Spotlight Product Review: Joovy Room2 Ultralight

The Room2 Ultralight is the newest addition to Joovy’s popular playards.  The Ultralight is Joovy’s answer to complaints that the original Room2 was too heavy.  So, what did Joovy do?  They made it lighter!  10 lbs lighter!!  Weighing in at 21 lbs, the Room2 Ultralight is 30% lighter than the original Room2 making it much more manageable for travel.  It’s a bit smaller than the original but you will still get 9 square feet for your little one to play in.  (The original is 10 square feet.)  Plus, you aren’t just going to get a lighter playard with the Room2 Ultralight, but other upgrades include tapered legs and walls and a memory foam mattress. 

So, what is the Room2?  Is it one of those “pack n’ plays” that everyone has?  Nope!  The Room2 is an actual playard or if you are old school – a playpen.  It’s a safe place for your baby to play.  A “pack n’ play” usually has all the bells and whistles intended to be used as an alternative sleeping space for your baby.  They usually come with bassinets, changing tables, music, toy bars, etc.  The Room2 is not that!  This playard is a simple playpen for parents looking for a safe place to put their baby or toddler to play without all the unnecessary frills.  The biggest difference besides the lack of frills is that it is much bigger than a pack n’ play.  Like almost 50% bigger!  Yet, it weighs the same and is only an inch or two longer than a standard pack n’ play when folded.  The Room2 is designed to give your little one plenty of space to play and crawl around without feeling confined.  Ever try to get your child to actually play in a pack n’ play for an extended period of time.  Yep, doesn’t work for us either!  It takes them just few minutes before what we assume is that they are feeling confined in the small space.  This doesn’t happen with the Room2. 

With three sides sporting huge mesh windows and that 9 square feet of space, our kids happily play much longer.  Our little ones could see out and had plenty of room for many toys to keep them occupied while we got things done around the house.  *Remember not to put toys that can be stacked or that are too large that could be used as a staircase for an toddler to use to escape. 

So, now you know that our little testers actually didn’t mind playing in the Room2, let’s get in to the specifics.

The Room2 Ultralight has a steel frame that is super strong and the exposed aluminum tubing adds an elegant, clean and simple design.  While it is large, we like the simple design with the solid colors that looks good in our homes.  No fish or cartoon patterns here.  The playard is super sturdy!  Even though we don’t recommend this, our 3 and 5 year old could climb over the side wall to get in to play with the baby without the entire playard tipping at all.   

We also like that the memory foam mattress (which is great by the way!) pretty much sits on the ground on the playard fabric floor.  The ground is the floorboard.  This contributes to the Room2 sturdiness and when our little guy (or the older siblings!) get a little rambunctious and starts jumping, there is no “floorboard” to break.  

Unlike the standard, rectangle pack n’ play, the Room2 is square.  Luckily it includes a custom sheet (it’s very soft!) to fit the memory foam mattress because you aren‘t going to be able to use a standard pack n‘ play sheet. Make sure you order a couple spare sheets from Joovy (or wherever you can find it) because they are hard to find. 

Our only complaint is that the sheets that are unique to Joovy are expensive and hard to find!  They retail for $39 each which is very high priced for a plain-old playard sheet.

The Room2 Ultralight has high sides – two are 27 inches and two are 30 inches.  They are high enough that our toddlers cannot climb out on their own. 

Now, a unique feature of the Room2 is that is can be folded two ways.  You can fold it down completely (which takes us just a minute or two) and pack it up in its carry bag or you can use the Quick Fold to fold it in half for easy storage.  When you fold the Room2 in half, you can store it up against a wall, under a bed, in a closet or behind a door.  Folding it in half is a great way to get the playard out of the way but close so that it can be set up in seconds.  Let’s say if your toddler won’t stay off the stairs and you haven’t installed the stair gates yet.  That would be a good time that a quick playard would be needed.  So, we’ve heard. 

And finally, the Room2 Ultralight has tiny little, red wheels on two of the legs to make moving the playard from room to room a bit easier. 

Overall, the Room2 Ultralight is a fabulous playpen to corral your child for at least a few valuable minutes to get things done.  Plus, it folds down easily and quickly so you can bring it with you when you travel or just when you head to the park.  By the way, the Room2 is a great item for a day at the park.  It keeps your child in a safe place and from eating the grass, ladybugs, and random pieces of bark they find while crawling on the ground.  If you are looking for a playpen/playard to give your child a large roomy (but safe!) place to play, you must check out the Joovy Room2 Ultralight.

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