Spotlight Product Review: Mia Moda Energi Stroller

Mia Moda Energi Stroller

Mia Moda is a fresh, new company that started in 2006 and is based out of a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to design the kind of products that appeal to your sense of independence, individuality and desire to simply ‘do things your way’. Every Mia Moda car seat and stroller incorporates leading-edge technology that delivers performance and safety. And that’s why they have given them names like Viva, Energi and Compagno identities that capture the exuberance of youth and that Roman Holiday-esque “gaiezza” (happiness, joy) that they work hard to build into every one of their products.

The Energi is a great three-wheel, all-terrain stroller which is great for tackling all kinds of surfaces. The large 11-inch wheels handle rocks, gravel, grass, even playground mulch with no problem. The front wheel on the Energi is full swivel for turning in tight spaces, like stores and busy malls but can be locked straight for light jogs and trails. A great thing about the lockable front swivel wheel is that it can be locked and unlocked with a unique handle control off the handlebar. So, no more bending down to lock the wheel! Note: This isn’t a true running stroller but we found it handles occasional light jogs with ease.

The Energi handle bar is adjustable up and down for taller and shorter parents with the push of two buttons. This adjustable handle keeps taller parents with a long stride farther from the frame to prevent kicking the frame and allows shorter parents and older siblings a more comfortable push.

The large wheels with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride for baby. The wheels are plastic so no need to worry about a flat tire when you are out and about. The rear wheels are also wide to keep the stroller sturdy. It also has a one-touch wheel brake that is easy to apply and keeps the stroller locked in place. A great feature of the Energi is the rear cable brake system that allows for more space for a long stride and a compact fold. What that means is that there is no bar connecting the back wheels that usually links the brakes together…so there is no way to kick the back of the stroller! Tall parents will LOVE this!!

So how does it maneuver, you ask? We are happy to report that the maneuverability on the Energi is good and allows strolling with this stroller no problem. The full swivel mode allows this stroller to turn easily and we were able to maneuver around the tightest corners with ease.

The seat is roomy and accommodates children up to 40 lbs. We found that our babies and toddlers had plenty of room. Our one complaint with the seat is that it has a rather short seat back because of a net along the top. The net is probably to enclose the top of the seat to keep a baby from sliding up when the seat is fully-reclined. Our problem with the net is that we can’t recline the seat flat with our taller babies and toddlers because the net gets in the way and makes the seatback too short (16 ½ inches) for them to lie in the seat comfortably.

The seat has an easy one-handed bar recline that allows you to put the seat in one of three positions: upright, half-way back and nearly flat for newborns. In our opinion, the upright position could be a bit more upright to allow our toddlers that are strapped in properly with the 5-point harness to reach the baby snack tray. The footrest is adjustable by lifting the footrest and raising a metal bar that inserts into a metal hook on the back of the footrest.

The Energi sports a removable baby snack tray complete with a cup holder for your little rider. Mia Moda didn’t forget about mom though. They included a handy parent console that includes a cup holder and closed compartment for parent’s essentials. Other storage space on the Energi includes a large basket underneath and a great storage pocket on the back of the canopy.

The decent sized canopy, complete with peek-a-boo window, is sturdy and rounded to allow for more headroom. Our 4 year old (at 42 inches) was able to comfortably sit in the seat (with the seat upright) without hitting her head on the canopy.

Folding the Energi is easy to do but it is a two handed fold. There is a red release button on the right side just below the handle bar. While pushing this red button, you need to pull the left and right folding slide locks in an upwards motion. That will release the frame which allows you to push the handle bar down and fold the stroller in half. There is an automatic lock on the side of the stroller that keeps it closed when transporting. A great thing about the Energi is that it stands up when folded. No more bending down to pick up the stroller! When folded the Energi is rather compact (average folded size of a full-size stroller) and fits comfortably into both sedan and SUV trunks.

Unfolding the stroller is no problem either. All you have to do is unlock the automatic lock on the side of the stroller and pull the handle bar upward until the stroller locks open.

Not only can the Energi be used as an all-terrain stroller but also as a travel system with a Mia Moda Viva Infant Car Seat. And no need to worry about additional car seat adapters because they are built right into the armrests of the stroller. To fit the car seat into the stroller, the Viva car seat has tabs located below the handle on each side, which fit into the attachment points on the stroller armrests. These attachment points have covers when they are not in use. (Note: The Energi is only compatible with the Mia Moda Viva Car Seat.)

Weighing in at 25 lbs, we didn’t have too much trouble lifting this stroller in and out of our trunks. It by no means is the weight of an umbrella stroller, but we found it to be in the mid-weight range of full-size strollers – not the heaviest but not the lightest either.

The Energi is available in two colors: Surfer (grey/black with orange accents) and Rosso Red. The Energi has many great features such as an adjustable handlebar, lockable front swivel wheel, large basket, a flat recline, rear cable brake system, and all-terrain wheels. Retailing at $219, it’s loaded with all the features a great stroller should have.

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From the reading I’ve done on the Energi and the Viva car seat, there are two additional things to consider…

The car seat does not attach to a grocery cart… and, perhaps most importantly, the car seat fabric is HAND WASH ONLY. Really.


Great review. Do you know if the car seat attaches to shopping/grocery carts?

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Great article! I’m loving your website;