Spotlight Product Review: Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller

The first thing we noticed about the Traveler Tandem was the rather small box that it arrived in for a full-size double tandem stroller.  We had heard it had an ultra compact fold – but this box just confirmed it for us!

The Jeep Traveler Tandem has two roomy seats, each complete with a padded, 5-point harness that is also adjustable for a growing child.  The front seat has two positions, upright and partially reclined, a weight capacity of 40 lbs and has a drink holder, plus a cute little play steering wheel for your little rider.  We also like that the front seat doesn’t have a baby bar all the way across allowing our older toddlers to get in and out of the seat on their own very easily. 

The rear seat has a 40 lb limit and four recline positions including completely flat.  If using the seat in the full recline position, the manufacturer recommends always using the safety boot to turn the seat into a bassinet-type environment.  By following the directions, we found assembling the attached safety boot into position easy to do. 

The rear seat also accepts a wide variety of infant car seats with no additional adapters to turn the stroller into a travel system.  All you have to do is set the infant car seat in the fully reclined seat (with the safety boot) and secure the car seat with the attached safety seats.  The stroller accepts over 21 different infant car seats, so just check to make sure your particular one is one the list. 

There are two independent canopies on the Jeep Traveler Tandem. The back canopy is very large to completely shade the rear rider but is missing the peek-a-boo window we are used to seeing.  The front canopy is smaller but can be rotated to block the angle of the sun.  Each canopy also has a pop-out sun visor to block a bit more sun. 

We love that there is a telescoping handle with three positions to accommodate parents of differing height.   The Jeep Tandem features two baskets underneath.  There is a large, easily accessible basket under the rear seat with a lower and load design that allows you to access the basket even when the seat is fully reclined.  There is a medium size basket under the front seat that can be accessed through a hole in the front of the basket or between the two seats, which could prove to be tricky with a rear rider aboard.  Even though there is no parent console, there is a detachable cup holder on the handlebar for mom. 

Folding the stroller is rather easy to do but there are a few steps. The fold consists of: 1) lowering the rear basket 2) folding the front canopy all the way forward while pushing the back canopy all the way back past the handlebar 3) adjusting the rear seat all the way forward past the upright position 4) sliding the safety lock at the top of the handlebar to the left while squeezing the folding trigger to unlock the handlebar 5) as you push down on the handlebar with one hand and then forward, you grab one of the side handles of the stroller frame and simultaneously pull towards you.  After you do these steps, the stroller folds down and locks automatically with a side lock.  There is even a more compact folded position by lifting the footrest up on the stroller after it is folded.  Sounds like a lot of steps?  It really isn’t once you get the hang of it.  Plus, these steps are definitely worth it considering how compact the stroller folds down.  This stroller is advertised as the Traveler Tandem “No SUV Required – ultra compact fold” and they are right.  This compact folded stroller fit into every small sedan trunk we tried because not every mom has a minivan, SUV or even the room the spare.  Another great feature of the folded stroller is that you can pull the stroller by the handlebar behind you like luggage. 

Even though it has an ultra compact fold, the stroller is still very heavy!  (Typical for a full-size double stroller) When we weighed the stroller, it weighed in at a heavy 38 lbs!  What does that mean to you?  It is going to take some muscle to get this in and out of your trunk and you will feel the weight when you push it fully loaded.  C-section mamas shouldn’t expect to be lifting this 38 lb behemoth into your trunk for quite a while.  Like most tandem, full-size strollers, you should expect this to be a two-handed push and after pushing it for a while (especially fully loaded), you will feel it in your wrists and arms.  Ever try to turn a 118 lb stroller (38 stroller weight + 80 lb capacity) with one hand?  Doesn’t happen!  With two hands and a bit of energy, we found maneuvering this stroller not to bad though – very standard for a double. 

Even though mom is using a bit of energy with this stroller, with large 8-inch wheels and front wheel suspension, the Jeep Tandem provided a smooth, effortless ride for our children.  There are brakes on the rear wheels that have to be set individually but we found were secure once set. 

This tandem stroller is a very sturdy workhorse stroller that has some great features but can definitely weigh you down. If weight isn’t an issue with you, the Jeep Traveler Tandem with its fabulously compact fold, two baskets, two roomy seats, and the ability to accept an infant car seat in the rear, make this a decent option for a very reasonably priced full size double.

To watch our full video review of the Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller, click the video below:

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This is an awesome review. I saw this stroller on the Burlington Coat Factory website. With the reasonable price, and name brand I was kind of worried about the stroller’s reliability. I have a 22 month old and am 6 months pregnant, so I’ll have two in a few months. I have been looking at a ton of reviews on double strollers. I definitely think I’ve found the one for us! Thanks so much for your in depth, detailed review.


Amazing post i must say that was worth reading