Spotlight Product Review: Kokopax Classic Carrier

Kokopax was founded in 2007 in Henderson, Nevada by mom-of-four, Sarah Spoor.  Sarah embarked on a mission to develop a lightweight frame carrier like her mom used to carry her in but in stylish, modern designs that could be used every day, everywhere.

While using some vintage lightweight carriers that her parents used, Sarah and her husband recognized the amazing benefits of being able to carry their infants so easily on their back and still take care of their other kids, cook, attend school activities and travel freely. The carrier became a necessity in their everyday lives. 

Wanting a more stylish carrier, Sarah designed a back carrier that offers a fresh new take on the traditional framed carrier that is designed as the go-to gear for the chores of daily life.  And the Kokopax Classic Carrier was born! 

This isn’t your traditional framed carrier for hiking or rigorous outdoor activities.  How many moms have time to take regular hikes, anyway?  This is a carrier for the everyday mom that needs to be hands-free for shopping, cooking or taking care of the other kids. 

Sporting a 5-point harness, stylish canvas materials, and a lightweight frame weighing just 2.7 lbs, the Kokopax Carrier is a great option for multi-tasking mamas.  This stylish carrier was designed to offer a safe and comfortable ride for baby out of the way on your back while you perform daily activities.  

Out of the box, the Kokopax is ready to go – no set up required!  It includes a green carrying bag or storage bag to keep your carrier in excellent condition when not in use.  Similar to traditional framed carriers, the Kokopax is appropriate for use with babies 6 months (able to sit up on their own) to 35 lbs.  The weight capacity is good with us because any child over 35 lbs is not riding on our backs while we do chores!

The carrier has a kickstand for easy loading that we found allowed us to load the baby and put the carrier on our backs without any additional help.  This is a nice feature as we don’t always have adult help throughout the day.  The nanny, you ask?  Yeah, we don’t have one and wouldn’t need a back carrier if we did. 

We found that the shoulder straps are well-padded and comfortable and the padded waist support is adjustable for a perfect fit.  The waist support rests against mom (or dad’s) lower back to help support the weight of the baby. There is a large, handy storage pocket on the back that has a stylish wooden button to keep it closed. 

Our little testers all loved the ride and adored being high up on mommy’s back to look over her shoulder as she went about her day.  Since most other framed carriers can be heavy, we were never big fans of them unless we were taking a nature hike, which happened next to never.  But with the Kokopax we have found a new appreciation for back carriers as they allow us to do things that we wouldn’t normally be able to do with a front carrier, such as a cooking.  Plus, it works great at the grocery store so you can have your baby on your back while your toddler is in the grocery cart seat.

The Kokopax retails for $180 at and is available in six great colors and patterns.  Our favorites are Sailor & Bubbles!  There are additional accessories that can match your Kokopax as well:  ring tote bags and baby sun hats available in matching prints. This carrier is a great option for parents that need a little hands-free time but want to keep their baby close to them and happy. 

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The best thing about this carrier is the weight! Only 3 lbs. This will save your back after an hour or so of carrying your baby.