Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo

The Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo is a 3-wheel, all-terrain single stroller that transforms to an inline double stroller when you attach the included rear seat.  This stroller has many of the features that you look for in a full-size, all-terrain stroller plus the added benefit of having a second seat!

The main seat is very large and roomy and has a weight capacity up to 45 lbs.  It is 14” wide, with a 20” seatback and a measurement of 26” from seatback to canopy.  Our 1, 3 and 5 year old testers fit in the seat with plenty of room to spare!  This is a great stroller for a “healthy” kid!  The seat sports a non-padded, 5-point harness that is adjustable for your growing child.  There is plenty of padding in the seat and it has an adjustable (2 positions) leg rest for your child’s comfort. There is also a permanent footrest above the front wheel that is comfortable for our older toddlers to set their feet on.  This footrest is used quite a bit as a step for our older toddlers to get in and out of the stroller on their own.  The stroller sports a removable, padded baby bumper bar but no baby tray.  Your older toddlers will love that there are pop-out cup holders on either side of the seat that will hold a standard sippy cup (the larger ones won’t fit!) or bottle. 

The seat has a one-handed recline but because it doesn’t have a flat recline, the seat is recommended for 6+ months.   Since there is a rear rider to take in consideration, the seat only reclines back a bit.  It’s sufficient for a nap though!  We would have liked to see Peg give us the option to recline the main seat completely flat in those times that we are using the stroller as a single though.  The seat reclines easily with the lever but be careful that your rear rider doesn’t kick your front passenger back into an upright seating position because all you have to do is push on the seat back to put the seat back up. 

There is an adjustable (up and down but not telescoping) handlebar that adjusts from 28”-42” to accommodate parents of different heights.  Even though the handlebar is not telescoping, it is far enough away that even our taller parents didn’t kick the frame with a long stride. 

The canopy on the GT3 is HUGE!  Folds-all-the-way-to-the-bumper-bar HUGE!  The canopy also sports a huge peek-a-boo mesh panel (with cover!) on the back of the panel that not only allows you to keep an eye on your rider but also allows air to circulate through the stroller seat. 

The basket underneath the seat is GIGANTIC and can easily accommodate a couple large diaper bags plus other baby essentials when the second seat is not attached.  The basket is so large that the entire rear seat goes in the basket.  The only problem with the basket is that if there is a rear rider, your basket will be almost completely taken up by the second seat and its rider’s legs and feet.  Even if you had extra room in the basket with your rear rider aboard, you would be hard pressed to access the contents.  Your other storage option on the stroller is the removable parent pack that hangs on the handlebar.  The parent pack zips closed and could hold a cell phone, a couple diapers, travel size wipes, a wallet and/or a few snacks.  There is also a bottle holder on the side and a waist strap so that you could wear the parent pack around your waist like a big, bulky 1980s fanny pack.

The front wheel is a large 12” air-filled swivel wheel that has the ability to lock straight to tackle bumpier terrain.  We like that the wheel lock is on the side of the stroller instead of reaching down in the front.  The rear 12” tires are also air-filled and sport rear fenders to prevent your rear rider from getting splashed on a wet day or to prevent them from getting too close and personal with the tires.  We love that Peg Perego included a tire pump that stores under the seat in case the tires ever need a little pick me up.  A unique feature of the GT3 is the 3-setting rear suspension system.  It allows you to pick the suspension for the type of strolling you doing.  Your choices are “hard” for soft terrain such as sand and grass, “soft” for uneven surfaces such as unpaved roads and gravel and “medium” for smooth, firm surfaces.  Now, if we could just remember to switch the setting!  There is also a parking brake on the handlebar to keep the stroller securely locked into place. 

The GT3 is a heavy duty stroller that looks great and thankfully can tackle quite a bit of all terrain.  It’s a pretty package but can get really mean when it comes to grass, trails, playground mulch, gravel, curbs and small rocks!  The large, air-filled tires will charge through all the terrain you can throw at it!  Plus, that suspension system gives your little ones a smooth ride no matter where you are strolling.  The stroller is very easy to push and can even be maneuvered one-handed with a small child aboard and a little wrist power.  But with the combination of the heavy stroller weight and two children near weight capacity, you will definitely need two hands. 

Now, the main feature of the GT3 is the rear seat – the reason that they call it “For Two”.  It’s a great idea but it isn’t without its problems.  The rear seat is a sling style seat that literally sets in the basket so that your second rider is tucked under the handlebar and behind the main seat.  Yep, the seat is IN THE BASKET!!

The rear seat is well-padded and has a weight capacity of 35 lbs.  We were a little disappointed that the seat only has a 3-point harness when we expected a full 5-point harness to keep our little passenger in place.  So, we don’t usually put our smallest rider in the rear seat because of the harness.  Even with our toddlers we worry about the 3 point harness because of the movement that it allows.  A seat that close to the wheels (even with wheel guards!) should have a more secure 5-point harness to keep our naughty toddlers from leaning over the side of the seat and reaching for the wheels (or things passing by on the ground!).  Plus, the rear seat has no recline option so it is only for babies 6+ months though we would probably wait until a child is at least a year because there are no shoulder harnesses. 

The rear seat is much smaller than the main seat and measures 10” wide with a 19” seatback.  This narrow seat may be a bit snug for a heftier child near the weight capacity.  Since the seat is in the basket, it is very low and tucked under the handlebar.  This means that it is quite tricky to get your child in and out.  You have to basically kneel down on the ground and hope that your child is super cooperative about getting in the seat.  If they are being feisty at all about getting in – good luck!  Once your little one is in the seat, they will be looking directly at the front seat.  In order to keep the stroller the length of a standard single, the rear seat is pretty darn close to the front seat.  You child under 35 lbs will fit but there just won’t be a lot of extra room.  And one more thing, the rear seat doesn’t have a canopy.  Your rear rider will be shaded a bit by the front seat but if it’s super sunny, they will still not be completely covered.  A rear canopy would be a great addition although we’re sure it would get in the way of the fold. 

The rear seat is great for the occasional rider but we don’t think it’s a great place for a full-time passenger.  It’s one of those seats that is great to pop in when you need it on occasion! 

Folding the stroller is very easy to do!  Peg even numbers the steps for you!  It folds down into a flat fold and has a manual lock.  Yep, you know what we are going to say!  We would like an automatic lock to make it easier for parents!  You can even fold the stroller with the second seat attached with no problem.  Unfolding the stroller is very easy and quick as well. 

We like that the stroller folds all in one piece with everything attached but the folded stroller is still pretty bulky and quite heavy!  When we say heavy, we mean 36 lbs HEAVY!  Yes, it is technically a double stroller and for that you are going to get a full-size, all-terrain, double stroller weight.  It is going to take some muscle to get this baby in and out of your trunk!    

Even though neither seat reclines flat, not to worry you can still use the GT3 with a newborn in an infant car seat.  The stroller can be used as a travel system with a Peg Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat and there is no additional adapter needed!!  The front bumper bar and included straps make securing an infant seat easy and we were even able to get a Graco Snugride secured in the seat. 

The stroller comes standard with a matching foot muff, rain cover for the main seat, tire pump, rear seat and the parent pack.  The GT3 is available in two color combinations:  Java (brown and silver) and Tropical (brown and orange).  The color combos are great but we think it is funny that brown must scream “all-terrain” to Peg this year!  The stroller is pricey and comes with a luxury price tag of $649.  For the price, you are going to get a sturdy (yet heavy!) stroller that has a wonderfully big and comfy seat for your main rider, an adjustable handlebar, gigantic basket, huge canopy, easy fold and a nice seat for your occasional rider.   

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To watch our video review of the Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo, click on the video below:

*Thanks to Peg Perego for sending us the GT3 to review. 

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  1. Thank you for any other magnificent article. Where else may just anyone get that type of information in such an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the look for such information.


    I have loved every other Peg stroller (Skate was my fave) so when this came out it seemed like a no brainer for me to special order this item in and have it shipped out to Hawaii. When we received the stroller my husband refused to push it because he said it was extremely difficult. When I tried it myself I was very disappointed. Not only was it difficult to push, it did not handle the weight of my two children who are well under the weight limits and if they leaned in any direction in their seats the whole stroller goes that way too. The front wheel is unstable and flimsy and gets stuck very often in a sideways position. The tires need to be reinflated every month and the tire pump that comes with the stroller is a joke. I have had to keep my mouth shut about the complaints since my stroller is not returnable as a special order and my husband dished out nearly $700 for it and would be upset if I complained but I have reached my breaking point.

    My 3 year old was sitting in the bottom seat and managed to push the close buttons causing the stroller to collapse on her and smash her in the mall. THIS STROLLER SHOULD BE RECALLED. They should not design a stroller that plops easy push buttons in front of a toddler giving them any opportunity to accidentally crush themselves if they happen to get curious and do what toddlers do.

    I called Peg’s customer service and I am still waiting to see what will be done. According to the woman I spoke to, because my daughter pushed the buttons it is her fault and not a manufacturer design flaw. I was also told by the woman on the phone who claimed to have 4 children of her own that if it was her child in that scenario she would talk to her child and teach them not to push the buttons. Seriously? Shouldn’t that be in the instruction manual then? Make sure you teach your child not to push buttons and crush themselves. And, how often does your 3 year old actually do everything you say? Personally, if you pay this much for a stroller not only should it be easy to push but you shouldn’t have to worry about your child’s safety while they are securely sitting in it.

    Peg said they have had no other complaints of this and no one has been injured which is what prompts other recalls so I am assuming that until someone really gets hurt, nothing will be done. Needless to say, we will not be using the stroller anymore since its is clearly a safety hazard.

    I have always loved Peg but after today’s customer service experience I am really debating if I will ever purchase from them again. This was the first problem I have had with customer service but I would expect that a safety issue would take precedence over a simple replacement part and clearly it does not because supposedly this is my daughter’s fault. I have been in contact with Peg and will be sending my stroller back for them to check it out and see how it “malfunctioned” but, there is really nothing wrong with my stroller and everything on it functions the way it is suppose to – my daughter simply reached forward and pushed the buttons causing it to collapse. This was even labeled a behavioral problem similar to when a child is able to unbuckle themselves and not a design flaw. I can understand correcting a child in that scenario. In that scenario a parent is aware that this is a possibility but in this case not only would a parent be unaware that this could possibly happen but unbuckling a seatbelt never caused something to collapse and sandwich your toddler.

    I have asked Peg to please contact the parents who already own the stroller with their nifty warranty/recall cards and to issue at least a notice to prevent another child from getting hurt but so far nothing has been done. I hope that they will do something soon . If they don’t, I will not be purchasing from them again or refer people to their merchandise since safety is my number one priority for my children and no action would show that the safety of our children is not a priority to their company.


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