Spotlight Product Review: Quinny Zapp

The Most Compact Fold in the World

Love to travel? The Quinny Zapp might be just the stroller for you. The Quinny Zapp made its way across the pond to make its US debate this past July. As Europe’s hottest lightweight stroller, we couldn’t wait to test the stroller with the smallest fold ever!

Available in very bright colors and a unique, futuristic design, this stroller screams for attention. Weighing in at a mere 13 lbs and having the smallest fold of any stroller on the market, this stroller is ideal for an avid traveler. With folded dimensions of 27″ x 10″ x 11″ (that’s only a little over 2 feet long), the Zapp can even fit in an overhead compartment of an airplane. It also comes with a matching travel bag that allows you to easily carry the compact stroller.

The seat is wide and roomy, making for a comfortable ride for even an older child. It has an excellent 5 point, padded harness that is easy to adjust to fit snugly on a small child yet big enough with room to grow for a larger child. The harness buckle can be tricky to open but once you get the hang of it it’s no problem. We don’t mind that it’s a bit tricky because we have baby houdinis on our hands that can easily triumph over other harnesses and make their way out of strollers in seconds.With absolutely no seat recline, we would recommend this stroller for babies over 6 months old unless you have a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat. The Zapp can become a travel system, with the included car seat adapter, but only with the Maxi-Cosi. This isn’t one of those strollers that you could “make it work” with another car seat. So, if you don’t have a Maxi-Cosi, you are waiting until your babe is 6 months old to use it.With a sun canopy that isn’t the biggest on the market, it does provide adequate shade for your baby. There is a small basket underneath that cannot hold a diaper bag but will hold a few baby essentials. The basket is a US addition that the mamas in Europe don’t even get so we are happy with it no matter what the size. Since it’s a European stroller, it is lacking a cup holder. We know, we know! Europeans don’t eat and drink on the go so they don’t care about cup holders. Well, unfortunately, in the US, we do. So, we miss our cup holder but can find one to attach to the stroller at a low cost.

There are parking brakes on the rear wheels with a really simple on/off device. One wheel has the “on” pedal and the other wheel has the “off” pedal, both being very easy to set with your foot. The handle bar is high but not adjustable, so if you are super tall, you might want to test one out before buying it.

Our favorite feature of the Zapp besides the super compact fold, is the amazing maneuverability. This stroller is a dream to push! Even with a larger child aboard, the lightness of the frame allowed us to easily push it with one finger. On a smooth surface, it almost pushes itself with us directing it where to go. We cannot stress enough how easy this stroller is to maneuver – one of the easiest we’ve tested! With small wide wheels, the Zapp turns in a dime. Knowing that it’s not an all-terrain stroller, we did find that it can handle bumpy roads, brick streets and small rocks but it might provide a bumpy ride for baby.We are able to unfold and fold this stroller easily and quickly after a bit of practice. Folding it is a three step process that is no problem once you get the hang of it. Know that it isn’t a one-handed or one-foot fold and you will not be folding this stroller while holding your baby or anything else for that matter. We don’t mind the 3 step folding process because of the size that it folds down to. You will be amazed at how compact and what little room it will take up in your trunk. This is one of those strollers that will fit in any size trunk and still leave room for plenty of other cargo.

The lightness of the stroller is great but know that with having a rather lightweight frame it could cause potential problems if you are not careful. First, since it so lightweight, on a windy day, the Zapp will roll away on you with child aboard if you don’t lock the parking brake. Let that happen just once, and your two-year old won’t let you forget it. Second, the tip factor is not so good. You will not be able to hang anything heavier than a medium sized purse on the handles or the stroller has the ability to tip backwards. If you try to hang a diaper bag on the handles, the entire stroller will tip backwards even with your child in it. That means no shopping bags, large heavy purses, gym bags or diaper bags can ever be safely hung on the handles. And with a small basket, you might just be carrying those bags yourself on a long shopping trip.

The Zapp is available in black, Capri (turquoise blue), mandarin (orange), pink and lime, comes with its own travel bag, raincover, sun canopy, and adaptor for the Maxi Cosi infant carseat and retails for $220. It has some great features and with its compact fold and maneuverability, we think that it’s a fabulous stroller for those moms and dads that love to travel or don’t have a lot of room to spare in their trunk for large stroller. But with its lack of recline and smaller basket, we would recommend this as a fabulous choice for a second, traveling stroller

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Angelica Santana


I love my quinny buzz, but it’s not a traveling stroller, and we have a few airplane rides ahead. Naturally, I looked at the zapp, but was disappointed with it’s complete lack of recline. But now they have the zapp xtra, with reclining and reversible seat. I read a few articles that mentioned it was getting to the US this summer. Do you have any info on it by any chance? I’m having such a difficult time deciding on a stroller because I’m really wanting the xtra and our trip is coming up beginning of October.