Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego Jumper Seat

Strollers that transform from a single to a double are all the rage right now!  Many parents want to avoid buying a completely new stroller for two when their second bundle of joy arrives, so Peg Perego took action.  They have recently introduced the Jumper Seat to transform the Skate 2010 (and the original model) into a double stroller.  The Jumper Seat clips on the frame of the stroller in the front to allow a second rider up to the weight of 40 lbs to take a ride.  This second seat creates an inline double stroller that basically remains the same size as a double stroller.  Your Jumper Seat rider will be riding backwards (facing you!) and can be used with the stroller seat parent-facing or the Peg infant car seat but not the bassinet. (Note:  The Jumper Seat cannot be used with the stroller seat facing forward.)

Even though the Jumper Seat folds for storage and to fold the stroller, it is a rigid seat frame and not a “sling” seat.  It is 14” wide with a 16” seatback and holds our 3 ½ year old tester easily.  We love that the Jumper Seat can remain attached to the frame when we fold the stroller.  It takes a couple steps to get the two seats in the proper positions, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and easy. 

Our only problem with the Jumper Seat is the 3-point harness!  A 3-point harness?  Really, Peg Perego?  Come on, you are better than that!  We want our second rider to be just as secure as our first rider and 5-point harnesses are safer. So, we don’t usually put our smallest rider in the Jumper Seat because of the harness.  Even with our toddlers we worry about the 3 point harness because of the movement that it allows.  We would like the seat to have a more secure 5-point harness to keep our naughty toddlers from leaning over the side of the seat.  Plus, the Jumper Seat has no recline option so it is only for babies 6+ months (and 20 lbs) though we would probably wait until a child is at least a year because there are no shoulder harnesses. 

And one more thing, the Jumper Seat doesn’t have a canopy.  Peg Perego suggests that you use the Peg Universal Umbrella Accessory to shade your child in the seat.  We think a Jumper Seat canopy would be a great addition though.

The Jumper Seat is great for the occasional rider but we don’t think it’s a great place for a full-time passenger.  It’s one of those seats that is great to pop in when you need it on occasion but because it lacks a canopy and has only a 3 point harness, it doesn’t make a totally great full-time double stroller. If Peg added a canopy and 5-point harness, we might change our tune though.

To watch our full review of the Peg Perego Jumper Seat, click on the video button below:

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Hey there
Where can I buy one of those jumper seat for a skate peg perego pram?
Thank you