Spotlight Product Review: Good Nite Lite

Have a preschooler that can’t tell time and doesn’t know the “acceptable” time to get up in the morning?  Or have a child that comes into your room to wake you up because “suns up – time to get up” yet it’s only 6 am?

We do!  I wanted to teach my 4 year old to stay in her bed until it was time to get up but the normal alarm clock theory wasn’t working.  I knew we needed something fun!  And desperate for a little more sleep in the morning, I was excited to find the Good Nite Lite!

The Good Nite Lite is not only a fun night light but a new behavioral modification device that encourages children to learn healthy and acceptable sleeping habits.  Remember the 6 am wake-up call I was getting from my 4 year old?  I was willing to try anything!

The inventor of the Good Nite Lite, Adam Nelson, was like me, a parent desperate for a little more sleep in the morning.  Since Adam’s two sons were getting up at sunrise, and they were too young to read a clock, he invented this cute and simple device to visually show them when it was okay to get out of bed.

The Good Nite Lite is an adorable 6-in diameter night light that has two settings:  Moon indicating sleep time and Sun indicating wake up time.  At bedtime, the Moon face glows in blue to let kids know that it’s time to sleep.  And at the predetermined wakeup time, the Moon changes into a smiling Sun that glows yellow.  During the day, the nightlight automatically shuts off to conserve energy.

Here is the Good Nite Lite’s description according to the manufacturer:

“The objective of the “Good Nite Lite” is to educate children to stay in bed until it is morning. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age are just starting to grasp the concept of day and night and how it relates to regularly scheduled rest. The Good Nite Lite can assist children with better differentiating the concept of nighttime and daytime and reinforce the benefits of appropriate sleep patterns. The Good Nite Lite device itself is an innovative combination of a traditional night light and a built in timer that changes the visual display characteristics to reinforce a regular sleep pattern.”

So does it work?  In one word, yes!  My daughter loved her new bedtime light!  She immediately commented on how “cute” it was.  As soon as it arrived, I let her open the box and examine the new light.  I explained how it worked and she was very excited to try it out at bedtime.  I easily set the current time on the back of the device along with the times that I wanted the Moon light to come on (I choose 8pm) and the time that the Sun would turn on (I chose 7am).  Setting the times was very easy and quick to do.

Honestly, I wasn’t holding my breath that this device was going to work on the first night.  Yes, my daughter was excited but I knew she would forget this excitement at 6am and head right to my room without taking a second look at the night light.  I was wrong!  The next morning at 7am on the dot, my daughter came walking in my room and excitedly told me “I stayed in my bed until the sun came on like a big girl”!  I couldn’t believe it!  Okay, I decided that was a fluke and the excitement of the new device would surely wear off the second night.  But I was wrong again!  For three nights in a row, my daughter stayed in her bed until the sun came on at 7am!  I couldn’t believe it!

Now, this isn’t a miracle device.  After using it for 2 solid weeks, this scenario didn’t happen every night but more often than not she stayed in her room waiting for the sun to come on.  One morning, I even overheard her (through the baby monitor) saying “the ding-danging sun won’t come on!”  Even if she doesn’t happen to stay in her room every morning, she knows what to do when I send her back to her room and tell her to wait until the sun comes on.

My two complaints with the Good Nite Lite are:  1) It cannot be set to 2 different wake up times to differentiate between the weekdays and weekends. 2) The plug on the back of the light doesn’t rotate to accommodate outlets that are set horizontal in some homes.  Our outlets are all this way so the Moon/Sun face is always to the side.  My daughter really wants the face to look at her straight on.  Luckily I told her that she should be looking at the light while she is laying down and that is why the light is laying down as well.  That worked for now – but it would be better if the plug rotated.

The Good Nite Lite retails for $34.99, which is a bit pricey, but we think you can’t put a price on extra sleep.

To order a Good Nite Lite visit:

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