Spotlight Product Review: phil&teds Verve Stroller

The Verve is phil&teds latest addition to their line of sporty strollers.  It’s a 4WD sport stroller that features 4 wheels, the ability to become a double (with a second reclining seat!) and many other parent and baby-friendly features.

The seat is very roomy and will accommodate up to 44 lbs. It is a large seat measuring 14” wide with a very tall 25” seatback and a super tall seatback to canopy measurement of 29”.  Plus, since the canopy can slide up the frame, the seatback to canopy measurement can be as tall as 33” accommodating the tallest of toddlers.  There is a padded, adjustable, 5-point harness for safety that is super easy to tighten or loosen on your tot.  The seat is also complete with a removable, padded baby bumper bar and a non-adjustable place for your child to set their feet. 

When your little rider gets sleepy, the seat has a strap recline that includes a flat position for newborns. When the seat is reclined, you will notice that the back of the seat is completely open allowing air to circulate through the stroller seat.  Not to worry if the weather is bad because phil&teds includes a mesh net and a clear window attachment that buckles to the back of the seat to close off the open space. 

The canopy is large and we love that it can fold all the way down in front of the child to follow the sun or block the elements. It is missing a peek-a-boo window but because the back of the seat is so open, a viewing window isn’t really needed on this stroller. 

The adjustable (up and down but not telescoping) handle is tall measuring 29”-42” from ground to handlebar depending on the position.

The basket underneath the seat is huge!  Fits the largest of diaper bags with other baby essentials with ease!  It’s important to note that if you have the doubles kit attached in the back, your rear rider will be taking up most of the basket with his legs.  There is no baby or parent tray or cup holder included with the stroller.  We would love to see additional storage such as a seatback pocket or at least a cup holder included since the stroller is quite pricey. 

The Verve rolls on 10” hard rubber wheels in front that swivel, but have the ability to lock straight to successfully tackle all-terrain.  The rear wheels are fabulous 12” air-filled tires that make the Verve charge through all types of terrain easily.  The four wheel design also gives the stroller excellent stability. 

The stroller maneuvers very easily.  Zips around corners and can pushed with one hand even fully loaded.  We had no problem charging through grass, playground mulch and cobblestone.

A unique feature of the Verve is the brake button on the handlebar.  There will be no scuffed shoes or messed up pedicures with this braking system.  There is a little red button in the center of the handlebar that will activate the parking brake.  This could also be used if you are in mid-stride and things start to get out of hand.  Hit the button and the stroller will immediately stop. 

The Verve has a two handed fold.  Flip up two large clamps on the side of the seat, fold down the handlebar and squish the stroller together until it locks with the automatic lock. Plus, it has a fabulous standing fold!  While you can’t fold it while holding your child, it is rather easy to do.   

Weighing in at 29 lbs, the verve is on the heavy side but very typical for an all-terrain stroller. And if you are frequent traveler (or even occasional), we highly recommend the verve travel bag.

If a pram is what you seek – add the phil&teds peanut bassinet or carrycot to turn your verve into a rolling pram for your baby.

Dying for a travel system? The verve can do that too! There are individual car seat adapters for Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego and Maxi Cosi that are sold separately.

Now, the stroller sounds great as a single, doesn’t it? And it is. But what’s better, and what phil&teds is known for, is the stroller’s ability to turn into an inline double stroller with the double kit seat attachment sold separately. So, now when baby #2 comes along, you don’t have to retire your single stroller for a huge double stroller!

The double kit for the verve is a rigid seat (not a sling-seat!) that reclines and can accommodate up to 44 lbs.  Yep, you heard us right – the seat reclines!  This is a first for phil&teds! The seat has three recline positions to accommodate your sleeping little rear rider.

Plus, the double kit is actually quite a roomy seat that is 14″ wide with a 19″ seatback. It is super easy to attach and sports an adjustable, 5 point harness with the same great phil&teds hard-to-do buckle. No lousy 3-point harnesses on this seat!!! And what’s great for the double kit seat is that it comes with a canopy.  Not a huge canopy but a canopy nonetheless. 
The double kit seat has two places that it can attach. The first position is what we like to call “back seating”. It attaches to the back of the stroller by the basket. Your second rider’s legs will actually be in the basket in this position. With a seat in the basket position, your basket will have limited use. You will probably end up carrying your diaper bag because you can’t hang it from the handlebars since the double kit seat would be in the way and your rider’s legs take up much of the basket. 

The double kit seat in the rear position sits very low to the ground making it easy for a toddler to climb in on their own, but a little trickier to get your smaller child in and out of the seat. Also, considering the double kit seat is right next to the wheels, the stroller sports rear wheel guards. If you have a naughty one like I do, you may need to teach your rear rider not to try and touch the wheels because it is easy for your toddler to reach around the wheel guards. They aren’t toddler-proof!

The second position for the double kit seat is on top of the main seat. You will attach the double kit seat to the adapters that the baby bumper bar would normally go in. This position can only be used when the main seat is fully reclined. So, this is a set-up for a newborn in the main seat fully-reclined and an older baby or toddler in the top seat.

You can also accommodate a newborn in doubles mode by adding the car seat adapter up front and the double kit seat in the rear position.

Overall, the verve is stocked with features for both mom and baby plus has the versatility of changing from a single to a slim, inline double back to a single.  While the fold can take a little practice at first with the double kit attached, the reclining double kit is fabulous, the main seat is super roomy and the maneuverability is outstanding. 

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