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mojiYeah, we know, back braces aren’t really considered a baby product.  But as many expectant mothers know, back pain can be a daily issue throughout pregnancy.  And many times that back pain doesn’t subside after birth because if you have babies and toddlers that seem to be made of concrete like mine, that is when the heavy lifting really begins. 

We were recently introduced to a great product that eases the lower back pain that plagues so many expecting moms and mothers of small children. 

The Moji Back is a revolutionary back brace that uses “icing” which can be one of the simplest, safest and most effective recovery techniques for muscles and joints.  Moji Back is the latest addition to its line of premium cold compression products!  Its ability to ease chronic and acute back pain while allowing for complete mobility is really fabulous.

We aren’t doctors so here is a little background on the Importance of Icing from Moji:

“While most people view icing as vital for rehabilitation and recover from injury, the majority of active consumers fail to commit to a consistent post-activity icing regimen.  Effective icing compression lowers the temperature of local tissues, resulting in reduced local blood flow, inflammatory markers, cellular metabolism, and nerve transmission.  Combined with effective compression, icing reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling, helping athletes and active consumers recover faster from injuries and training.  Moji boasts an innovative line of innovative line of body-part-specific cold compression products that allow for complete mobility and targeted cooling to make the critical step of post-injury and post-activity icing easy and efficient.”

Over the past few months we have tried the Moji Back with a variety of people including an expectant mom, a dad, and a mom of young children. 

Let’s start with what the Moji Back consists of:

Moji2The Moji Back has a patent-pending two-piece construction, which incorporates a Moji Cold Cell and Moji Compression Wrap.  The Cold Cell features a composite of individual cold cells that conform to your body for maximum flexibility and coverage.  The Cold Cell attaches to the inside of the Compression Wrap with Velcro.  Because it should at least remain in the freezer for 4 hours before use, we keep the Cold Cell stored in the freezer so that is always ready to go when we need it.  We love that right out of the freezer the Cold Cell is still soft and pliable so that it conforms to your body for a comfortable fit. 

Is it easy to use?  Yep!

The Moji Back is very easy to put on and it even comes with a full color instruction card complete with pictures on how to use it.  All you have to do is attach the Cold Cell to the Compression Wrap and wrap it around your back.  The brace features front pockets to slide your hands into in order to make it super easy to get a snug fit.  These unique pockets give you that extra leverage to get a perfect fit every time.

Is it comfortable?  You bet! 

The Moji Compression Wrap is constructed with premium four-way stretch fabric.  We found it to have great flexibility that allows us to get a great, comfortable fit while still giving us the mobility for every day life.  Plus, we love that the fabric is super soft which is comfortable next to the skin.  We also found the Moji fabric to be incredibility breathable. 

The optimal usage time for the Moji Back is 20 minutes.  Some of our testers used it once or twice a week while others used it a couple times a day.  We found that the Moji Back gave us that much needed relief for our lower back pain whether it was our dad tester that was sore from the gym or mowing the lawn.  Or our expectant mama that was sore from carrying an extra 25 lbs of baby belly.  Or even our busy mom of toddlers that is lifting 30 lb little bodies all day long.   

If you are looking for a comfortable and easy to use back brace that uses icing for relief of your lower back pain, we highly suggest checking out the Moji Back.

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