Spotlight Product Review: Kinderwagon

The Kinderwagon is a new tandem, stadium-style seating, double stroller that is not only lightweight but complete with a compact umbrella fold.

First, we want to start by saying that the instruction manual is not very detailed. While the stroller was mostly put together right out of the box, we are still not sure if we put the canopy in the correct position. That being said, we attached the canopy higher up on the frame to give each child the most headroom. Second, when you take the Kinderwagon out of the box the first time, we want to warn you that it will be very, very hard to open the stroller. While opening it should be easy to do, the stroller was very stiff since it was new. At first, we didn’t even think it would open. We had to loosen up the joints by opening up and closing the frame over and over. Full disclosure: my husband was the one to finally get it open. Luckily, this stiffness doesn’t last long. As you use the stroller, it becomes easier and easier to unfold.

Now that those two pieces of key information are out of the way, let’s get to the seats. Like we stated at the beginning, this is a front-back stroller with stadium-seating. That means that the rear seat is higher than the front seat to insure both riders have a view. The front seat is 11″ wide with a very short seat back of 16″. Your taller toddlers will still fit in the seat though because it has a very tall measurement of 32″ from the seat back to the top of the canopy. Well, at least to where we put the canopy! There is a padded, 5-point harness for safety and a two-position leg rest. The front seat also sports a non-removable, padded, baby bumper bar. Since there is a back seat to take into account, the front seat has a very slight recline. We hate to even call it a reclining seat since it goes back about 1 inch. It’s a two-handed recline that is not the easiest to do and since it’s only an inch, we think most people won’t even bother with it.

The rear seat is a little bigger being 13″ wide but it is where you will place your smaller child since it has a deeper recline. The rear seat has the same short 16″ seatback and a seat back to canopy clearance of 27″. There is a padded, 5-point harness and a fabric footrest for your child’s safety and comfort. The back seat has a 3-position recline. We aren’t crazy about the recline since we have to use two hands and we find ourselves fumbling with it to get it in the position we want. The manufacturer states that the rear seat can accommodate a newborn but we would not recommend it since it only reclines half-way back and not flat.

Both seats have a weight capacity of 40 lbs and share a large canopy. While the canopy is large, it is still not large enough to shade the front rider completely. A canopy extension would be needed for full sun protection for both riders. We do like that it sports two peek-a-boo windows to keep an eye on your tots at different angles.

There is no baby or parent tray on the stroller but there is a parent cup holder on the side of the frame. Under the seat, there is a medium-sized basket that has to be accessed from the side. It will fit a medium sized diaper bag or a very flat, large bag. It’s also nice that the stroller comes with a small, matching diaper bag that you can hang from the side of the stroller or keep in the basket. You can’t hang it from the handles though because it would be in the rear rider’s way.

The Kinderwagon sports two separate handlebars that are taller than most at 42″ from ground to handles to prevent the dreaded stroller hunch. While they are tall, they are still not good for taller parents with a long stride because they don’t extend away from the stroller enough. The handles go up but not out and will not prevent you from kicking the frame of the stroller even with a standard stride.

This double stroller rolls on 6 1/2 inch wheels. The front wheels swivel but have the ability to lock straight for better handling of a bit bumpier terrain. There is a suspension system to absorb some of the bumps and the rear wheels have a one-step, flip-flop friendly brake that is easy to do.

The maneuverability is okay on the Kinderwagon. It is definitely a two-handed push but we were able to navigate it on smooth surfaces with no problem. Just know that with the separate handlebars, this isn’t a stroller that you will zip along with one hand fully loaded. It performs well on flat surfaces but since it is still a lightweight, umbrella stroller it can be a little tricky over grass, rocks or playground mulch. Our main problem was that we found ourselves kicking the back of the frame quite frequently on long walks.

Folding the stroller is similar to the other popular umbrella strollers on the market. Lift up the rear footstep with your foot. Step down on the side footstep and fold the handles forward. Very simple. There is a manual locking strap but we did find that it rarely stays locked. It is just a strap with holes that is supposed to hook on a knob but again it doesn’t stay.

We love the size and weight of the folded stroller making it great for travel. It weighs in at a very lightweight 21 1/2 lbs and, yes, we weighed it! Very light for a double!!

Unfolding the stroller is rather easy once the stroller is used a few times and loosens up. Pull up on the handles and step down on the rear footplate until it locks into place.

The Kinderwagon retails for $300 making it a more budget-friendly double stroller than some. While we aren’t crazy about kicking the frame or the reclines on the seats, it is good for travel because of the compact, lightweight fold.

To watch our full video review of the Kinderwagon, click the video below:


*Thanks to Kinderwagon for providing us with the stroller for review.