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iCandy is a luxury stroller company that recently brought their gorgeous strollers across the pond to the US.  Even though iCandy is new to us, they are not new to the rest of the world!   iCandy is a British company that was started in the early 1930s with the goal of making products that was specifically designed for the parent who needs something special, something different, something that catches the eye.

With a fun line of four unique stroller systems that are all named after fruit (Cherry, Apple, Pear & Peach), the iCandy strollers are sure to turn some heads here in the states as they start to stroll the streets. 

The Apple is iCandy’s full-size, single, luxury stroller.  The seat on the Apple is roomy and accommodated our 9 month old, 3 year old and 5 year old testers with no problems.  The seat is wide at 14” but has a shorter seatback at 17 1/2” and a measurement of 23” from seatback to canopy.  Our 5 year old tester at 42” fit in the seat but her head did brush against the canopy.  (Remember even though 5 year olds generally don’t ride in strollers, we use her to show the seat with a child near the weight capacity.)  iCandy recommends the seat for children up to 3 years old. 

There is a padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety and we love that the belly pad that protects the child from the buckle is sewn to the seat fabric so that it doesn’t fall off every time we take our child out.  Fantastic!  The seat also sports an adjustable footrest with 7 positions and a swing-away and removable baby bumper bar. 

Instead of just the back of the seat reclining like on other strollers, the entire seat on the Apple reclines back into 3 positions.  It is a two-handed recline that is done by pressing two large buttons on the outside of the seat with your fingers.  The seat keeps its wide “v” shape but does recline far enough back for us to consider it a flatter position.  Even though we would put a newborn in the seat for short periods of time, because the seat isn’t completely flat, iCandy recommends using the seat for 6 months and up.  They recommend using the car seat adapters or the bassinet (both sold separately) with a newborn.  The seat has a weight capacity of 55 lbs but we think your child will probably be too tall for the seat before they ever approach that weight.  Plus, like many luxury strollers, the Apple has a reversible seat so that your child can face you or out at the world. 

The Apple sports an adjustable handlebar that is one of the tallest handles on a stroller that we’ve encountered.  It goes from 37” all the way to 45” from ground to handlebar.  This makes the Apple a fabulous choice for the tallest of parents!  The handlebar is one continuous piece (instead of two handles) that makes for easier one-handed maneuverability since you can place one hand in the center of the handlebar for turning. 

The Apple does not come with a canopy.  What?  No canopy, you ask?!?  Yep, iCandy didn’t include a canopy so that you can pick a sold separately Flavour Pack to suit your taste.  The Flavour Packs include a fleece liner for the seat and a matching canopy and is available in 5 different flavors:  blackcurrant (black), redcurrant (red), grape (purple), imperial (turquoise) and mandarin (orange).  While the Flavour Packs are fun, we would have liked to have a canopy included with the stroller so that we aren’t forced to buy an accessory right of the bat.  The Flavour Pack canopy is rather large and will sufficiently shade your child but we would like to see an additional pop-out sun visor added the canopy for complete sun protection.  The canopy also sports a large peek-a-boo window. 

In terms of storage, there is a large basket underneath the seat that will hold a large diaper bag or quite a few baby essentials.  For additional storage, there is a small, flat pocket on the back of the seat for small parent essentials such as a set of keys or a cell phone. 

The Apple sports 7 1/2” front wheels and 11” air-filled rear wheels.  The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating bumpier terrain.  While it is technically not an “all-terrain” stroller we were able to push the stroller through grass and playground mulch fully loaded.  Plus, the all-wheel suspension is great for giving baby a smooth ride.  On smooth payment, the stroller is easy to navigate one-handed even with a larger child aboard. 

The two-handed fold on the Apple is easy to do and it can even be done with the seat attached – a feature that other iCandy strollers do not have.  It has a manual locking strap on the side but we’d like to see an automatic lock added for mom’s convenience.  We love that the Apple also has a standing fold.

Luxury stroller systems are usually large and heavy and the Apple is no exception weighing in at a H-E-A-V-Y 32 lbs. If the weight bothers you, removing the seat from the chassis makes the stroller more manageable when taking in and out of the trunk.  With this weight comes stability though.  The Apple is a very sturdy, well-constructed stroller.  It’s heavy duty and we definitely feel confident in its ability to transport our most precious cargo.

To accommodate a newborn, the Apple turns into a travel system with the sold separately car seat adapters for the Maxi Cosi or the Graco Snugride.  There is also an Apple Bassinet sold separately to turn the Apple chassis into a rolling bed or pram for your newborn.  The bassinet is the most ideal way to transport your newborn since it keeps them in a completely flat position which is ideal for breathing and development.  Other great accessories sold separately are a cup holder, foot muff, flavour packs, parasol and the Apple to Pear upgrade kit.

When you are expecting baby #2, the Apple has the ability to go from a single to a double with the sold separately Apple to Pear Upgrade Kit.  So, there is no need to buy an entirely new double stroller!

The Apple to Pear Upgrade Kit turns this single stroller into a full-size double stroller that is stocked with versatility.  The Upgrade Kit includes two new (smaller) seats, a pip converter, a new set of double front wheels to accommodate the increased weight better, two rain covers and two mosquito nets.  Once you add the Upgrade Kit to the Apple, you now have the iCandy Pear. 

The iCandy Apple is a luxury stroller that is going to cost you a luxury price.  It’s not cheap but with all the fabulous features and the solid, sturdy construction, it’s going to last you through more than one child.  It even has the ability to become a double!  If you are looking for a new head turning stroller that hasn’t already overpopulated the streets, the iCandy Apple is a fabulous choice. 

Don’t forget to watch our full video review of the iCandy Apple by clicking the video above.

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Dusty Williams

I would love to see you do a review on the new Orbit G2 Infant Travel system and new Toddler/Stroller seat!!!