Spotlight Product Review: Kelty Frame Carrier 3.0

Kelty has changed up their fabulous frame carriers (FC) for 2010 a bit by adding all new colors (blue, green and orange), more mesh for better ventilation in the child seat, a sleeker design for more updated looks and a waist belt torso length adjustment.   The waist belt torso adjustment allows the child to ride lower, creating a lower center of gravity for better balance and comfort for the parent.  With this improvement, these frame carriers are Kelty’s most comfortable yet!

The Kelty Frame Carrier 3.0 is the perfect addition to your outdoor expeditions as it allows you to tow your child on all of your adventures! It is also great for around the town trips, farmers markets, or a stroll through the center of town as it keeps your child both contained and entertained. And yes, we even had our dad tester try out the carrier while mowing the lawn!  Our mom friends highly recommend this!  The little riders LOVE it and the moms get a little time to themselves or to tend to the other kids!

We love the Kelty Carrier because it was obviously designed for safety and comfort. It is simply an added bonus that it is so good looking with several choices in new great bright colors (blue, green and orange). The carrier frame is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs approximately 7 pounds. The Kelty Frame Carrier 3.0 is the top model in the Kelty frame carrier family.

The child seat of the carrier uses a five-point harness that is fully padded to keep your little one comfy.  The seat is positioned so that your child peers out into the world from just above your shoulders. Our wee riders love this! They are part of the action! The seat also comes with a removable/washable cockpit pad for an extra perfect fit for your little one and new mesh side panels for better ventilation.  The snaps and adjustable straps are easy to use – and for us to say this it means that it is fool proof. The shoulder and waist belt straps for the parent are also appropriately padded and comfortable. In other carriers, we have found that the waist belt and shoulder straps can be too padded making the fit uncomfortable. The Kelty padding is perfect!

A great added feature of the 2010 Kelty FC 3.0 is waist belt torso adjustment. The waist belt has 5 positions and slides up and down the backrest (which slides the waist belt closer or farther away from the shoulder straps) to adjust the fit of the carrier for mom or dad based on your torso-length. This feature is great for getting the most comfortable fit for tall and shorter parents alike. While taller moms and dads may keep the waist belt all the way down, shorter parents raise it to keep the shoulder straps at a more comfortable level for shorter torsos.  Plus, the waist belt adjuster allows the child to ride lower, creating a lower center of gravity for better balance and comfort for the parent.

The carrier is designed to be used for children 6 months and up. The Kelty carrier is designed to carry a child no more than 40 lbs with a total load limit including child and cargo of 50 lbs. We have found that children are most comfortable when they can sit up confidently by themselves – and in our experience this has be give or take a few months from the allotted 6 months. Also, we have found that as the 50 pound weight limit is approached, of course, the pack will become heavy!  If you are carrying a 4 year old (who should probably be walking anyway!) your center of gravity will probably be challenged slightly. Personally, we think that the carrier is at its best for children between 8 months and 3 years.

We suggest the best way to load up is to employ the kickstand (which creates a stable base for your carrier) and place your child into the carrier adjusting the straps as necessary.

Once your child is securely in, simply slip on the shoulder straps. Simply being the operative word. This is where a husband and wife may disagree!  While it may be slightly difficult for mom to put on herself (needing a hand while putting the pack on and off) – dads find it to be truly simple to do with no help! Once the carrier is on, it is easy to adjust the straps for a perfect fit.

When you do decide it is time for a break you simply put up the kickstand and place it on the ground while removing the carrier from your shoulders. Again, simply is the operative word. Moms feel safer with the assistance of another adult but dads seem to have no problem with this on their own.

Another great feature of the Kelty Carrier 3.0 is the attached diaper bag on the back of the carrier. Complete with a large pocket on the outside and a changing pad and divided mesh pockets on the inside, this diaper bag is great for keeping baby’s essentials. We found it’s definitely big enough for diapers, wipes, change of clothes and many snacks. The carrier is also loaded with extra storage compartments as well. The carrier allows you to store snacks, diapers, toys, etc. under the seat in a large zipper compartment as well as two small pockets placed on the waist belt. We have found these waist belt pockets to be the perfect placement for small items such as keys, wallet, phones, chap sticks, etc.

And one last feature that we love about the FC 3.0 is the included sun hood that conveniently is stored in a pocket of the attached diaper bag.  The sun hood helps to protect your little rider from the elements.

Overall, this is a great product. It definitely lives up to the acclaimed Kelty standard. The fabric is made of 600D polyester and brushed on nylon and can be easily hand washed. We love the Kelty for how comfortable and easy to use it is. We give the Kelty FC 3.0 our highest recommendation.

*Thanks to Kelty for sending us the FC 3.0 to review!*

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I love this and need one so bad!! Did I miss the give away?


Great review; thanks!