Spotlight Product Review: Stay with Me Socks

There is a great new line of baby socks coming out this fall that I thought you should know about.  Founded by a mompreneur, Stay with Me socks are fabulous new infant socks that actually stays put on your baby’s feet.  Stay with Me socks feature a Velcro strap that fastens around the ankle to create a secure but comfortable fit for babies from birth to 14 months of age.  The socks come in a variety of colors and graphics and also feature a skid-proof bottom.

I have lost so many baby socks over the years while on outings because the sock has either fallen off or been pulled off by the baby when I wasn’t paying attention.  Because we would always lose just one sock, we usually have more odd socks without a mate than we do pairs of matching socks. 

So, I had to see for myself if this new design works.  We tried a pair of the newborn (0-3 months) blue and white striped socks.  They are adorable and fit our little 6 week tester’s feet perfectly.  Each sock features an easy to use snag-free Velcro strap that either fastens around the ankle in the front for smaller babies or around the back for older babies.  I fastened them around the front for our smaller tester and to my surprise they actually stayed on all day!  Even after carrying him around in my arms and in and out of the stroller and car seat all day, the socks didn’t slip off once.  We arrived home at the end of the day with two socks!  Imagine that!  Plus, since it is the Velcro strap around the ankle that keeps the socks on, the top elastic on the top of the socks isn’t so tight that it leaves a mark on the baby’s legs.  Love that!

Then we tested the socks on a 7 month old baby to see if the socks would be pulled off.  We fastened the Velcro around the back of the ankle this time.  To our surprise, even after our little tester tugged at the socks, they stayed put.  On her feet! 

Another bonus of the socks is that you can latch the Velcro straps together  for washing to make them less likely to disappear in the spin cycle.  The newborn socks comes in green/white stripe, pink/white stripe, blue/white stripe, white solid and pink or blue with touches of white.  The bigger size (3-14 months) comes in the three stripe combos. 

Stay with Me socks have a retail price of $4.50 and up and will be available at Target and on this fall.  For more information, visit

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