Spotlight Product Review: Mutsy Duoseat

Mutsy (pronounced ‘moot’-sy), a Netherlands-based company that has been producing high quality strollers since 1935, never ceases to amaze us with their strollers.  

The Duoseat is Mutsy’s newest addition as well as their first introduction into the world of double strollers.  The Duoseat is actually a two seat insert that works with the 4Rider chassis to transform it from a single into a double.  If you already own a Mutsy 4Rider, the Duoseat is finally a great way to save yourself from buying an entirely new double stroller when you have a second child!

The Duoseat features two tandem seats, each with a 33 lb weight capacity.  The front seat is 13 ½” wide, with a 16” seatback and a measurement of 22” from seatback to canopy. Although our 3 ½ year old tester maxes out the weight capacity at 35 lbs, he did fit in the front seat with his head just brushing the canopy.  We think the seat will get your child to their third birthday.  It is recommended for babies 6 months and up because it has no recline.  The seat is complete with an adjustable, 5-point, padded harness but no bumper bar, baby tray or baby cup holder.  If you have children of different sizes, Mutsy recommends putting your heavier child in this front seat.

The rear seat is suitable from birth up to 33 lbs.  If you are using the rear seat with a newborn, Mutsy recommends using the Mutsy foot muff which is sold separately.  The rear seat is 13” wide, with a 16” seatback and a measurement of 21” from seatback to canopy.  Since this seat is even shorter than the front seat, a three year old will probably hit the canopy with their head so definitely have your smaller child in the back.  The rear seat sports an adjustable, 5-point, padded harness though we’d like it more if it would tighten a bit more for our tinier tots.

Instead of just the back of the seat reclining like on other strollers, the entire rear seat reclines back with a one-hand lever. The seat keeps its wide “v” shape but does recline far enough back to be considered a fully reclined position for a newborn. In order to get the seat in the fully reclined position, there are a couple steps to do but it’s easy enough.

Each seat has its own canopy and they are complete with side windows so that your children can see out.  The rear seat canopy is larger than the front and sports a peek-a-boo window. The front canopy is pretty small so a canopy extension would be needed for total sun protection.   

To accommodate parents of differing heights, the 4Rider Chassis sports a great adjustable handlebar. It telescopes out to 4 positions from 38” to 45” from ground to handlebar making it a fabulous choice for our taller parent friends.  This is one of the tallest handles on a stroller we’ve tested!  There is a large (yet shallow) basket underneath the seat that can hold a medium to large diaper bag easily.

The 4Rider chassis rolls on 12” rear, air-filled tires and 10’ front, air-filled swivel wheels.  The front wheels also have the ability to lock straight to tackle a bit of off-roading such as grass, cobblestone streets and playground mulch.    

The maneuverability of the 4Rider with the Duoseat is great!  The air-filled tires make pushing this double stroller a cinch.  It’s not the same as pushing the 4Rider with the single seat because of the increased weight, of course, but it is still better than most.  We were able to push the stroller one-handed on smooth pavement with no problem but needed two hands on any other terrain.  The great thing about the Duoseat is that it doesn’t really make the stroller much larger than a single but still accommodates 2 children.  You won’t feel like you are pushing a limo with this double.

The 4Rider chassis and Duoseat combination is not light.  It actually weighs in at 42 lbs together.  (Chassis is 22 lbs and Duoseat is 20 lbs)  While this sounds super heavy, this weight would only come into play if you needed to drag the stroller up a set of stairs.  Otherwise, you have to remove both seats and the adapter from the chassis in order to fold the chassis so you won’t be lifting all the weight at once in and out of your trunk.  You cannot fold the stroller with the seats attached. 

Folding the stroller is a bit of a process with the Duoseat because you have to remove each seat and the Duoseat adapter from the chassis before you fold.  While the two seats and adapter fit nicely on top of the folded chassis to make a rather compact package, this stroller is not a great option for any type of public transportation where folding your stroller is a necessity.  The folded chassis and Duoseat will fit nicely in a sedan or SUV trunk but will take you a minute or two to get it in there because of the unfold process.  Unfolding the stroller (or rather putting it back together) isn’t terribly hard but is also time consuming.  It gets easier every time you do it, but it just takes an extra minute or two.  Because of it’s a high-quality Mutsy stroller, has such great maneuverability and turns a 4Rider into a double for only $200, we gladly would do it though. 

So, our only complaints are that 1) it has such a low weight capacity.  Each seat can accommodate up to 33 lbs which might get your child to their third birthday and that’s it.  Many times our 3 year olds are walking anyway!  So, this is a great option for parents of two children that are close in age.  2)  It has a time-consuming fold and unfold process. 

The Duoseat retails for $199 which may actually save you money if you already own a Mutsy 4Rider.  That is much cheaper than buying an entirely new double luxury stroller when your second baby is born. 

To watch our video review of the Mutsy Duoseat, click on the video below:


*Thanks to Mutsy for sending us the Duoseat to review!

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Hi Hollie! I love your reviews you have the best on the net! I own the 4 rider light and am looking to purchase the duoseat but apparently it’s been discontinued. Do you still have the one you reviewed and would sell it to me or know where I can get one. I’d really appreciate it!


How do you position the infant seat in the 4th position the safety strap seems too short thank you


would the duoseat also work with the 4rider light? so it wouldn’t be as heavy as 42lbs combined, as i’m thinking the 4rider light has a lighter-weight chassis? been thinking about getting the 4rider light, and the duoseat is helping sway the decision. thanks!