Spotlight Product Review: Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System

The Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System is Graco’s newest addition in their highchair family. This chair seems to be Graco’s best (and more versatile) highchair to date!  The Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System comes with both a highchair and toddler booster allowing you to convert the system from highchair, to infant feeding booster, to toddler booster to youth chair.

The Blossom is a great versatile highchair that grows with your baby.  It has many of the fabulous features that come standard with many of the top highchairs these days but also includes some other stand-out features that separate it from some of the competition.

Our favorite stand-out feature is that the seating system allows you to seat two children at once in two different combinations!  One highchair but breaks down and includes two different seats for two children at the same time!  Brilliant!   Blossom allows you to use the toddler booster seat AND the highchair at the same time. You could also use the infant feeding booster and the youth chair at the same time as your little ones grow.

There are 4 stages to this seating system:

Stage 1 (High Chair): From 4 months up to 3 years old or 50 lbs.  This is your standard highchair set up.  Large roomy seat for your infant that stands alone on a wide, sturdy base.

Stage 2 (Infant Feeding Booster): The entire seat portion of the high chair (similar to a “space saver” highchair) can be lifted off the highchair base with the push of two easy buttons and snapped into the booster base that can already be strapped to a regular dining chair and used for children up to 3 years old.  We found converting to the infant feeding booster very quick and easy to do.

Stage 3 (Toddler Booster): The Blossom comes with a toddler booster that can be used completely separate from the highchair with a second child.  This is a fabulous option when you have two children close in age in which one needs a highchair yet the older one still needs a booster of some sort. With the removable seat back insert, the booster can be used when your child can sit up unassisted through 3 years old.

Stage 4 (Youth Chair): The base of the highchair (that stands alone) can be used with the removable seat back insert to convert to a youth chair.  It’s very easy to do.  Take off the top seat and snap in the small removable seat back on the base.  The chair can be used when child can sit up unassisted through 80 lbs and is a great option when you have guests and don’t have an extra dining chair for your toddler.

Now, let’s get down to the specifics of the Graco Blossom!  First thing we noticed was that the Blossom looks great! It comes in a very subtle tan color that will blend in with any kitchen décor.  Plus, color is added to the chair with the infant insert that comes in 3 different colors and patterns.  We like the red Bombay option the best! (Thankfully, no cartoon characters included!)

Then we went to functionality. The Blossom is stocked full of features that keep mom and baby in mind. There is a 5-point harness for safety that converts to a 3-point harness, if need be.  There is a removable and adjustable footrest for your baby’s comfort, as well as, an included infant head and body support to keep smaller babies in a more comfortable position for feeding.   We also love the three-position, one-handed seat recline that is great for smaller babies and the wide sturdy base that prevents any chance of tipping.

There are 6 height adjustment settings that allow you to set the seat at a comfortable height for feeding or for pushing up to a dinner table.  The height adjustment is easy to do by pressing two well-marked buttons on each side of the seat.

The Blossom has a double tray with both trays snapping together to become one.  The top tray is your standard tray that has a nice large area for eating and playing and comes with a plastic, dishwasher safe tray cover for easy and quick clean up.  The plastic tray cover is large and we barely got it to fit in our dishwasher, so if you have a small dishwasher, it may not fit.  We love that in order to get the tray cover off – you have to pull up on the back of the cover (right by your little one’s belly).  This is great so that our naughty little toddlers can’t easily get the cover off and throw it on the ground.

The larger top tray comes off with two levers on either side, leaving a smaller snack tray that has the t-bar connected to it.     Both trays together are quite heavy and we definitely consider it a two-handed tray.  The tray slides back and forth easily with one hand but you will need two hands or very strong wrists to remove it with one hand.

The only major complaint about the Blossom is that the t-bar for safety is connected to the tray.  First, this makes the entire tray awkward to set down on a flat surface if you remove it all in one piece.  Second, and most importantly, when both trays are removed the seat doesn’t have that extra safety feature (the t-bar) to keep baby in place.  To get around this, many moms will leave the smaller snack tray attached when putting their child in and taking their child out of the chair.  (Note:  That it may be harder to snap the 5-point harness into place this way.) Also, when we are trying to get the tray nice and snug against the front of our little toddler eaters so that food doesn’t fall onto their lap, since the t-bar is connected to the tray, the t-bar seems to push up against their crotch, which doesn’t seem all that comfortable for our little boys.

Another notable feature includes locking rear castors that let you roll chair away between meals.  But if you have been a Baby Gizmo fan, you will know that plastic castors scratch wood floors, so be careful!

The Graco Blossom comes in three color choices:  Bombay, Townsend, & Sachi and retails for a $189. Even though we aren’t crazy about the t-bar connected to the tray, the Graco Blossom is still a great choice with its fabulous versatility allowing us to seat 2 children at the same time, one-hand recline and easy to do height adjustments.

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Caleb's mom
After reading the reviews and later purchasing the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 highchair, I would agree 100% percent with Baby Gizmo’s reviews. There are many great features to the highchair as my son grows and transitions with it which allows for longer practical uses. However the t-bar isnt connected to the chair is a major concern. (Keep in mind that I didn’t see many chairs on the market with the t-bar connected to the base of the chair.). My other concern is the attached tray/t-bar does not go in well and the t-bar pushes against my son’s crotch which I think… Read more »