Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego Skate 2010

The Peg Perego Skate 2010 is the newest and much improved version of their original luxury Skate stroller!  Peg Perego really listened to their customers (and us!) to improve on a few features to make the stroller even better.   Just as before, it has many stand-out features that make this a big competitor in the luxury stroller world. 

Since there are so many features on the Skate (and a few new ones for 2010!), we sat down again and read the manual cover to cover to get to know each one.  Believe us, it’s worth the time to get to know this stroller! 

The Skate is a luxury stroller system complete with a chassis, stroller seat and bassinet. The main changes to the stroller for 2010 are that it is much lighter, comes with a separate bassinet, a removable shopping bag and has a modified 5-point harness and handlebar. 

One of the biggest changes for 2010 is that the seat and the bassinet are two separate pieces now.  The original Skate had a seat that transformed to a bassinet.  One piece – two functions!  No more having to convert the seat when the bassinet is needed.  You do have to store the bassinet when not in use but it does break down for a more compact storage.  The new bassinet is roomy and nicely padded.  I also love that the backrest of the bassinet can be raised to elevate your babies head a bit.  The bassinet also comes with a removable, washable pad. 

The stroller seat is roomy and provides plenty of room for a child up to the weight capacity of 40 lbs.  It is 14” wide, with a 21” seatback and a measurement of 26” from seatback to canopy.  Our 3 ½ year old fit in the seat comfortably with room to spare.  Like many luxury strollers, the seat is reversible so that your child can look at you or out at the world.  To reverse the seat, all you have to do is push two grey buttons found where the canopy snaps in…pull the seat up…reverse it…and snap it back in.  Very easy to do! 

There are three recline positions with both the seat forward and rear-facing.  We love that the seat recline is simple to do with a one-handed grey lever on the back of the seat. A stand-out feature of the Skate is that the seat can actually move up and down the frame to three different positions.  This feature not only allows baby to be closer to mom when needed but also brings the stroller to table height for an impromptu high chair when out and about. 

The Skate 2010 has a new harness!  Peg Perego must have been listening to our cries about the “Freedom of Movement” harness on the previous model because they got rid of it!  YEAH!!  The old “Freedom of Movement” harness just gave our little ones too much freedom to figure out how to escape the seat and we hated it!  Thankfully, there is a secure 5-point (non-padded) harness on the Skate 2010.  It’s exactly what our little naughty Houdini toddlers needed! 

Like many luxury strollers, there is a removable baby bumper bar but no baby tray or child cup holder.  The canopy on the other hand is fabulous.  It’s large, giving your baby more than sufficient sun protection.  The canopy also has a zipper that allows mom to shorten the canopy without it looking sloppy.  The stroller comes with one canopy that can be used for either the stroller seat or the bassinet.  It is very easy to remove and attach it to either piece.  The canopy also features a large mesh window (with cover) that is great for peeking in on your child or to allow air to circulate through the stroller.  The mesh window is actually so large that it allows you to completely see your child easily instead of just “peeking”. 

During the redesign process, Peg Perego took away one of the unique features of the Skate – the telescoping and height adjustable handlebar.  Now, the handlebar only adjusts up and down but does not telescope out.  The handlebar has 8 different positions and adjusts from 28” to 43” from ground to handlebar so that parents can get the most comfortable setting for them.  We are sad that they took out the telescoping feature to accommodate our taller parent friends better but Peg said they did it to lighten the stroller weight.     

The Skate is easy to push.  We are talking VERY easy to push!  It glides along with very little effort, even fully loaded to the 40 lb weight capacity.  And since Peg Perego made the Skate 2010 lighter, it is even easier to maneuver one-handed. 

Air-filled tires were so last year with the Skate!  The air-filled tires (and tire pump!) are gone and new wheels designed with ball bearings and shock-absorbing springs are in!  There are two large 10 inch rear tires that provide a very smooth ride over a variety of terrain and 6 ½ front swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. The front wheels also can be locked straight to tackle grass, playground mulch and cobblestone streets easier.  The wheels are removable for a more compact storage. There is also a linked rear footbrake that locks both wheels at the same time. 

Folding the Skate is quick and easy to do. You simply pull up on the trigger levers located on each side of the handlebars and then push down on the foot pedal at the base of the stroller that says “FOLD” on it.  It can fold with the seat in either direction and with or without the seat.  You do have to have the seat in the correct recline position to fold it on the frame though.  Also, manual locks are out and a fabulous automatic lock is in!  Peg Perego, have you been reading our diary? 

When folded, you can pull the stroller by the handle behind you like luggage, but we recommend that you lock the front wheels to make this easier.   The Skate also has a standing fold but be careful where you stand it because it rests on the handle bar and we hate to scratch the handlebar of such an expensive stroller. 

Unfolding the stroller is no problem either. All you have to do is unlock the side lock, pull up on the handle bar, while stepping on the back of the frame until the stroller locks open.  This can be done easily with one hand.

After hearing mom’s woes about not understanding the under-seat storage space (flat net) with bungee cords, Peg Perego added a removable and collapsible shopping basket.  This basket sits under the seat and since it is removable it is great for city moms!  You do have to fold the shopping basket down flat when folding the stroller but the basket is so easy to fold, has carry handles and is quite sturdy.  We love it! 

The Skate 2010 still comes with a matching footmuff but it has been redesigned a bit to make it more practical.  Another indication that Peg really listened to its customers!  Instead of magnets, the footmuff now attaches with secure snaps and loops.  The Skate also comes with a cup holder (love this!) and rain cover that zips to the inside of the canopy.

For parents who love to use their infant car seats, the Skate can also be used as a travel system with the included car seat adapters for the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP.  (Note:  The Peg car seat is the only one that works with this stroller.)  We’d love to see some more car seat adapters offered for those parents who wish to use other brands. 

One of our main complaints of the original Skate stroller was the weight of it!  It was H-E-A-V-Y!  Not so much anymore!  Peg Perego shaved off quite a bit of weight on the Skate 2010 so that it weighs in at 28.8 lbs.  Yep, we weighed it!  That weight is going to make it more comparable to some of its luxury stroller competitors.  And if the weight bothers you still, removing the seat from the chassis makes the stroller even more manageable when taking in and out of the trunk. The folded stroller is large but will fit comfortably in a SUV or sedan trunk.

Strollers that transform from a single to a double are all the rage right now!  Many parents want to avoid buying a completely new stroller for two when their second bundle of joy arrives, so Peg Perego took action.  They have recently introduced the Jumper Seat to transform the Skate 2010 (and the original model) into a double stroller.  The Jumper Seat clips on the frame of the stroller in the front to allow a second rider up to the weight of 40 lbs to take a ride.  This second seat creates an inline double stroller that basically remains the same size as a double stroller.  Your Jumper Seat rider will be riding backwards (facing you!) and can be used with the stroller seat parent-facing or the Peg infant car seat but not the bassinet. (Note:  The Jumper Seat cannot be used with the stroller seat facing forward.)

Even though the Jumper Seat folds for storage and to fold the stroller, it is a rigid seat frame and not a “sling” seat.  It is 14” wide with a 16” seatback and holds our 3 ½ year old tester easily.  We love that the Jumper Seat can remain attached to the frame when we fold the stroller.  It takes a couple steps to get the two seats in the proper positions, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and easy. 

Our only problem with the Jumper Seat is the 3-point harness!  A 3-point harness?  Really, Peg Perego?  Come on, you are better than that!  We want our second rider to be just as secure as our first rider and 5-point harnesses are safer. So, we don’t usually put our smallest rider in the Jumper Seat because of the harness.  Even with our toddlers we worry about the 3 point harness because of the movement that it allows.  We would like the seat to have a more secure 5-point harness to keep our naughty toddlers from leaning over the side of the seat.  Plus, the Jumper Seat has no recline option so it is only for babies 6+ months (and 20 lbs) though we would probably wait until a child is at least a year because there are no shoulder harnesses. 

And one more thing, the Jumper Seat doesn’t have a canopy.  Peg Perego suggests that you use the Peg Universal Umbrella Accessory to shade your child in the seat.  We think a Jumper Seat canopy would be a great addition though.

The Jumper Seat is great for the occasional rider but we don’t think it’s a great place for a full-time passenger.  It’s one of those seats that is great to pop in when you need it on occasion but because it lacks a canopy and has only a 3 point harness, it doesn’t make a totally great full-time double stroller. If Peg added a canopy and 5-point harness, we might change our tune though.   

The Skate retails for $699 which is a great improvement over the over-inflated price tag of $900 that it original debuted at.  With the exception of the removal of the telescoping handlebar, we love all the changes on the new Skate 2010!  The new 5-point harness, lighter weight, separate bassinet and stroller seat pieces, removable shopping basket and non-air-filled tires are indications that Peg Perego listens to Baby Gizmo…ummm…its customers.  The large roomy, reversible, telescoping seat, huge canopy, the amazing maneuverability and the addition of the Jump Seat that makes it a double, makes the Skate 2010 a stroller to sit up and take notice of. 

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 *Thanks to Peg Perego for sending us the Skate 2010 to review!

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Debbie morris

I would like to buy new covers for the skate pram, also when on flat should it tilt back and forth, is this safe