I thought that this simplicity would be boring after a while. However, my son got it for Christmas, and seven months later it is still his favorite toy. He is only ten months old, but he loves to stand up in front of the mirror and dance to the music. The songs are adorable, and very catchy. Even my four year old loves to sing them. She also loves making faces, and dancing in the mirror. There are two modes, but the other mode just plays short musical tones. Neither of my kids likes this mode very much, but they play with it in song mode daily.

The only problem is this toy tips and slides easily. The base is relatively large, but the plastic legs just are not heavy enough to keep it from tipping. Also, when my son was first learning to pull up his weight would sometimes push the toy out from under him. He also likes to put his foot on one of the legs and tries to climb it. As you can imagine, this sends both him and the toy to the ground. I have it pushed against a wall on a play carpet. That seems to keep it pretty stable.

The toy is expensive at just under $50.00. Additionally, it requires 3 AA batteries. I think I’ve had to change them once in the last six months. It is quite a bit of money, but if you are looking for a big birthday or Christmas gift for a child under two this would be great. It doesn’t look as fun as some of the other activity tables, but it has more potential to be interesting in different ways as your child grows. The large mirror, and flashing lights will turn your little one into a star.   Reviewed by Elisabeth

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