Spotlight Product Review: Micralite Fastfold Superlite

The Micralite Fastfold Superlite is the little sis of the Micralite Toro.  It has many of the features of a full-size stroller such as a reclining seat, swivel front wheels that lock straight, one-handed maneuverability but in a very lightweight package!  

The seat has a unique shape (narrow at the top and wider at the bottom) with a 21” seatback and a measurement of 24” from seatback to canopy. Our 3 1/2 year old tester fit comfortably in the seat without hitting his head on the canopy.  The seat is a sling-style seat made out of super breathable mesh to keep your little rider cool in warmer weather.  You can always add a Micralite seat liner to keep your little rider toasty warm in the winter!  It sports a non-padded, adjustable, 5-point harness that is super easy to adjust to grow with your child.  The buckle is a one-touch buckle that is way too easy to do for our liking.  Our naughty little toddlers are masters at the “one-touch” button and are out of their harness and the seat on a whim!

The seat has two positions neither which is flat so the seat is only suitable for 6 months up to 55 lbs.  Actually it is only a slight recline!  Not to worry because if you want to use it from birth just add the car seat adapter (sold separately) for a Maxi Cosi or Graco infant car seat.  The unique sliding recline requires two hands and we found that it was a bit jerky to go from upright to reclined.  It’s not something you would want to attempt when you little rider is sleeping.  We imagine the recline might loosen up and become a bit smoother over time though. The seat does not have a baby bumper bar, cup holder or snack tray. 

We aren’t going to lie, the canopy on the Fastfold Superlite is small.  Definitely not a full-coverage canopy!  It covers your child’s head and shoulders and that is about it.  The canopy does have a peek-a-boo window though.  That’s a good thing! 

There is a medium size basket underneath the seat that is meant to be accessed from the front of the stroller. It may be tricky to get things in and out of the basket if you have a larger child aboard because their legs will definitely block the basket opening but it’s not a big deal.  There is a strap that runs over the top of the basket but we were still able to get a medium diaper bag slid underneath it.  Since the stroller is so lightweight, we would not recommend hanging a large or heavy diaper bag on the handles with a small child aboard. 

The unique u-shaped handlebar makes maneuvering the stroller a breeze with only one hand!   The handlebar is adjustable (up and down but not telescoping) to easily get the perfect angle for each parent.  Also, since the angle of the handlebar is only adjustable, we’d like to see the handles telescope out for a more comfortable stroll for our taller parents. If you are super tall, the Superlite isn’t a lost cause though.  Micralite wants to accommodate taller parents too so they offer Multi-Position Handles sold separately which are handlebar extenders to keep you farther from the frame.

The Fastfold Superlite sports a set of 12-inch air filled tires in back and a wide set of 6 inche swivel wheels in front. And yes, Micralite gave us an air pump!  The front swivel wheels have the ability to lock straight and the back tires have a one-step, easy-to-apply braking bar that locks both wheels at the same time. The large rear tires and wide set front tires give the Fastfold Superlite amazing maneuverability. This stroller basically glides along with very little effort, turns on a dime and pushes with one hand easily even fully loaded.  This is one of the easiest one-handed strollers that we have tried that we prefer to push it with one hand instead of two!  The rear, all-terain tires help this stroller tackle all different terrain, making playground mulch, grass and gravel no problem!  If you need to take the stroller off-roading, just lean the stroller back on the rear, air-filled tires and the stroller will charge through anything. 

The stroller is called a “Fastfold” because it has a very fast fold!  It has a unique one-handed fold that is not only fast and easy to do but leaves the stroller standing upright in a compact package when folded making it a great stroller choice for public transportation. Plus, we love that it has an automatic lock to keep the stroller locked while transporting.  Unfolding the stroller is also very easy and quick to do. 

The Fastfold Superlite can also be used as a travel system with the sold separately car seat adapters for a Graco or Maxi Cosi infant seat.  The stroller seat does have to be removed to use the car seat adapters but removing the seat is super easy! 

Other accessories sold separately for the Fastfold Superlite are:  Travel Bag, Sun & Bug Shield & Footmuff.

While we aren’t crazy about the canopy size, the Fastfold Superlite is definitely a great stroller for your on-the-go lifestyle.  With its super light frame, one-handed maneuverability, compact and amazing fold, rear wheels that can charge through all kinds of terrain and ability to take an infant car seat, this is a lightweight stroller that you should definitely take a closer look at. 

To watch our video review of the Micralite Fastfold Superlite, click on the video below:

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