Spotlight Product Review: Graco LiteRider Stroller

The Graco LiteRider is a super affordable stroller that will help you get your baby from A to B.  Retailing for just north of $60, the best feature of the LiteRider hands-down is the price.  While this stroller is budget-friendly, it is a prime example of “you get what you pay for”.

If you are looking for a basic stroller with many basic features, the LiteRider is one of the cheapest out there.

Let’s start with the seat.  The seat on the LiteRider is roomy at 14″ wide but the seat back is a bit short for our liking at only 17 inches.  With fabric at the top of the seat back, your taller toddlers will not fit in the seat in the reclined position.  While the actual seat back is short, the measurement from seat back to the canopy (with the seat upright) is tall at 25″ to accommodate your taller toddlers.  Our 4 year old tester, just shy of the 40 lb weight limit, fit in the seat upright with room to spare above his head.

We were surprised to find only a 3-point harness in the seat when most strollers these days sport a more secure 5-point harness.  We were also disappointed that the crotch strap fabric has no way of being adjusted (it’s just sewn to the seat!) to fit properly on both small babies and larger toddlers.  The seat fabric is lightly padded and easy to clean, but don’t expect any luxury or extra comfort for your baby in this fabric.

The seat has two positions – upright and half-way back.  The seat does not recline flat for a newborn and you will need two hands to recline it.  We would love to see at least one more recline option (flat would be great!) to offer a more comfortable position for our napping babes.

The seat fabric is lightly padded and easy to clean, but don’t expect any luxury or extra comfort for your baby in this fabric.

The LiteRider canopy is definitely not the biggest on the market so a canopy extension might be needed for complete sun protection.  The canopy sports a small peek-a-boo window that is shaded but has no cover.  The handlebar is not adjustable and with a measurement of 38” from ground to handlebar, it will be good for average-height parents but a bit short for our taller friends.

There is a large basket underneath the seat that is easy to access and will hold loads of stuff.  The large basket size is the best feature of the LiteRider!  Your little rider will be happy with the large baby tray with cup holder to keep them busy with food or toys on the go.  It’s important to note that the baby cup holder is a bit small and does not fit any of the large sippy cups.  The baby tray can be removed but it’s a bit difficult and it doesn’t have the swing-away feature.

We like that the stroller sports a large parent tray with two cup holders and a container for parent essentials such as your cell or wallet.  One of the cup holders is rather shallow so a cup may not stay put in that holder and the tray has no covered space to hide your essentials from view.  While we like the parent tray, one pet peeve we have is that it can flip up.  The parent tray is only secured by two screws in the front when it should really have four to keep it down.

The LiteRider rolls on 6 ½” front swivel wheels (that have the ability to lock straight for bumpier terrain) and rear 6 ½” wheels that lock individually to keep the stroller in place. The wheels are rather cheap so don’t expect to get years of wear from them.  The stroller has front wheel suspension to absorb some of the bumps, but definitely don’t expect a bump-free ride for your little one.

The maneuverability is okay with the LiteRider.  Again, it will get your baby from point A to B. It’s best on smooth pavement but if you want to take the stroller on grass or a bit rougher terrain, we definitely recommend locking the front wheels to make it easier.  Since they wheels are not that great, we want to note that there have been many complaints that they start to squeak after a short time.

Graco claims that the LiteRider has a “one-handed fold” but you will destroy the baby tray if you use only one hand.  You will need to use two hands to prevent the baby tray from slamming onto the ground and getting scratched up.  Think of what a cheap, plastic tray will look like after one or two slams onto concrete.  Not good!  But if you use two hands you can bring the stroller up to a standing fold.  We do like the standing fold and automatic lock!

We love that the stroller is lightweight (weighs only 15 1/2 lbs) for easy transport, it’s not the most compact fold in the world. It still has the flat fold that we’ve come to expect from a full-size stroller.

While many will like the appeal of the cheap price, you should know that the stroller has lots of plastic that gets scratched up very easily.  It will look abused very quickly with everyday use so this not a stroller that is going to last you through multiple kids.

If a travel system is what you are seeking, the LiteRider will accommodate any Graco infant car seat.

The Graco LiteRider is definitely an economy stroller.  It has basic features for a low price. While there is major room for improvement, if price is your number one concern, the LiteRider will get your baby from point A to point B.

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